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  1. ScanGageII Just saying...lol.
  2. Hmmmm....OK...I like it...lol. Now, how big is the holder as in what sized sunglasses can be held in it..? I wear regular glasses and use over glasses sunglasses....yep..the old fart type...lol. Hey, they work and have very good side protection for those flashing trees....the ones that trigger migranes...lol. Next issue will be to resolve the postal strike we have ongoing here.....no parcels are moving and they say they have 600 trailers full of parcels sitting waiting to be sorted.....augh!!!!! So much for Christmas.....! But the TURD won't be effected so I doubt he'll step in to fix it. Maybe Fed-ex will help out..... time to go see whats on ebay.
  3. OK, an update......I have checked everything twice over now, so finally got the nerve up to go after the rear computer, the one attached to the airbox. After wrestling with 3 screws and snapping the other 3 it came off after the fight with the plug-ins. Those clamps were a bugger! But after carefull manipulation they finally let go also. I found some green corrosion on pins 120 and 116, cleaned them off with plastic brush and a bit of sensor cleaner. They are like new now. I also opened up the case and found a spider had made it her home, long enough to set up house. I removed 2 nests and there was a lot of what looked like fly eyes all over certain tracks on the board...strange for them to follow them...? Almost like they were magnatized towards the tracks. All cleaned up using compressed air again like new....no bad solder joints etc enywhere....It's all back together now and I'm waiting for silicon to dry as that was my redneck fix to seal it back into the airbox. Needless to say I'll curse that desission if I ever have to take it out again..lol. So fingers crossed it was the green snot on those two pins that was causing my bad vibration from 825 to 1200 RPMs. Tomorrow will be the big day.
  4. Pic's...? I'm chest deep into removing the rear computer, took ages to get the clips off, and down to the last two screws holding it on.....yep only two didn't snap...and these two are being just as stubborn, but this time the heads stripped! Just came in for a bite to eat while compressor builds up ready for die grinder to eat the heads off....! Screw'em...lol. I'll fix them later! I guess it'll get siliconed back in place with 2 screws...lol. I did find a tiny bit of green stuff on 3 of the connections.....MAYBE this is my miss firing issue...fingers crossed! Question now is, can you take this component apart? Then what's inside it......I have to know after all the work trying not to destroy it getting these screws out...augh! I also noticed a slight leak on one hose clamp for EGR bypass.........buying more hose clamps next also....and sealing them up with silicon.
  5. I agree with CHopper....I did something very much the same thing in England chasing a full on ralley preped escort...I simply clipped the grass verge at just over 70mph....I sheered off two stone gate posts 1 foot square, 50 feet of hedge and a 2 foot square stone gate post before coming to a rest luckily between a clup of full ground oaks.....if I had hit those at speed I wouldn't be here today! When young and foolish we do incredibly stupid things sometime far past our abilities....my car looked very much like this one in the same position....I was extremely lucky back in those days we refused to wear seat belts...good thing as the roof was crushed by one of those gate post down to the seat! I ended up kneeling on the roof....not a scratch from tha accident, I got torn to ribbons pushing my way through a thorn bush.....looked like I was shot through a cannon into barbed wire! When I finally got out. Again sad, but he was in far too deep. Some of learn from our experiences, some don't.
  6. I could only wish for the same tax relief here....but when you only put in less than $20 for a tank...I'm not really complaining....
  7. Welcome to the site from an EX-PAT....I also live on the flatlands around home here but it soon changes after that...and the little car can handle it all...you'll see. I have the diesel version and enjoy the high fuel savings which it's known for. It's uplifting to pay so little for such distance...makes you laugh when you sit at the pumps filling up......watching everyone around you putting twice three times or more into their tanks to do the same distances.....gotta love it! Again welcome to the site, enjoy.
  8. I just went the other way, I broke down and bought a radio with bluetooth from Wally World for $50 smackers....so will see what it sounds like then maybe go after the speakers for better sound.....I was simply after being able to answer the phone without getting a distracted driving charge. So we'll see.
  9. I also stopped riding and this is what I replaced my bike with....it's far cheaper, almost as much fun, sort of...I was thinking of taking doors and rear gate and hatch off just to see what it feels like...I bet great.....but it's not that time just yet...lol. Get the dash cam anyway, it'll help if the day comes when you need to prove they were at fault. I'm camed out, front and rear....I'm a rear end survivor, this is ar....we must be protected and they do help. Plus I went full nerd and stuck a sign saying you are on camera....it helped with those who tailgated me, now once they read that sign they back off to suitable distance.
  10. I too am not destroying my Smart at the moment in the salt etc as the once better half is still sick at home so I get to use the Honda CRV.....so far it too loves the snow and cooks you while sailing down the road...lol
  11. Sarcastically......I don't think he's capable of making that tow hitch strong enough or with any type of profesionalism....lol Seriously....he made that eagle I'm taking it or a crow...that flies so to speak....Hmmmm......yeh, I'd question is abilities!...Damn fantastic.....lol WOW...! Can't imagine what the trailer will look like or be able to do when he makes it for you....!....lol
  12. Well, it looks like we may just be in for a good snowy winter? We woke up to a good 6-8 inches of wet heavy snow on the ground....OH Joy...! I have just spent the better part of two hours clearing two decks and a driveway that could hold over a dozen vehicles, no not smart cars real ones....lol. They said we will get snow this year....so far they're right...Hmmmmm.......?????? The main issue is, my winter beater is still not running right....and the wife is sick as a dog and demanding attention....get me apple sauce, ginger ale, a wet cloth, turn the heat up, glass of water...it's never ending....and it's still snowing! Waaaa.....Waaaaaaa.....lol. So how's your day going.....we're off finally to the doctors after a week of this...stubborn women...should have gone two days ago, when I went to do a meds run....anyone need cough cold flu mucus hacking gravol tylenol ...anything...we have it...lol We're going in her car.....CRV.... OH, and speaking the other day of leaf blowers of the sea.....the winter M1 machines are already out and using the road as a 1/4 mile speed trap.....where's my .........augh!!!! I used to love winter......now it's just a very pretty time of the year after the snow falls....then afterwards simply a pain in the ass.......Maybe I'll go back to bed...?
  13. But what an adventure! I'd almost say worth it...lol. IF I wasn't towing my own trailer out west I'd deliver it for you.....you pay half the fuel and it's yours....what would that be.....$50...lol
  14. You can buy fobs and blanks cheap off ebay then go to someone with the key tech like a star and simply reprogram the fobs and then a key cutter can easily cut the blanks....it certainly isn't worth what the stealerships are asking. I bet I have less than $50 tied up in half a dozen blanks on their way.
  15. The charge for that site will be the best $10 you'll ever spend on your car.....the depth of knowledge posted there is out of this world. Just saying.....they just do not chat, strictly an informational location.....excellent..!!!!