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  1. I was thinking of simply bending up a piece similar to what you discribed and mig it in place...the problem is, but the time i get finished I bet I'd want to do the entire seam...!....lol. I have liked the idea of simply installing a welded muffler in place or even a good glas pack design but they usually are see through and loud! I want one that has a step in it. I know they exist as I have seen one years ago, just can't for the life of me remember where i got it from. The search is on.....lol The main thing i got done was I got it emission tested today....what a joke! It took him longer to figure out how to move the car than test it...! lol. Passed of course...!
  2. It certainly looks like the oil is coming from the cooler location, but the damages will be on the front side of the cooler not the fan side. If that helps you searching for it.
  3. Welcome to the site, enjoy, the water's fine jump right in...lol
  4. Thought about it as I cut and whippersnipped the grass yesterday and today, now doing the same as I re-cooperate.....it may take a while. Next issue is, repairing the lower split seam on the exhaust.....I wonder if i can weld it...? It isn't the cleanest of areas. Has anyone tried brazing it shut? OR will it simply get hot enough to destroy the fix? Something I can't see, but thought I'd ask the silly question? It won't be going back on in the state it is in now anyway....Not that bad but if it's on the bench it's getting something done about it.
  5. Hmmm...It simply plugs into your cars OBDII plug and shows what your car is doing at that time.....no it works on all cars with this OBDII plug.....no it doesn't I don't think plug into a PC.....It has it's own screen to display the information. Read up on it and what people are saying about it and who uses it...many here already do from what I have read. Like i said it's not cheap but very usefull!
  6. It will show you your boost levels as in percentage of boost being used, so if you aren't vreating any you'll know your cooler is holed....I do not remember the percentage Smart142 told me it should be for a normal engine but he showed me that this guage will tell you if you are getting enough or not. The guage also finds your fault codes, clears them, shows numerous data areas such as speed, RPMs, actual fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, temperature, and much more, but those are the ones I use it for personally. One trip to a shop will pay for this to find out if you have boost imho. Just a suggestion, ...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCANGAUGE-II-SCANGUAGE-2-OBD2-AUTO-VEHICLE-COMPUTER-OBD-II-CODE-READER-MONITOR/263867553918?hash=item3d6fbb587e%3Ag%3Api4AAOSwk~NZz543&_sacat=0&_nkw=scangauge+ii&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311.R3.TR6.TRC1.A0.H0.Xscanga.TRS0
  7. May I suggest to purchase a ScanGuageII which will give you plenty of usefull information including boost percentage.....which will show you if you have a damaged cooler. They aren't cheap, but imho worth it in the long run. Tolsen may agree or not..? Depending upon the price you can buy a cooler for, repairing it is also a possibilty if it's not too badly cut into. I have fixed one but that method of fixing seems to be a disbuted method...to each their own. Getting at and removing this cooler isn't easy and will result in plenty of cut up hands....I got mine out without droping the engine at all, but not easy! Probably worth the effort of droping the engine now i have done it. Next time...lol
  8. Not enough forest fires near you eh...? We are still well into HOT weather......not too bad as it could be worse....another 10 degree with humidity would kill me off and possibly start me thinking I might change my thinking processes...lol. But until then....sorry can't see man changing the rate of speed the earth's climate will extinguish humans...lol
  9. This will be a hot potato I bet.....lol
  10. First thing was take 2 inch screw out of rear tire and plug hole...augh!!!!! Son of a B____H...! Damaged the tire I think so now i have to keep an eye on it and possibly replace it. Second, worked on the spare car starting with making up a better metal scoop for the intercooler seeing as mine was trashed. It still can be torn off if impacted without killing cooler I'm sure. The next step is replace driveshafts and tackle the EGR system bypass......busy day so far.
