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  1. Tent...?.....lol
  2. OK, job done....I was just worried about forcing the motor side of things. When you look at the arm with the teeth on it, it has 2 holes nicely located to slot two drill bits into and then pry against them easily moving the arm. The motor spins freely, some motors don't and forcing them has proven to be disasterous...lol. So I asked. All set up almost in the identical spot it was before. Next!
  3. Hmmmm....and I was trying to not force things....OK, we'll try it the old fashioned way...lol....
  4. OK, fellow enthusiates...lol I have taken off my actuator and cleaned and lubed it, it's almost perfect so to speak, well it is....by looking at it. The issue is......it's in the pushed out or extended position. Making it impossible to mount. Yes i have been to Evilution and done their solution but...it won't cycle back...it thinks about it, starts to move then stops. The motor gets warm after many attempts of me trying to catch it and installing it, just won't allow it to happen. AUGH!!!! So I have the cover open once again and cleaned it out 100% it's like new now for sure...lol. Just won't actuate! I am asking here first before my knuckle dragger mentality kicks in and I start trying to power it up without any wiring schematics telling me what pins do what and I fry it. Does anyone know how to solve this without the puff of white smoke..? It worked perfectly fine until I touched it, took it off the vehicle I guess in the incorrect position..? All helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated...lol And I'm thanking you in advance...thanks!
  5. OK, so it does have the lift, what do you know about it? What do you think of it? Is it enough to make the car slightly unstable..? I doubt it would but just asking to see...lol I see they do make a 2" lift kit for a Smart and thought that it would make a winter car far better suited for the deeper snow we get away from the cities...lol. I worry about the intercooler scoop and also the fuel cooler if we get deep snow...but then again, any snow could be deep snow for these tiny machines compared to regualr sized cars etc...lol. Anything I need to know about it..? Thanks, sorry to hi-jack...
  6. Does that make you "special" Or lucky ....or both...???.....lol Then comes the question.....why are we even talking about this fantastically reliable item then in the first place...? IF it's so dependable and such, why is there a work around or reapir thread for it? OR is it we simply like to tinker with our rides....lol....just for fun and to maybe waste a few hours of our lives away.....something like a hobby or thought that maybe we could better maybe what we already have, a 100% perfect vehicle that'll never need any attention given to it at all...lol. But you know all about the restoration etc from doing your black car....so you do love to tinker and play with it and just refuse to tell us about your trials and tribulations of the SmartCar...lol. Damn I forgot, you don't have any....lol.Because you just told us this...lol I'm just waiting for my back to allow me to get up again if I can get under my car to start putting stuff back together again..then start at the next modification to it...just for fun.
  7. Hmmm...? IF you get into the search for more whatever it is you're after you get as much as humanly possible even if such little from each part or system....it all adds up in the long run. Each small "fix" on it's own may seem totally insane to worry about. but added up they together might just make enough of a difference you could possibly feel, even if you simply use the reliable "Butt dynometer"...lol. It is all a game, something to keep striving towards....gives you a purpose for tinkering. It keeps you attracted to your ride so to speak. When it seems to get to be a simply a mode of transport...now...lol I till wash mine whenever it gets dirty, something I only do to my toys when I'm still interested in how they are performing or some other reason for me to stay attracted to it. For me the idea of getting crazy fuel economy is top of my wish list and anything I do to it that reduces that just to gain a better working area as in removing the EGR system, it would be going straight back on and made to work as it should from day one. BUT, if i can get the space freed up and it even gets the same performance or maybe even slightly better .....all the more demand for me to keep looking for more... Enjoy the hunt or idea of working on your smarts.....just don't allow them to be "Just your mode of transport"...lol.
  8. So removing it entirely would be even better then as you are blanking off the exhaust manifold and opening up the inside dia of said hose or tube for the air flow..?
  9. Congrats......although I'm going the complete opposite way paint scheme wise.....I need a more in your face neon shade as not to get missed at first glance...lol....I like the design all the same.....excellent..! Contrats once again..... Also, is the space between top of tire and fender the stock distances or are the tires lower profile or maybe has a lift in it? Maybe I'm searching for something not there? As I am thinking of that lift for my winter car...?
  10. Moving nuts on waste gate actuator rod to the right lowers turbo boost pressure. Hmmmm.....???????? OK the little kid in me says if so why not move nuts to the left then...lol. I suspect the wastegate is already being opened fully and simply can't be opened further, correct? I ask simply to stop me from finding out..lol And......look at that muffler...WOW...! Brand spanking new....druel.......! Come to think about it, everything looks brand new...lol...we can only wish....lol
  11. Hmmm....IMHO, I have always been one who looks at air flow and how to get it as good and efficient as possible for the power in engines to get the most from it.....sure in some applications you can't simply get much more, but in this case, when you can remove a obstruction from this airflow such as either replacing the EGR mechanism or gutting it to open up the step within it, it simply doesn't make sense to not do either of these two things if you are planning on using the Emulator mod....yes I suspect if you plan on simply turning the cartridge 180 then you're hoping it contiues to move to not throw the codes etc, but if something has been proven to work by removing it and adding the modulator why wouldn't you do so.....giving the better flow charactoristics as well..? That step is what 30% of the opening on the throat of the EGR so MUST cause some disrupted flow...no..? Yes I can fully see if you simply want a quick fix and can't do the entire job yourself, then sure fingers crossed...but if you can, why not? Simply keep all stock parts aside and see i it does do strange things so you can in the worst case put it all back..?
  12. I can remember when I used to go back to England every summer as a kid and every wednesday was market day on the farm.....the smell of idling old diesels and all the trucks, busses all pumping out black smoke from start to finish around town, it's a wonder we all survived to this day...lol. I used to absolutely despise the smell of diesels especially trucks when they started up on cold mornings. I worked at a trucking company and we kept half the fleet inthe shop in the winter and every morning if you wanted clean non blue air to breathe you had to be on your knees crawling around, absolutely insane! It is what made me hate diesels , right up until owning my smart....that is....for some reason I don't think about that when I am in it....wierd eh...?
  13. I used to be a city courier in Ottawa and had 3 of these machines, you could beat the ever lov'in daylites out of them and they would go like stink.....cvcc engine and all....the smart sort of reminds me of that, size wise but certainly not in the get up and go department that's for sure...lol... From this I went to Datsun 510's another roller skate of a car! I miss both badly now...lol.
  14. I went once about a decade ago, was an interesting day, but not my cup of tea....but some of the scenery was spectacular...lol....A sea of dead cows for the amount of leather appearal....lol. Me and my KLR685 didn't fit in too well...we did show our support, we had about 8 KLRs.....and was surprised to see so many different types of bikes there and everyone got along great!
  15. OK guys and gals...It's Friday 13th.....who's going..? I say we start a new objective, we start crashing the Friday 13th event in Port Dover....show them bikers who boss.....with as many SmartCars as possible....lol....I'm sure we'll fit right in...lol I can't envision a problem at all.....simply set up on main street right in the heart of it all.....LMAO....lol...Can you imagine their reaction...lol.