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  1. Then I’m not missing anything then. As you were.
  2. I’d be astounded if anyone could follow that post. I’d rather pay someone who knows what they are doing
  3. I didn’t take it to Mercedes I took it to another business that deals only with foreign cars. So 6 hrs of labour came to just under $600 taxes in and yes they had to remove the cruise control unit
  4. well we finally got our car back. After over 2 weeks of investigation and a wiring schematic from Mercedes they identified the problem. Somehow the immobilizer got activated and that is the reason for the lack of acceleration. They removed it and now the car works fine. it was a freak thing.
  5. Nothing happens when the cruise control button is pressed at the end of the wiper control. There is one little red circular light on but it’s on constantly and I don’t know why .........
  6. Yes i pushes the cruise control button nothing happened
  7. All they did was remove the 2 front tires balance them and put them back on. Ever since then this started. Still starts ok today but won’t rev up. Gas pedal is like it’s dead
  8. Yes it does have cruise control but I’m not sure what MDC means. No response from the gas pedal at all. It’s just weird that we drive it there and have never had an issue and the minute the mechanic got in it this problem started
  9. Do you know where it’s (the plug) is located
  10. Yes no issues to roll it in neutral. It’s so odd I don’t know what they did. We drove it in no problem. Starts wonderful. But can’t Rev it up no matter what. You can see the letters change when shifting but no rpms at all.
  11. Hello everyone so we have this car for a while it has 80k and it’s a 2006. Generally it runs fantastic. (It’s a passion) today we we took it to Canadian tire for a tire balancing and when they were done the car would start and everything works fine but when you put it in any gear and depress the gas pedal Nothing. The engine does not even rev up. It just sits o matter what you do. We googled a few things to try and reset it with no luck so we had to cab it home. What on earth could it be ??? Everything else is great. No engine lights or other hazard indicators !