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  1. Strange isn't it, much the same feeling as when riding a bike in a huricane...lol
  2. OK, I'm officially a member of the Smart Car club now... This morning the altenater was siezed on my daily driver.....augh! Simple wrench and it was OK, but now it concerns me. I need to get it off and deal with it asap. Also the winter beater's lift kit is coming alone just great, rear is now complete but the front, well.....lets say one broken coil is giving me some grief.....I've officially run out of hose clamps and its finally semi on the strut now, just need to get the clamps off without it exploding. I will say this isn't the best way to deal with a coil spring....it's NOT safe! It's flown apart 3 times already!!! Good thing I had a new set of springs to change it out with.! Thanks Nigel...
  3. Welcome to the site, great to get even more guys with experience on the Smart.....enjoy...I'm sure many will request some help as time goes by.
  4. CV joints...lol. But, it's not like we are going into orbit like we thought when dealing with jeeps...lol. All I'm after is a decent set of aggressive snow tires just to see if it's snow capable. I live next to the biggest lake in Ontario, lake Simcoe.....which people drive all over ice fishing ....one guy actually installed a track system in the rear to get further ...lol. I'll just conquor the streets.....I just want snow tires not wet weather tires they try and sell as snows...lol. They actually make a 2" lift kit but by the time it gets to my door it's far too expensive for what it is. Besides I can make most things myself with some inspirational ideas...lol. Far easier than taking the engine out i think...maybe? Plus it's forcing me to actually check the rest of the car.....which i had no intention of doing seeing as i bought it for parts! But it drives perfectly! So now i need a third car for actual parts...lol. they're breeding!
  5. This is bringing back restoring old military jeep 40 years ago...damn! Take every piece apart and sandblast them down to clean steel then red oxide paint them then paint everything again with desired colour....never a rusty part anywhere, I used to say if you can find any rust it's yours! Take her away! I had a few adventurous types climbing under my jeeps looking for a lump pf typical rust...Nobody took it from me. I wish i could still claim the same now for my vehicles. Damn. Maybe this Smart will get the bug going again...? It's simple enough really! I have to first wash off all the oily rustproofing Glenn Smart142 dipped it with..lol. I shouldn't complain about it, it's what makes this car better than most!
  6. That water pump is an internal type thing unlike the AC compressor and altenator etc etc...it lives inside the water passage ways so to speak. RCI or someone is going through that nighmare now, having to change his water pump. READ his thread....it might stop you from upsetting it if you do not need to. BUT being the anal guy i am, I'd think about it while the engine is almost out if i were you? BUT if you are desperate for wheels then maybe not? It's just it probably is easy to get at in your present condition where the motor is already is what I'm saying, you have done half the hard work already. So replacing the water pump now before it dies might be preventative type stuff. Your call. I haven't had this thrill yet. But will drop my motor over the winter months just for giggles as it were to stop future issues.
  7. Back to the Smart Car.....I must be getting very old and slow or something, IT never took me this long to do things way back when, Damn! It took me all afternnon to fit and piece together the rear lift and get it all lined back up again......good thing I don't get paid to do this...lol. I'd be fired already! Maybe by tomorrow the rear will be finished...? Then it's on to the front. I still need to machine the strut spacers and steering shaft extension. BUT, I'll tell you it's kind of difficult to get things all back to where they are supposed to be once you allow them to drop where ever they want to. Something you need to do to get those coils out if you choose not to compress them. I thought I had a coil compresser, guess I didn't.....BUT IF you wish to risk personal injury hose clamps do work in a pinch! Many were sacraficed on the first coil spring....then I found out I was forced to undo the X frame and everything flopped loose! Getting that back where it belonged was the fun part! The joys of getting old I guess...lol Things take longer than I remember.
  8. My wife drove this car back and forth to work daily through the hotest days to the worst winter could throw at it, she ditched it 5 times, it was backed into before it was a month old in BC I pulled the rad off the engine with my hands and then once home here in Ont. I put in pull blocks in my garage to straighten it out better, I have used those blocks 6 times after ditching it and that first incident..it's had 3 front bumpers and the last one is held on now with deck screws because there isn't any metal to catch using regualar clips etc...and it still well did get 50MPGs and run flawlessly, no oil burning, but the clutch finally went. It also has very little surface rust anywhere. It had the air con cut out a few years ago after it died and sliced my hand wide open....yep. I snapped! I just can't warrant spending over a grand to do the needed work on it seeing as it has the issues it has. BUT it'll still rip the tires off itself if you ask it to! It is a 5 speed hatch 2005 the last of the best....R.I.P.
