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  1. Thanks Nigel and tolsen. I read a bunch of threads about this problem on this forum, and I have made the soldering done to an electronics expert but nothing has changed. The car can start as before when it is cold. But after some time (probably when the heat increases at somewhere in the car: SAM or engine area) it stops (yesterday it ran idly 7-8 minutes). It refuses to start again (but it cranks successfully) until it cools down (it took about 15 minutes). Should I also make the relay K4 replaced? It is K4 according to this site: http://www.fq101.co.uk/how-to-guides/fortwo-450/electrical/252-relay-config-450
  2. tolsen, from your profile I see you’re from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, so you must not be able to read & understand my Turkish text, even my English text is not the complete translation of the Turkish text, in Turkish text I wrote that the repairman said that “the fuel pump is not being electricized sometimes from the SAM module”. So your message content is just to the point, if this is really a common problem, what is the common solution?
  3. TR: Ben de Türk’üm. Benim de aynı arabadan var. Usta “Bazen benzin pompasına elektrik gitmiyor”, diyip beyni 2-3 kez tamir etmeye çalıştı, sorun tam giderilemedi. En son “SAM modülü değişmeli” diyorlar, 3.725₺ fiyat veriyorlar, sadece SAM modülü için. Ustalık ne ister bilemiyorum. Siz nerede yaptırdınız? Ben Ankara’da MERAN MERCEDES ve smart servisi var, hep oraya götürüyorum, başka arızalardan da epey bir paramızı aldılar. Başka da anlayanı bulamadım Ankara’da. EN: I am grim Türker also as Sakura. I have the very same car and similar problem: sudden stopping. A few repair attempts did not solve it completely and eventually they say “SAM module has to be changed, 3.725₺ (1.000$) . Where did you make it repaired? I am in Ankara and my service is MERAN MERCEDES and smart service in Ankara. If only repairment can solve it at a lower cost, Sakura, did you get it repaired or replaced by a new one, can you give an advise where?