  11. Hi guys and gals.... OK, I have been having some internet speed issues lately. I have done many many speed checks and gotten lousey download speeds where as the ping and upload speeds are perfect. Or where they're supposed to be at. So I finally got the Rogers guy in to see whats what. He checked everything, replaced every connection, slitter ground wire etc etc etc, and finally concluded it is my PC that is at fault! I'm not 100% convinced as it means my mother board is toast by the looks of it. No longer do we have seperate plug ins for each circuit I am finding out after opening up the PC cabinet, it's all one board! AUGH....! I do not want to wast money tesing something I could possibly test myself or at least have a look at..? Nor do I want to buy a new PC or laptop worst comes to worst.....I hate the swivel mouse thingy, I like an actual mouse and screen over trying to poeer at a smaller laptop screen. I have a 21" monitor I think and it's great! My eyes aren't what they used to be. I am now forced to wear computer distance glasses to see anything clearly, so I am very hesitant to even concider a laptop. So, back to this problem. Didn't we used to have a network card seperately from the mother board? Now it's all one, so how does one test it or trouble shoot it? I can't truat a Roger's technician to tell me the truth just because it's their system we are also testing looking for the problem. I need to try and find someone who can ease my gut about being tricked into buying a new machine for no reason. Can this be solved without hundreds of dollars being wasted at a Geek Squad type store...? Yes I'm cheap! IF I have to spend I will but I perfer to spend money on more pleasurable things like my Smart car over a computer test. What say ye.....is there any hope out there...???
  12. Interesting..? I have bitten the bullit and ordered the C3 Multiplexer and cables etc, it'll be here next week. So I'm half way there I suppose. Now trying to figure out the best option for the laptop requirements etc.
  13. OH MY GOD....!!!! FINALLY...!!!! Hey Neighbor....Welcome to the site....but I live so far from you I'm almost positive we'll never meet....Pefferlaw...? Yep I know, too far right...lol.
  14. OK, so no internet use with a STAR system, so that stops a expensive laptop purchase once again, just doesn't make sense. I will hunt for a secondhand laptop to do the job required. Then the C3 multiplexer and cables. I'll slowly get the right stuff bought and understood if it kills me! Sorry to keep going back and forth but asking questions is the best way not to make expensive mistakes when I don't live in this world. Thank you
  15. Sound is done from headphone jack so thats easy I expect. As for back up power, can you use one of the power packs you can buy to recharge your equipment etc or are you forced to swap batteries? I was just hoping to keep my 21 inch monitor but could loose it if I must....? P{ossibly buy a newer version at a later date with more modern plug ins. I always thought an external back up system is best, I have been bitten before years ago, we have a TG back up now, if that's the right term for it...? Can the STAR system run in an emulation environment? ...This I do not know....but will find out.... Next is what would your best suggestion be for what I want and wish to pay...? OR is it even possible for $1500...?
  16. OK......it's TIME....to buy...lol.....But not for the sole reasons I had at the begining of this thread...go figure! I want, not need, so now it's a different story, I have to pay for this toy...augh! I want...lol....a laptop that will do basically what my desktop does now, but also will operate this MBSTAR set-up for obvious reasons. I have been told i can do it by a man in the know using a modern laptop.....so to kill two birds with a single stone, here I go again! Here's my list that I think I need to ask for.....copied and pasted..... Thank you, for helping me.... OK, I want to buy a modern new laptop for my personal use anyway that can be used as possibly my main PC....and if I can run this STAR from it even better.... Saves me money and I get two birds with a single stone. I probably will spend $1500 on one....I am as you know buying blind here...so made a list of what I may need to ask or look for: 1: I want a larger screen sized machine just to help save my older eyes, HD 1920X1080 res with possibly any angle viewing 2:size and weight are not that much of a worry I do not think as I won't be carrying it around much. 3:keyboard needs to have large keys with space between keys for fat fingers, back lit also. 4:CPU....Core i5 or better 5:Ram.....4GB or better 6:Storage ...256GB SSD 7:Battery life with 44Wh-50Wh fort best results...want to be able to travel and get the best rechargability and such, camping etc, being charged from a vehicle or solar? 8:USB ports....USB3.0 no less than 2 the more the better 9:Build Quality....must be rugged....rain and dust repeling....how much testing has developer done...? 10:Things I need it to do... a;run an outside monitor b:able to use a normal mouse c:possibly use a normal keyboard? d:can it be hard wired into a modem e:what about external back up storage? is it needed at all..? f: can I use an external sound system which I have at the moment? g: will it have the typical monitor plug to plug in my monitor...the "D" shaped plug with two screws at each end to hold it in, horizontally situated, don't know what it's called? h: lastly be able to play typical simple FB games such as Pirates tides of fortune and stormfall age of war...they are the only mindless games I play and have been for years, so hard to give them up...lol Lastly is there a make to go for and also definately steer clear of? OK, is this list good enough or does it require some tweeking? I will thank everyone now beforehand for all their help and suggestions.....the list was made up after me doing some reading on line about what other people think is best to ask for? Thanks
  17. Mine is very much the same as this design....simple easy and strong...no messing around wondering if it will stand up to the amount the Smart will handle, over kill imho. Usually the best way to make a trailer hitch....imho. Yes the only drawback is you must cut a square hole directly between your stock tow pin hole locations, I was lucky and got it all but perfectly placed the first time.....surprisingly, less than 1/8" clearances all around the hitch.
