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  1. OK, I have decided I need tinting...lol. So went to the best shop I know of nearby....$250....is this fair for our little cars? I haven't had windows tinted for decades...lol. Just do not know? Does anyone recommend anyone... in the toronto area...? Hopefully north of toronto..lol
  2. I can see a rear camera being in my future soon maybe...lol. I always said that if you need a camera to back your car up, maybe it's time to hand in your drivers license......augh....!!!! And I'm thinking about one on a SMART CAR....!!!!!
  3. So just to completely clear, lol, the corner rear windows are plastic and we shouldn't tint them the normal way....right..? We use spray paint to tint those...lol...that spray window tint shown in the above post.....correct.....just so i know to instruct him correctly tomorrow. OR am I confused...what about the second small window next to the main door window that doesn't move..? That one is glass right and can be tinted. So I have really 5 windows to be tinted in total, not 7. Thanks again guys.
  4. They told me limo tint allowed 5% light in.....lol
  5. Hey there fellow Smart owners in the Central Ontario area.....I am thinking about starting a club for this general area. If for no other reason but to find more folks to talk to, help out etc and even just to go for a drive with to anywhere interesting.....even for a coffee when there is a few minutes left in the day so to speak. I know for a fact there are at least 7 Smarts close to mke here in the Sutton/Keswick area. I live in the Pefferlaw area, the bottom righthand corner of Lake Simcoe. I'm thinking of an area that is 2 hours from my house in all directions. That covers a lot of people and realestate. There has to be more Smarts in this area I'm thinking. So I like the name Central Ontario Smart Car Club....or Central Ontario Smarts Club.... I'm going to start advertising the idea on social media outlets to see if there are any interested owners out there within this massive area soon...like this week or next. We can have Smart Days, for wrenching or trying to help other owners with mechanical issues, general get to gethers, go for drives to interesting places semi locally, go to slightly further off places, possibly go camping etc, go fishing, go siteseeing, go to events as a group....there's so much we could do and go to that would make owning a Smart that more enjoyable. No clubs dues etc, nothing, just a few friends getting together for a fun time. What do you think...? Is there any interest...?
  6. I would just like to meet people who also enjoy the Smart car and enjoy driving to anywhere for fun. We can discuss anything Smart or even cover the larger topics in every day life....such as modification that are available for Smart cars etc. What have you done to your car...? What are you interested in for it in the future...? What are you basic thoughts of the car and what it's limitations are..? Personally I love to drive and see things anywhere. I think there is a need for this idea. Just think of the benefits fo such a club....we can physically deal with issues on your car or others....helping to get your car where you see it in the future...? I see us driving to see the autum leaves later in the year, drives to get out to many locations that should or do stimulate your desires to visit or explore our countryside. Think of a weekend drive lets say around Georgian Bay...? Maybe one to Niagara Falls? Ottawa...? Kingston for a tour of the prison...? A drive to the thousand island tours.....? Even maybe a trip up the CN tower...? There are endless interesting locations to visit. We could even have a weekly drive to experience different chip trucks for a cheap lunch.....just a reason to have a day out to enjoy nature and get some fresh air....! There are many locks and lifts along the Trent Severn Canal system....? Even if there are people who love to fish and want to drop a line in the many lakes up around us....? We could if Glenn is up for it, have a drive down to visit his shop down in the London area..... The list of possibilities are endless! No carved in stone rules or regulations, just a friendly gathering of smart owners.....so lets get the spring time weather here and we can get to having these meetings. Can't wait. Sounds like fun to me........
  7. Thanks guys.....I'm not looking to push things, but i can be know to be foolish fro time to time..lol So far I'm tranfixed with seeing how low i can go in Litres per hour.....just love that silly guage for that function alone...making it well worth the money it costs...lol I just need to drive her more to get more fill ups into the guage to get the next function alive and working. I'm starting to think about starting a Central Ontario Smart Car Club and will start a new thread just for that next.