  9. Hmmm....seeing as winter is fast approaching and IF you wanted to get a new roof maybe for next summer, I'd silicon this one down and move forwards...lol. Just to try and stop it filling the car up in the winter months.....that is IF you had any idea of buying new fabric next summer or spring? What about a wrecked soft top, the fabric my be usable compared to yours? Yours does look seriously sun damaged now...sorry. Maybe it can be soaked and stretched back but from where I sit it looks very very tired. Just a backyard mechanic semi temp fix that'll cost almost nothing for now...????? Just some extensive clean up next year if you fill in all the tracks with silicon. You could simply use draft stop which is how i plan on sealing my winter beater's top to make damned sure it doesn't fill up with water...lol. Draft stop is the same as silicon but you can peal it back up after using it. Liquid weather stripping.
  10. Our echo did that milage on the orginal clutch and I finally decided to draw the line and say enough is enough, time to get a better vehicle for the wage earner....next spring. Maybe one with air conditioning that works...maybe? It's another scorching hot day here today! Hi humidity and wickedly hot in the sun! It allows time for more summer put off jobs to maybe get done before the snow flies...lol.
  11. I am finally holding in my hands the last piece to the puzzle that enables me to get my STAR system up and running....and here we go....!!!!
  12. Cracked manifold syndrom...lol.....now we know how it happens...lol
  13. Fram oil filter # CH9024 bought almost everywhere. Tire pressure 26-30 all around I find good enough, flat even works in the rear if you have to...lol. Sign in and donate the lowest amount or better at Evilution.uk.co or something like that, it is by far the best technical site i have found so far, not overly chatty by any means, like none, so us chatty types will be very sad there...but full of useful information! Good luck finding that external extension cord that fits the front stock plug in......IF you do not own one, simply swap it out for household version......plus you won't leave the front of your car in the driveway if you forget to unscrew it during the best time to work on your car...lol. Good luck finding a winter snow tire that actually has tread on it....lol I'm lifting my winter beater solely for this problem! Daystar sells a lift kit for a reasonable price to get you enough air to buy real snow tires! It's just a miniscule 2" lift but that's all it takes. 2" in suspension lift and another possible 1 1/2" in tires and bingo, we have a snow machine..lol I'd strongly suggest doing the rebuilding of the altenater and starter before winter if you haven't started the vehicle for a long time....from the horror stories I see all the time about siezed items and how difficult it is to get them off engine ......especially in a cold environment! Mine will be done after the lift is in. I installed a spare fuse panel near the battery and used a switched power to a relay to power it straight from the battery, just so I didn't have to get computer reflashed if i wanted to add electrical items to the car and it didn't like what I have done. Harborfrieght I'm sure you are aware of, it's Princess Auto up here in Canada. Oh, clean out your EGR valve now before you get into again the cold weather.....it'll be plugged up I bet! Maybe even think of disabling it in one of the two ways we can. I took mine completely off and made an emulator. Really easy and never any EGR issues ever again. Check intercooler rad for rub through in the front facing side of the tubes. It can be fixed using JBWeld or buy new....I used the weld...lol. Must be surgical clean to work,. Use a multi meter to check to see if your glow plugs are good and if not replace but beware they may not want to come out. I got 2 out of 3 of mine out.....luckily one was the bad one...lol. The last one was dangerously close to snapping so I decided to takle it another day...maybe? Take out the rear corner windows, they have a little clip in the front lower corner that needs to be uncliped then the inner hold down ring pops out, then the window will pop out...it'll be leaking I bet. Another thing you will want fioxed before the colder weather. I simply got me some clear silicon, it won't leak anymore! But you can hear it flexing in the summer serious heat days...lol. But it's not leaking! IF it leaks the floor will fill up with water and rot the carpeting and floor boards! Not to mention destroy that little silver box next to your battery. That also is another item to check into.......open it up and check the lower PC board for the white fuzzies....well known issue so I'm told. Had enough yet? You'll love the little beasty once you get her going well.....for me up here getting raped for diesel by the government at $1.23 per litre I can normally get $20 in the tank to do 400kms.....so god only knows what a tank of fuel will cost you below the border.....and I'm getting close to 80MPGs! Regularly!
  14. I have something very similar I traded for a welded up stock muffler.....it starts to growl at 3000 RPMs when I went out for a ride with it's previous owner. It is exactly what I was going to build myself.....just to see if the no back pressure for the little diesel was what it wanted? Add this to the remapped engine, EGR removable and my majic in a can deisel additive and we should get what 2 more HP maybe....lol.....seriously though, we'll never know unless we try these things....?
  15. My echo is finally done, tried to start it today, altenator finally siezed solid and the clutch is all but toast! Oh well, at 560,000kms she served us well from new. Time to call the tow truck!