  18. Welcome to the club, get in touch with Smart142 he's the man for all things Smart....excellent! And close to you so to speak. It seems all the members are in the southern Ontario area for the most part....lol. Again welcome.....enjoy.
  19. So now we know it was you causing all the smoke and not the wild fires..lol. Take care there, I had a buddy who watched the flames get 100 feet from his home, that was all he needed to say enough is enough and fled to the island...lol. Fantastic place Kelowna, beautiful and he even had catcus growing in his back yard and simply brushed the snow from his driveway if it stuck.......coming from Ontario, that was huge! Enjoy the little car, it's a hoot!
  20. Hmmmmmm.....So if that smart will tow those weights I'm going to burn mine if it can't tow this single manned trailer I'm fabricating to sleep in....lol. WOW...! Have you done anything to the car's capabilities to get off the mark as in clutch, botton end power, anything? I get onto a rough patch of ground and it feels like I have to seriously demand it to move forwards.....which is why I'm asking...? Normal surfaces and it's fine but asking it to climb a small bump up onto the driveway or such and it almost says no way! I have to insist so to speak it does what I'm asking...maybe I'm just babying it too much?
  21. 100mpgs....I don't know if that's possible even with a feather on the gas pedal and a serious tail wind...lol...but I can get it down to 80mpgs when in no rush what so ever...lol...which is my usual now.....I'm old also. Got you beat by 6 years... If and when you can, pick yourself up a scangageII that will definately help you regulate your right foot and how you actually drive the slug! Which it is off the mark but after moving up to 30-40mph it is perfectly acceptable for an old guy. It's the MPGs that will regulate your thought about how fast you wish to drive it.....that scangageII shows you actual and average fuel consumption rates while driving and that is where my eyes seem to live while driving it.....simply seeing how low I can get it to get down to. I can easily get it down to 3.5 litres per hundred kilometers which works out to simply fantastic MPGs 75 or so...occasionally I get it below that lol. I find you must drive it using standard mode and my best is using the stick not the paddles for some reason, don't know why it just feels beter...? Oh, I also use good diesel additive every other tank full which I think is helping give me these MPG numbers, just 50ml per tank, not much at all. Anoher thing you will love is, even up here being raped for fuel prices it costs me less than $20 to fill it up, so stoping at a gas staion is a pleasure! I also haven't driven it in the snow yet, but studded tires aren't allowed up here unfortunately lol. That would be too easy...lol. Glenn, Smart142 is the man to see or ask about all things Smart.....I bought my car from him this spring, absolutely excellent car and person to deal with. You're welcome ...lol. I live an hour or so north of Toronto and it's mostly flat with soft rolling hills around me, so that'll tell you why I possibly get the MPGs I get. I also drive 10 over the speed limit which is either 30 or 50 posted MPH and 60 on the highways....I would go after everything electrical first without spending much to diagnose your issues then get into the mechanical. imho it'll be the electrical that'll cost the most to repair....again imho. But after you sort the electrical gremlins out the rest is typical mechanical issues similar to any car......that clutch fork issue can be solved by increasing the pushrod diameter by adding a knob onto the rod from what I have read on Evilution's site, or you could do it right and weld up the fork if you are mechanically inclined. There are plenty of good sites for solid mechanical help so the lack of a soild manual isn't that much of a hinderance, a pain but not a deal breaker. You will require to buy some good torx sockets and drivers, don't buy cheap ones they will only strip then you have an issue. I hate torx...lol. Sorry to go on....just rambling what i have found out so far. Next question is, what jeep, coming from an old jeep nut...?