  8. So the dash will flash at some point then...? Sure hope so.....it's stressfull enough seeing that last bubble hit.....I'm not going for using the last drop normally just want to know how far my smart will go for future knowledge......when travelking across canada and up to the Arctic Ocean.....but like you say, I will carry a small can of fuel. for sure. It may be light but i'm not pushing her anywhere if i can help it...lol.
  9. You and me both...lol. So far i'm just under 400kms on a tank if I recall corectly...... I'm now doing the fill up set up for the scangageII Made the mistake of letting the girl fill it the first time and she just let it click off so I only got 48kms before top bubble disappeared....augh!
  10. OK, if you let the gas shut off and walk away it will get 40kms or so then the first bar drops....if you keep stuffing fuel into it until you see foam or fuel you'll get 128kms before that first bubble drops. I filled up today for $15.60 @$1.20 I'm also very concerned about how far I can drive on the bottom bubble. Until I figure it out I fill up as soon as the second last bubble drops. No messing if not sooner. I thought I could remember the kms but nope sorry damn!..lol. But I am now averaging 3.8kph easily if I stick to the speed limits and shift at or before 3000rpms and down shift at 2000rpms......I did notice it drinks far more if you crest 110kph.
  11. I'm going tuesday for the tinting so no worries there....for $180 cash I am not complaining. I also may install a back up camera with recording capabilities same as a dash cam....I've already had a road rage woman create a scene which she didn't like the outcome of...lol. Yep I have a short fuse...lol Just incase I get hit, is all and for backing into any space that I can't see well enou0gh for....those rear pillars are thick along with the seats. So we'll see price will dictate that for sure...lol. FleaBay will or Amazon prices ...lol
  12. Not a nickname yet....but i like having a mascot.....for years it was a crochette mouse my very young daughter made for me many years ago, but that has aged too far now, so this is my new one just because he matches the car's colour schene...lol https://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&q=K-9+space+dog+character&chips=q:k+9+space+dog+character,online_chips:looney+tunes&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGuonc7_XZAhVm9IMKHUFUAA8Q4lYILCgE&biw=1920&bih=959&dpr=1#imgrc=MB3gXpihYY4obM: Looks far better in person...lol
  13. I got that back ass backwards...darker on the rear and the darest legal on the sides......yep it's the backing up in the dark and the frig'in walkers that scare me if tinted right out like leadwing. Otherwise I do the same.lol I've also been watching youtube clips so am an expert now, so I could possibly do it myself, I have all the tools.....lol....and the virtual skills now also. It certainly looks easier than when I did it in my 20's, I do not remember them saying much about fitting it to the outside with heat gun then installing it inside when I bought the crap from CTC way way back...lol....and yes, there were a few....ok maybe more than a few bubbles...and yes after 6 months it looked like shit! That is what scares me from doing it with this car....lol...even though the glass is so small in comparisn.
  14. Yep. I think I'll risk the darker tint just to help with the sun, We just came back from fish and chips, almost agony driving with the sun beeming into the driver's window....my old eyes just can't take it anymore! I don't drive that much after dark for some reason anymore so when I do I'll simply take greater care.....hope this is the right choice.....I don't drive into the states either as they don't like me so it's simply Canada as to who likes what and I live in Ontario so that is the law I'll follow. I'm sure there is something to say that you have to follow your own province's laws not the one across the country when it really comes down to it. OR there would be a single law for all of Canada.....so out of towners much be allowed to get by seeing as we're just passing through. imho.
  15. I'm not sold on alternative fuels yet or have any knowledge of how to do it without messing up the engine. this is my first diesel and am hesitant to mess with it much at all...lol. But I'm all ears about this...lol.
  16. OK as i have said in the past I hate this stock muffler for it's bottom seam where it rusts out early. So have been asking around a bit to different auto suppliers etc I go to, and one has sugested why don't i search into Kabota exhausts? I never thought about those...? Industrial for sure maybe last longer..? But how much and how loud? Same sized engines, roughly 3 cylinder deisels.....easy to weld to also....thoughts...? There are many smaller auto exhaust cans to make work also I'm told, yes welding and fab will be necessary....but for a competant exhaust shop, not a problem I expect or I'll do it myself. That is find the close space where it needs to sit and make up the mounting tabs etc and then take it in to get pipes bent to fit etc.....thoughts...?
