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  1. Have you looked at what they look like without them? I bet it's our idiots wanting a side marker light right on the rear corner. I bet they would look good without them....no...?
  2. I was going to say the same thing, I have started to drive a bit faster lately and that results in 20 over in most out of town places.....I tend to get by the highway cruisers as I think they also see a smart car and refuse to believe they can do the speed their camera has told them...lol. Or see another vehicle and I can slide past as mentioned above. I perfer to stop going so fast and get back to rediculous economy ratings....but when you start it's contagious....and you simply keep doing it.
  3. Have a safe flight buddy.....stay away from any frig'in look-outs...!
  4. OK, as the thread suggests, it's starter time....I'm dreading this job. So far i have undone the starter but it will not slip out far enough yet to swivel it out without hitting the water pump. So that too much now be removed. But to get at that dandy little item I need to either drop sub frame which is where I'm at I think or grow smaller hands! I do have a spare starter here I acquired from someone but it's seized up solid. I managed to get it apart but it's so rusted and such it's toast. Now comes the question......I can't make out the numbers on the starter to get a part number from it....does anyone have a part number for it ??? This afternoon I'm off to the starter guy and ordering a new starter.
  5. Thanks, done and ordered....now the waiting begins....for all parts. Yes I know for sure who's will be running again first...lol...not mine....unless the beater dies in a hurry....lol. Then you may need to worry....lol
  6. I thought so too, but they have plenty of angle to go after full suspension hang angle...I checked before lifting it....but it's a definate possibility. I'm sure. I drove it again and I'm not convinced that is where the rattling is coming from now....because it still does it under load so there wouldn't be any play while being loaded if it was under no load I would agree with them being the culprit. So back to the drawing board I think...? It has to be the no rubber against the lift blocks I think. I'll take the lift out and then I'll know for sure. I just need to find the bag with the bolts etc in ......now where did i hide that...?....lol. I bought enough bolts to do two kits and kept the stock hardware in it in case I wanted to reverse it. I have to stop hiding things...lol
  7. OK, I have had a rattle for a while now when going over bumps etc or road cracks. I have found out where it's coming from. It's the output bearings I think in the differential. The big question now is........can these bearings be replaced while transmission is in vehicle or does it need to be completely disassembled and taken out from the inside...? I'm praying for the outside but I'm sure it's not going to be the correct answer....lol...sniff sniff.
  8. OR changing your starter...lol
  9. Thank you......I am now motivated to get this job over and done with after finding out where the banging noise is coming from....in the beater.
  10. Hmmmm....? I'm gutted........?...lol But I agree this is the best site for us in Canada bar none along with the Evilution site across the pond for us 450 owners imho. I hope it continues as chopper says, not just a informational site but also a community of like minded folks all helping each other.
  11. Hi Sydney, thanks for the offer of pics, but i have fixed the situation already, finally got my finger out and found a way. Also the first full day of sun and no rain. I simply removed roof motor, and used armature to pull the roof back into the closed position and silicone it down permanantly.....the motor was cooked, had power but wasn't turning. I do not use a sun roof due to red hair....lol. I've had my fill of sun stroke..lol. The idea of a shortened Smart is interesting, but what useable space would be left for a trailer? Just a second trunk and a bit storage sized spot..? Would you leave the roof on as well and have it enclosed ...?Maybe an artistic rendering is in order....lol.
  12. Do you have the owners handbook? I have seen a couple with this number code written inside it in the radio section.....the car did come with a business card sized card with this code on it which is another thing to hunt for...just saying...or if you really can't find it, think aftermarket radio and rewire it in....that way you get all the bells and whistles of a modern radio...
  13. I would guess the tongue weight would be too much to be honest.....just thinking out loud....lol
  14. Put another 450 kms on her today.....started hearing a new clanging noise.....looked at her when i got home.....saw plug and wiring for transmission gear selector motor hanging in the breeze.....I know what I'll be doing tomorrow...lol
  15. The snow probably only just left....lol....
  16. Check out Evilution.co.uk, donate their lowest donation and then search this issue, they can help. about radio...
  17. Glad to be of some help...and it wasn't an expensive fix.....other than a better emulator....for that contact stickman007....he is the man for those. Excellent product and extremely well made. Excellent Smart man also...lol I made an emulator and it worked for a short while then died, and I mean short...lol. Plus it was the size of a cigarette package.....easy to make really but to get it perfect, leave it to the professionals imho.
  18. Hmmmmmm..........? I wonder...????? What can you fit inside a smart car and still drive it down the road......? I'll just go check....back in a few with pics......Hmmmm....?
  19. lol...I took typing in grade 9 to get out of something worse......can't remember what now, but they had no symbols on the keys either....just a table on the front wall to look at.....what a nightmare that class turned out to be.....managed 19 words per minute, the minimum to pass the class....all in the last week....I'm sure the class i was trying to get around would have been easier....lol
  20. OK, I taped up the sun roof before winter to try and stop any chance of leakages. Then almost immediately I accidentally hit the roof switch causing it to try and open...augh! So I have been driving it for a while now with it slightly open and the motor isn't trying to open roof....not sure why....? I did run the STAR on it and checked the two fuses it called for, both perfect. That would tell me the motor isn't still trying to force itself open and something else is wrong as the fuses are still good not blown..? The switch is still wired also. It's also not throwing codes. Now the issue is..I have read back 20 pages in the 450 maintenance threads and nothing about sun roofs....Hmmm...? The first question is, whats the procedure to get the head liner down without destroying it? Second....is there a specific location, pin number etc that controls this in the SAM to look for bad solder joints...from heating up trying to open roof? Third....has anyone had this type of issue, motor just stop working and what was the conclusion...? I do not want to blindly attack the roof unless I have to.....I'm more comfortable taking the SAM apart again...lol. I've never owned a car with a sun roof. So it's all new to me. I would almost if I had to, simply disconnect it and silicon it down permanently...lol I am not a fan of a sun roof any way. I have red hair..the sun hates me. I just want it water tight and gorilia tape isn't going to hold forever...lol Please any advice is appreciated.
  21. Hmmmm....cross dressers....I never thought of that.....I suppose you are offering to test that theory out then...? It is you folks who wear shirts after all.....lol What day shall I get the hospital organized for....you're gonna need it I bet....lol
  22. I'll tell you what, I'll hold your beer ......from a distance while you show us how it's done.....lol.....with camera rolling....lol
  23. Glenn's Smart142.... the guy to use.....trust me...!
  24. If it's nozzle related contact Mender as he has the contact for them. It made a world of difference for my old beater! Not cheap but far far less than rebuilt injectors. I think it's a third of the cost if memory is correct. Just remove an injector and take nozzle off and squirt carb cleaner through it and see what the spray patter is like..I bet it's clogged and worn out. I also sonic cleaned the body of the injectors but kept the very top out of cleaner, but the rest went in and stayed there for a while. Like I said before outstanding results.
  25. I type with two fat fingers and the back space and delete button getting abused...lol