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  1. Good to hear you found the problem and an easy fix, so to speak.
  2. I guess that wasn't Moses in the passenger seat...lol
  3. OK, I am the prowd owner of a brand new multiplexer and cables, and a hard drive...excellent, now the next part a laptop.....the choices are endless.....augh!
  4. Shaved off what? Where the casing gets too close to the what? I can't see shaving anything else without harming the stator it'self..? So if this is the case then it's not the bearings that are siezing right? Maybe a picture is in order from one to see where it is siezing together...? That will help solve this issue......and it's easy to dismantle the stator really, just take your time and be patient. Now I am interested in finding out from those who know and have seen this, where does it sieze, bearings or against the case? Thanks.....all ears....
  5. Are you sure it's brake fluid on the right side?
  6. Does anyone simply spray their altenators with some sort of lubricant like WD40 etc to help keep them free of siezing...? Just curious....I have quietened a squeaky bearing by doing so on other vehicles. Lasted a while so i could deal with the issue in better weather. Just thinking outloud...?
  7. Jesus would still be stuck in his driveway, always letting others have the right of way, thus never being able to start his journey! But then youy must ask yourself........"What would Jesus be driving"
  8. Just a guess, oily intercooler, ?? Possible hole in front side of inter cooler from scoop rubing?
  9. I was thinking of simply bending up a piece similar to what you discribed and mig it in place...the problem is, but the time i get finished I bet I'd want to do the entire seam...!....lol. I have liked the idea of simply installing a welded muffler in place or even a good glas pack design but they usually are see through and loud! I want one that has a step in it. I know they exist as I have seen one years ago, just can't for the life of me remember where i got it from. The search is on.....lol The main thing i got done was I got it emission tested today....what a joke! It took him longer to figure out how to move the car than test it...! lol. Passed of course...!
  10. It certainly looks like the oil is coming from the cooler location, but the damages will be on the front side of the cooler not the fan side. If that helps you searching for it.
  11. Welcome to the site, enjoy, the water's fine jump right in...lol
  12. Thought about it as I cut and whippersnipped the grass yesterday and today, now doing the same as I re-cooperate.....it may take a while. Next issue is, repairing the lower split seam on the exhaust.....I wonder if i can weld it...? It isn't the cleanest of areas. Has anyone tried brazing it shut? OR will it simply get hot enough to destroy the fix? Something I can't see, but thought I'd ask the silly question? It won't be going back on in the state it is in now anyway....Not that bad but if it's on the bench it's getting something done about it.
  13. Hmmm...It simply plugs into your cars OBDII plug and shows what your car is doing at that time.....no it works on all cars with this OBDII plug.....no it doesn't I don't think plug into a PC.....It has it's own screen to display the information. Read up on it and what people are saying about it and who uses it...many here already do from what I have read. Like i said it's not cheap but very usefull!
  14. It will show you your boost levels as in percentage of boost being used, so if you aren't vreating any you'll know your cooler is holed....I do not remember the percentage Smart142 told me it should be for a normal engine but he showed me that this guage will tell you if you are getting enough or not. The guage also finds your fault codes, clears them, shows numerous data areas such as speed, RPMs, actual fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, temperature, and much more, but those are the ones I use it for personally. One trip to a shop will pay for this to find out if you have boost imho. Just a suggestion, ...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCANGAUGE-II-SCANGUAGE-2-OBD2-AUTO-VEHICLE-COMPUTER-OBD-II-CODE-READER-MONITOR/263867553918?hash=item3d6fbb587e%3Ag%3Api4AAOSwk~NZz543&_sacat=0&_nkw=scangauge+ii&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R3.TR6.TRC1.A0.H0.Xscanga.TRS0
  15. May I suggest to purchase a ScanGuageII which will give you plenty of usefull information including boost percentage.....which will show you if you have a damaged cooler. They aren't cheap, but imho worth it in the long run. Tolsen may agree or not..? Depending upon the price you can buy a cooler for, repairing it is also a possibilty if it's not too badly cut into. I have fixed one but that method of fixing seems to be a disbuted method...to each their own. Getting at and removing this cooler isn't easy and will result in plenty of cut up hands....I got mine out without droping the engine at all, but not easy! Probably worth the effort of droping the engine now i have done it. Next time...lol