  17. I have a mig welder and can weld down to thiin carboard thicknesses, but think muffler material is always going to be weak and suffer the same fate sooner than later, but summer is coming so then I'll be looking more closely at it.......today's job cup holder...lol. I can do that without worrying about bringing the car into the garage. lol. my garge is carpeted and I like it that way.....lol. I can work in it in shorts and a T shirt in comfort during the winter, but do not want the road salt and crap all over the carpet etc......in a pinch i can roll it up if I must do something, but it's not an important issue at the moment, just something to ponder over. lol
  18. Very nice, I went to see what he's all about so to speak, seems like he knows what he's talking about etc when tinting is concerned,,lol....so tuesday it's going in for 35/50 all in for 180 and he'll see about the sunroof also....but I doubt that could be done as it's got that pimply surface. not flat like glass.....so I'm not holding my breathe for that ....time will tell.
  19. Tinting for me is to stop the glare from the sun more than theft patrol.....plus I plan on making a wooden shelf for the trunl for my next Jack Russel to sit on when going for rides. The one we have now is slowly coming to his life expectancy.....a short one for the breed thanks to inbreeding from the breeder. They said bring him back we'll simply give you a new one after 6 months...sorry what happens to this one I ask?? It's not your problem....so I said you're going to cave it's head in with hammer aren't you....oh no we don't do that....horse shit! So he's had 11 more years than he would have had and $4,000 worth of surgery and his other hip is now done, so he's on heavy meds until they don't keep him painfree, then it's a trip to the big needle in the sky I'm afraid. Then off to get another, from a better person I hope. So that shelf will do two jobs, create a solid shelf for dog to ride away from our laps for once, and also a semi lockable trunk.
  20. I will be looking at the two cars I know of in a few months time to see if they have that cup holder and snag that also, but for now, I'll fab one up quickly, just an hour or so of quick dicking around, you never know it might be better...lol. I haven't done much at all to mine other than a general look-see at Glenn's shop and at home before it got covered in shiat from road salt etc etc and am not working on it unless I need to in these temps. It will get a quick bath today before visiting the tint guy to see him work before puting down my money. Next summer if I'm alive and so is the car I'll be venturing out to Dawson City and above, so maybe I'll slide down the coast and have a look around.
  21. Hi guys...has anyone seen or purchased one of these armrests ..? https://www.ebay.com/itm/SMART-FORTWO-450-451-Adjustable-Premium-Armrest-storage-mittelarmlehne-accoudoir-/321256760637 OR is there one that is adaptable to fit our vehicles....? Again I'm all ears and seem to think I need one of some kind...lol Thanks again....
  22. Not to rain on your parade but those extra pump container types are just another thing to have to clean up etc.....I'm going to risk the electric pump from FleaBay first at $30, then if that doesn't work figure out one that uses my shop air system for the short time it's required....I'd sooner simply suck and spit into a throw away container and be done with it, personally......man this sounds bad...lol.
  23. Excellent news, I told you Glenn was a stand up guy...! They sure make a difference those two items let me tell you. I didn't think I'd be using them much when I first looked at the car but was wrong! Now it's just that cord and the frig'in cup holder project...lol IMHO, I would look into installing a typical 3 pronged household type plug as they will be more robust. Not that mine are broken but they don't feel as robust as the typical household versions and it enables you to use a normal extension cord and not have to worry about keeping this cord in your car....petty but something to think about.
  24. Welding a oil bung in was my first thought immediately! But I'll wait and see what changing the oil is like using the sucker....it has to work as boats all do it, and many european garages do it now also, the only issue for me is, does it get enough crud out of the sump as a bung plug would? I like to see a clean oil pan and I suppose i can still remove the pan and clean it out when i get that urge I guess...lol. So I'm waiting to see.
  25. I personally hate Motormaster oils etc, just me i guess, sorry....I'm sure they may meet the specs, but, I can't get past the CTC label...sorry.