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  1. I agree but if he does buy new I'd love to have his old cooler to work with.....it only works if he has somewhere to work on it as this repair will take a day I bet start to finish, but could be done in a parking spot if you worked at it steady. At worst I'd even go to a campsite and do it there, out of the way of prying eyes etc etc....take all the necessary tools and cleaners etc etc and don't forget the glue...lol. then have at it. A nice fresh air way to spend a weekend....lol.
  2. Glenn doesn't have one cheap?
  3. I was also thinking two part epoxy but didn't know which would handle the heat...? Any thoughts? I also have those soda can welding/solder/brazing rods...never had any luck when i have tried to use them. I even watched the guy do it many many times before shelling out the coin on them....augh!
  4. Hmmm.....I was thinking JB Weld also, the slow cure version that flows better and the idea of adding fibre glass cloth to it sounds interesting...Hmmm...? I would probably go with striaght JB for the first layer then add some cloth to the second layer etc...but i will be adding the flat bar for added rub protection which will also add structural strength also. I fixed a bike rad with it in the far north many many years ago and it held up just fine...it took 2 days to cure fully enough for me to get it operational if I remember correctly......but it did work all on it's own and that was a messy job out in the bush at a campsite. So in the garage in sterile conditions without antifreeze getting possibly into the mix I see no reason why it wouldn't adhere well especially with the added support of cloth and the flat bar....just thinking outloud. IF you don't have the flat bar, a simple ruler would work also cut to the proper length you require.
  5. Damn, that's insane....!!! I'd be looking at combining a few together in a bin of your own if possible, load a bin or find someone who has space in a bin already coming this way.....my buddy got his new bike loaded in the same plane as him for the price of another ticket almost........but that is a bike and from England also.....BUT....that much for a rollerskate in a shipping container is rediculous. No length to speak of or weight....I bet it's the packing charges so it doesn't get damaged...? Look at getting a full container and seeing what motorcycles are wanting to cross over as many groupos do this....check Horizons unlimited. Motorcycles are easy to load and strap down and they pay their share from what they asked to get a bike across.
  6. Now the question is, will it fit in the overhead luggage or will they have to stow it underneath...?????? lol
  7. Blacked out the side rear windows and siliconed them tight to stop future leaks......must keep carpet dry....now to find the next leak.......lol Dash cam and rear reverse cam are installed, also SIRIUS installed yesterday, no more lost chanels while driving long distances.....gotta love it! I have driven or lets say moved the second car around without a muffler on it as I'm searching out a solid canister type muffler to replace the crimpled mufflers we have presently.....it isn't that loud at walking speeds....not sure I want to try it at highway speeds...lol I also have the second old rear crash bar off to make a tow hitch from using it as a template.......was thinking of incorporating the old crash bar into a tow bar by adding material etc and reinforcing it, but there would be far too much alluminium welding to get done......so it's steel all the way...
  8. OK, panic over....seems that the TP button was activated......something to do with traffic patrol or something? I don't know but it's back to normal....
  9. Hi guys and gals....I just installed sirius into the car, love the non stop sound, never need to worry about leaving an area and having to search for a good station to listen to. BUT....and I didn't cut a single wire etc etc....all I did was accidentally figure out how to get the station finder or scanner to work manually so i could get onto 97.9 or whatever station they asked for.......and now it works great for 15 or so seconds then shuts off the sound, waits a longer time then comes back on again....then repeats.....WTF..? I have pushed everything I can think of trying to get it to stop doing this...can't find anything that mentions it anywhere either.....augh! The install worked fine, a simple matter of gluing the antena to the roof, run the wires under the carpet up the dash to the radio and same with the power, from cig power outlet to radio...then set radio to whatever station they asked for......nothing else. It worked great for 15 seconds, then shut down. You don't need to cut any wired or upset the radio in any way, so it must have happened after me hiting so many buttons trying to figure out how to get the radio to operate manual chanel searching...? The issue now is, how do i fix it.......??? Please help.....all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Sorry to hear this, will keep my fingers crossed for you to find another smart.......good luck.
  11. I haven't taken one out yet, life is getting in the way as summer steams on....but those tubes, how many are there? Are there many and the ones we see damaged simply the outer ones? IF so, then simply epoxying them is a perfect solution as long as the epoxy is rated to withstand high heat etc etc.....as there has to be far more in that cooler than what is really necessary for it to do it's job. So filling a few with epoxy isn't going to make any difference at all, correct? Simply flush the rad with a rad cleaner/flush solution, then steaming hot water and finally some accetone to get the final part clean from any oily debri. Then simply scratch up the targeted area with sharp object like file or razor knife carefully to give the epoxy something to bite onto. Then do a good thin coat first off then a few heavier coats after the correct set-up time and keep going until it's sealed. Then I personally would add the added extra protection and peace of mind alluminium flat bar over the repair so as to protect the area from further damages hopefully. imho, it's a simple repair if you take your time to do all these steps. I'll be doing mine before it becomes a repair and not a simple preventative measure thing. Hope this helps someone if you're thinking of doing it.
  12. I just looked at the June main show, WOW..! Maybe an expensive drive out in the Willys......just for the experience.....lol
  13. Welcome, this forum is a gold mine of helpful people and great information. Enjoy...and happy reading...
  14. Did you end up buying a new one...or is this repair still holding? I am thinking 2 part epoxy and a thin flat strip of alluminium as a patch that runs the entire length , then trim the plastic to fit very close to the new strip and use that as a wear point IF the two ever meet again....?