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  1. I did the same thing sort of, I simply bridged power to the spots LED 3 W at that location and then covered them with a yellow lense, simply a yellow drink glass bottom...lol....it does exactly what you are thinking....imho....I had them simply white and they were far too bright at night but with the yellow lense they are acceptable. I don't get flashed any more...lol. I simply used he cheap chinese 3W spots just to see what it looks like...but they are lasting fine. imho, they are more noticable being yellow, simply different to normal headlights.
  2. Hmmmm.....I am also hoping for the missing flange, but I have an open complaint against the seller, not officially moving yet...but if they do not honor this piece I will go after some compensation from any avenue i can...I have never been stiffed before like this.....it's not life or death just inconvenient as i want to be able to simply bolt on a system and not have to rebuild any of it. But I can buy this piece from a wrecker if i have to and get it cleaned up worst comes to worst. I have a hand held sandblaster. I'll give the seller a month then I'll start official action. As for brokerage fee's, I have been bitten a few times mostly from the USA...go figure! I am always very careful not to order from anywhere who say anything about brokerage fees. If possible. Like i said i have had to pay hundreds in the past and it was always added after the fact and was demanded at the door before the courier would release items to me.....totally criminal..imho! If they need fees it should be upfront from the start....not after the product gets to your door and you have already paid for item, they know you will pay in fear of loosing the money already spent.
  3. I expect you may get a few folks interested if they could fit inside one of these vehicles.....lol.....yes hopefully you will go to the Plunket's meet....speaking from a 6'1" frame 225 lbs....lol.....wink wink.... Then the questions about fuel economy etc etc....always will pop up.....Hmmm... Sorry I do not have a good rodent patrol method that I would use inside such a nice vehicle. My Willys for some reason doesn't attract rodents thankfully....plus it's kept wraped up inside garage attached to house. I have heard about the electrical devices which work so some say...? I just cringe what damage that could happen inside such a rare and well kept car. All our outdoor vehicles do suffer mice just before the winter weather hits......mouse traps and poison under spare tire in that well so dogs can't possibly get to it...but you must check traps daily or suffer another issue which may be as bad...lol. Oh we did use an electric deterant in the feed bin at the horse ranch.....just don't know what it was. It did work basically, we still had some, but, seeing as how many there was around the feed it worked imho.
  4. Very VERY nice....!!! Just how difficult was it to get it into Canada? How many hoops had to be jumped through to get it here, if any..? How difficult was it to get it insured? This is the car my best buddy put his money down on when they first introduced them way way back. He'd be very excited to see one now a days I bet...lol. I think I'll send him your pics if that's OK....just to upset him....lol. Please invest in some sort of rodent deterant system....not saying your garage or area is as bad as ours but....the thought is enough to make one cry......augh.....lol
  5. His lasted 1000 kms.....plus i like being in charge of my own destiny so to speak......if you keep bearings lubed they will last....it's just a messy job and none of today's folks are willing to do it....we're too lazy.....but I bet if they did they too would last similar mileages.....I never lost a bearing from normal use if I could get grease into it and keep water out of it.
  6. I wonder, what do others think about increasing the cooling ability of this oil cooler...? Does the stock cooler do an adequate job..?
  7. I've only done keys for a 450, but the Star reads the vin of the vehicle and goes from there you do nothing unless it can't read the vin number for some reason. I bought a bunch of the cheaper chinese fobs with blanks if I need to replace my old stock original ones....I have since found more expensive nice soft like the stock version but they aren't any where as cheap so to speak. But they both program the same. OR at least they did for me.
  8. Nothing in today's world is made to last, they demand we keep buying new everything to keep their economy strong.....vehicles back in the stone age had grease nipples everywhere for you or your mechanic to be able to keep them lubricated.....not any more. It is a pet peeve of mine...lol
  9. There must be someone in Toronto with a STAR machine, no, besides the dealership...? I have one here but that doesn't do you much good down there....where are you exactly? You need new fob batteries also so maybe good to get them first...? Then charge car battery as the STAR demands a good 12.6volts or better...... PM me....I am house bound looking after two dogs after them getting nutted.....supper hyper Terriers.....but after they are healed, maybe?
  10. Any news on that missing piece yet....? I haven't seen it yet....
  11. I have a needle to slip under seal of the bearings on the grease gun.....if you use it well it shouldn't leave much of a mark or indentation.....it's been a while now.....and I haven't done the Smart's yet....I have been lucky so far with good bearings. All Ontario's inner city roads are insane imho, especially Gatineau and Ottawa, the one place you would expect almost perfect roads etc seeing as it's the nation's capital...?
  12. I bought mine all from Canadian Tire, cheapest around locally for me. PLUS all in stock!
  13. The grounding points at where a number of ground wires collect at, usually 4 plus on each. There is also a main ground wire or cable running from engine to frame or body that could corrode badly enough. The ECU is engine computer, do not use anything that can carry voltage, use only tooth brush and sensor type cleaner, vinegar maybe on pins if green....the capacitors are inside and hold a charge and if you bridge the correct pins they can discharge and cook something internally. All I did was soak the pins in sensor cleaner and used a plastic brush on them and in the foam I saw a lightening type flash, that was it....cooked! Maybe it was static or I bent a pin without knowing it..? BEWARE.!!! Costly mistake. As said above you need 3 things for a start.....condition....the spark is harder to find with all the electronics in vehicles today, unlike yesteryear......we might have had one or two wires to get the spark, now a days there are many computers dictating when, what and how an engine runs....it's just too complicated....for us old farts...lol
  14. Check compression..? Maybe valve has stuck..? Check grounding pins in and around engine. Main one from engine to frame.? Reluctor rings are a 2 hour job and $20 or so......lol buy from ebay in england...cheap as chips as we used to say!..lol Crank sensor...check all pins for all and any connections.....3 years is plenty of time for them to turn green......just be careful of ECU capacitors discharging if you need to clean them, speaking from experience, cost me a ECU..... I'll bet it's something simple like corrosion or poor ground... Good luck.