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  1. Welcome to the site Dropout....I live just north of you, Pefferlaw. Great to see some new owners up north of the city. I am trying to start a club for our area. If interested, PM me....so far maybe 10..... I agree with siezed altenator.....you can take off the altemator shield if you jack car up a tad, then reach in with long nosed needle nosed pliers and pry out the plastic pins to get shield to drop off. Use grease when reinstalling them as it'll make removal next time easier. Now get correct sized socket and wrench and simply check altenator pulley bolt to see if it's siezed. IF it is simply free it up and turn it around a few times. Then spray altenator with WD40 and try starting again. The WD40 will help it from siezing again in the future. What are your plans for the car? On the road soon or next summer?
  2. The STAR can set up the tranny also, as well as the actuator....did mine last weekend.....in a marathon learning day....lol
  3. I made a block from alluminium, drill hole in centre of it same thickness of strut shaft, then drilled 4 holes one in each corner, then cut block in half then shaved off a hair more to make hole a bit smaller width wise. Then tapped one side whatever I had lying around, small thickness and threaded 4 bolts into it long enough to get through the other half and then into the threaded side. You now have a clamp to hold shaft from rotating that you can hold onto with large adjustable. The top nut will come off easily after clamping the shaft still. It is a pain in the ass to get it on with springs in place, but as you hae it a breeze , I bet! Looking good keep at it. Mine is almost done now......finishing steps left then a start and run to test......then buying 4 new snows....175/65-15 for fronts, 195/60-15 for the rear.
  4. Looking good. Any chance you can piece together the front by splitting up the centre parts from the fenders and using the bits you need to make it work? There isn't a soft top in the wrecker near me, or I'd offer to get the fender from them if you wanted.
  5. I bought two of these polar heating pads, the bigger square one to be stuck onto oil pan, the thinner one to be stuck onto the rad bottom tank.....both are on and working perfectly. They get HOT...can't touch them with the back of your hand at all. I spoke with the owner and he suggested these were to two for the job. I want the radiator warmed up as well as the oil. That way the engine will be warm at start up and so will coolant. IF you don't heat coolant as soon as it opens the thermostat the cold coolant will shock the system and cool down the engine all over again to some extent. I also installed a ceramic heater to be mounted on a board to sit behind seats to blow forward all operating at the same time.....tried it out today.....for 2 hours and it works well. Didn't heat cables up at all, or kicked out any breakers. So I'm happy. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B015CXHG06/ref=pe_3034960_233709270_TE_item https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B075PWYH6W/ref=pe_3034960_233709270_TE_item Hope this works.
  6. Maybe make that cradle 2 feet tall...lol I'm a welder/fitter by trade also, so steel is my material of choice....but you can't beat the cost of wood.....augh!
  7. Now the fun begins.....build a set of ramps to get it up off the ground, it'll make working on it far easier....it's my next project for sure. Wood costs roughly $200 all in! I hate this crawling around under a 10" space....augh! Good luck, start a fixing it thread so we can see the progress, so to speak.......lol
  8. Hmmm.....isn't that horse shoe switch on the cockpit as they call it that lamp? It has a key symbol on it and does flash. Thanks Stickman007....puts my mind at ease...lol. Will have a go at it soon.
  9. Well so much for keeping this car salt free...lol....augh!!!!! I drove through a snow storm on my way home on a sunny day!!! You could see the cloud formation way in advance, way before you got to it! Didn't look like snow but that sure changed in a hurry! Anyone who drives their smart in the winter needs to do the wiper mod so the dang snow doesn't pile up on the wipers and simply keep folding up over the windshield! I bet with the wipers in the upright position you could keep the glass cleaner longer. I also saw the dreaded salt slop tracks fresh on the road...damned salters! Now before i put her away for the winter and bring out the beater she'll need a good pressure washing.....son of a Biatch!
  10. TAN code...? Does that mean I can't or shouldn't try to do this Glenn...before I get interested...???? If so is this something you have?
  11. Make a patch out of tin or plastic and simply pop rivit it on over your piece then rivit the piece to the patch. That way IF you need to go back in it's just drill out a few rivits.
  12. Not sure if your model also has the added advantage of this scoop rubbing the intercooler tubes to rub through a hole in it also or not...but it's best to keep it. Mine was busted all up as many get and I made a rebuilt one out of sheet metal and used pop rivets and mucho silicon to keep it in place as yours isn't the only one to have or get rounded off attachment bolts. I'd cut out what you need to fill tranny and leave the rest....it won't make that much difference as long as you don't remove too much material. You just need to get bolt out and hose in then return bolt and retighten. Haven't done that yet, just thinking outloud.
  13. A question, if you get this up and running and we need to reinstall the EGR, will it have to have the water hoses reattached or can it simply run without that aspect or the system..??? I ask simply as I am thinking of creating more space by removing hoses, but won't if this could be in the works down the road...? Thanks
  14. Well, I'm sick and tied of this jack stand crap of getting my fat ass under the car to deal with issues....! When searching around here yesterday I noticed someone had made up a neet ramp system out of wood that got the car up what looked like 2 to 2 1/2 feet.!!! Sure beats 6 inches! That's what she said....ooops! So today, I'm pricing out the costs of that new project. I would install a hoist but I don't have the cieling hight required without redesigning my roof trusses and that at my age and health isn't happening! But this easily made ramp could very well be a go. Anyone else been busy beavers and made a ramp? Thoughts about this and what could be best? Design etc etc
  15. Funny, I just asked also about this, lol I also only have one key for my beater officially. I went to wrecker and saw that some cars had two keys and good fobs.......so, I took second fob. Just so I had what looked like a stock fob and not a clone. Next was wondering about coding them, I have machine, easy...but wondering if for some stupid reason key had to be in fob to be coded as in supplying a ground of some sort etc etc, seems not. So, I will soon be risking it as you have to recode all keys at the same time to a new code when you recode a key. So if you screw it up, you lose all keys not just the second.....augh! We'll see...lol. I may just do the James Bond ign system for a key and use the fobs to deal with immoblizer system. Sounds like fun..... Worst case, get carbon paper if you can find the stuff, place on working key, imprint imagine onto new blade and carefully have at it with die grinder or mill......I made a key for my dad's GTI using a chain saw file way way back in the day and a majic marker doing basically the same thing. Yes different blades now, someone has been paying attention, lol. and made it far more difficult. But nothing is impossible, IF the dealership makes life too hard! or Expensive!