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  1. I set a preset for 5:30 am thinking it must at least pole the versicharge for available current before trying to prep the car. So far, the charging has taken place at approx 8:30 pm which is 1.5 hrs after the versicharge is powered up by the external timer. I have no idea why this sequence occurs. This is with smart charge enabled and not instantaneous. Even with the preset time, the instantaneous charging fails to charge the car. As a software eng, I would have the car do an EVSE pole on a periodic, say 30 min, basis constantly. But that's just me.
  2. I have a Smart 2018 ED. I have a Siemens versicharge with a timer between the panel and the EVSE. I plug my Smart in after daily use. The Timer powers up the EVSE at 7:00 pm and off at 7:00 am. However, the car does not always charge during this period. When it does, the charge start time seems random. Preset is not selected. Anyone, have this issue.
  3. I’m looking for help on the preheat feature. I don’t get the “instant charging” versus "Smart charge" selection after setting the departure time. Also, how does the car decide what temp to preheat to? Have a 2018 with level 2 Siemens charger. Many thanks.