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  1. Well messed around with the car, got the belt to stop squeaking. Tomorrow is fill up day & hoping reMap also!! Interested to see the before and after driving experience...I assume it will be fairly substantial, that is the hope anyway
  2. its too bad they didnt make a collapsable cover for the roof that covered more glass. I will tint my back windows, they are so small it wont be to bad at all to do.
  3. Ya time will tell, I will be doing 90% hwy driving if not more, so I assume with the higher speed the mileage might be a bit lower due to the speed. But we shall see, maybe a remap might help with more power meaning less gas pedal needed to keep going. I should just fill it up tomorrow, and see what I get for mostly city commuting, good thing is its a cheap fill up. Was just hoping to get at least 3 days worth of driving to and from work before I needed to fuel up
  4. Well quick update, not that most of you care as you had your cars a while. Did a service to clutch actuator, definitely needed it. drove it up and down the street shifting gears. Gas gauge dropped another bar...Still I won't try to get concerned but it has dropped 3 bars of fuel in 118km of being driven today. Sure hope the first part of that tank is extra large... But again will wait till I do a fill up and see what km I get to a tank before I start to get concerned. Just a bit nerve racking seeing the tank go down so fast, even if its a 20L fill seems like I have gone thru half a tank in 118km. Deep breath, let things play out before jumping to conclusions
  5. So bit of an update, went on a 115km highway drive this morning. Did well, there was no wind so that so didn't feel any of that. Most of the driving was done at 110-120km/h. When I got the car it read a full tank, I dont know when it was filled tho, I did about 20km of driving before I pressed the trip reset but. Currently the car reads half a tank, went from reading full to half on the drive today. So with unsure km before I will wait for the next tank to determine mileage. Thoughts about driving car, when at highway speeds, it is definitely quite noisey in the cab, but to be expected for a go cart sized car. Got a call and had my phone on vent and hit speaker, was very hard to hear the person. Did not have that issue when in civic. So again not a big deal but I will have to find headphones I can plug in to phone with a mic so I can talk and hear easier. Don't have a bluetooth and not a big fan of them either. Plus I should have the wired piece needed so why spend $. Going up some hills, definitely feel the lack of power, again not surprised but overall did well. I can tell you this a ReMap is a MUST and will be done ASAP! Car seemed to handle good, feel the bumps but nothing crazy. Fun little go cart style car to drive and it is enjoyable to shift gears, if it was strictly auto I don't know how I would feel about that...good thing I don't have to worry about that!. Now time to jack up the car, hoping I can jack the whole rear end in one go, but have not looked to see if there is a jacking point that will allow that. Again, will find that out within the hour. Then time to clean around clutch actuator and lube that up nice and good. All in all, couple days in, no complaints. Start the long daily work commute in 2 weeks so that is where it shall be interesting to see the fuel savings! Arm rest would be nice and 451 cupholders and a stock tach are on my soon to do list.
  6. Nice, I guess most people have a nickname for their car eh! This paint code is red apparently to me its more like a wine type colour. Willys- I have always gone 5% tint which is basically blackout. It is great for privacy but backing up in my 4runner it is crazy dark, but I can roll the window down if need be. 15-25% might be a good tint shade. I was thinking of grabbing some tint and maybe doing my windows sometime soon.
  7. Posted this elsewhere but I will bump an old thread. Looking for one myself, no rush, will probably find one when I make my next trip to the coast. But if someone is from BC and has a spare or can snag one I would pay the shipping.
  8. leadwing- I like that colour a ton, is that a stock colour? Ya you can't tint over the "bubbly'' things, I have them on my removal top on my 4runner. So you choose 35% for sides and 50% tint on back window if I read that correctly?
  9. Yup I know where the outside plug is, was hoping I would find the extension piece in the car but it isn't in the spot it should be. Yup a wrecker will be the way I go, if anyone snags one I would be happy to pay the shipping. Got lots of time before it will be needed but it is always nice to get things for a car so you have them....especially when your more excited when you first get it. Also Want to go and pull a tach. I know people might sell them new or used but I am a thrifty person and can't justify much for a stock tach gauge. I have never been one to sell off parts for big profit, but I know lots of people like to make spare $ which I totally understand
  10. If anyone has a spare one and wants to be kind let me know! I will keep an eye out and try to find one, the winter season is over so I got some time before it will be needed
  11. I did lift it out and there was nothing unfortunately
  12. Leadwing or any other member could you take a photo of where that plug is suppose to be in the car? I took the passenger floor carpet up and removed the foam piece that contains the compressor and tow hook attachment. On the back side of this foam piece I found no cord or any spot indicating that one would be there. I did find the 110v power plug that I could connect a small heater too though. Thanks for the help people!
  13. It is too bad the e brake handle is so long, that defintely makes an armrest harder to easily make work. But for now this container does the trick!
  14. ya that would be nice for sure. I would use it strictly for used oil so not too concerned with getting it cleaned out. My drain pan has had almost 15 years of used oil go in it and I never get it fully cleaned out or wipe it after dumping it into an old empty oil jug. I guess I could look on a boat online store for an electric style pump like you got, did you look on a boat parts site or strictly ebay (as it would be cheaper)
  15. Willys- Just waiting for daylight to check under the passenger floor to see if I have the cord...fingers crossed I do! I will have to try and find a thread somewhere showing how to add the tach and clock to a car that doesnt have it, I think the tach would be very helpful. I guess there is the arrow that appears on the dash to show optimal shifting. Cupholder is easy fix, just going to get a 451 cupholder, hoping from a wrecker but will have to be down in Vancouver, haven't found any at the one locally.