  22. OR simply not buy the EV and go CDi...lol and get the 70-80MPGs all day and all night long...lol
  23. Hmmm.......how can you think that saying ICE vehicles have created so much then simply compare the EV to it as a whole....you can't think this way for anything ....can you..? It's just not fair to think this way unless the EV start cleaning the air as well as doing what they do...damn! I'll worry about emmissions when the countries who allow 10 million scooter, small displacement road bikes, mopeds and tuk tuks to pollute from sun up to sun down, and start getting rid of those..I won't even bring into it their heavy vehicles.......here in North America we have the air treatment facilities growing all over the place far out weighing what we produce, and we're taxed to death for enviromental issues etc and to use our vehicles, and our vehicles are so non-poluting now a days but we still are being hounded to reduce emmisions.....when will they ever give us a break? OR stop..? You must compare one vehicle of same use and size with the comparable EV no other way.......then it's a fair comparisn. Right from conception to grave as it was put. I own a large displacement V8 gas guzzling pig of a pick-up...it gets 15MPGs....it has zero emmisions on it what so ever...lol .I so rarely take it out to drive I'm selling it shortly. It just makes zero sense for me to have it. I can drive my Smart all week for the same fuel costs it takes me to get to the town 20 minutes we used to live near! Sure i built it from the ground up, every nut, bolt, washer, rubber, frame the lot.....used to be a pride and joy thing...now it's just a gas guzzler! I look at it as a dollar and cents thing now, maybe I'm getting too old to value it any more..?
  24. OK, as the heading says.....what do the old timers recomend to us first time winter drivers in a Smart car to do..? Is there anything seriously different about how a Smart handles the winter season..? Are there specific well known things you highly recommend ..? Is there a better tire to buy and would you say it's always better to use 4 winter tires over just the rears? I will hopefully be running a second Smart for my winter beater also....so I may as well set it up as per the "right" way...lol. Suggestions? Is there any reason to think about the 2" lift kit they sell to get you slightly higher for less chance of belly pan'ing your ride? Just thinking again outloud...lol Thanks.
  25. Hmmmmm.......Dare I agree with you.....in fear of serious wide flanking backlash...lol...but most who love the idea of an EV will never admit.....BUT, as you say it only works when speaking of the old larger engine, smog producing monsters we had or have here in North America....lol But you must see this vast open area we call home here.....you can usually drive miles and miles without having to touch the steering wheel the distances are so far between. Unlike in Europe or Great Britain where you must constantly stay plugged in and awake....even your motorways have curves in them...lol. So we need them honking V8 or larger pistons machines just so we can cruise alone effortlessly in couch comfort. Soon the front seats will have leg rests similar to lazy boy style chairs as technology creeps past us. All of these creature comforts take away from the driving experience, not add to it. Until you have driven a small light quick car on roads similar to England or similar you seriously do not know what driving is. But try and tell that to the couch crowd....where we need 700plus HP to get that jolt of forward motion while driving along a dragstrip straight and smooth road for miles on end. Sorry, sort of got off topic a bit....this is why the EV won't become anything but a toy in North America except for city folks who only need to go 5 miles in total from point A to point B.....so their charge time/distance requirements are easily met. For the rest of us, never going to happen until the cars can do a solid 500kms per charge. But hey just my opinion and as we all know, we all have one, just like.... So from conception to death, which is cleaner...? Hmmmm....?