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  1. Live in the Okanagan and have a new job with 85km each way for a commute so could be getting a 2006 diesel smart fortwo. Done a lot of reading about them and the tire size differences. I know the tires are pricey if you go with stock, I would like to have same size tires on front and rear so you can rotate them and also have a much better selection of tires. Do you have to buy aftermarket rims 6'' in size to achieve that or can you get 2 stock rear rims that are 5.5''? and use those on all 4 corners with an appropriate tire size that would be the same all the way around. But an overview of the car I know parts will probably cost auite a bit due to it being such a vehicle specific car and not many of them are at the wreckers. Can someone give me an overview or a link to a good what to look for in a 06 smart fortwo? Also what are the basic but good things to know about them for maintenance etc. Thanks for your help and redirection. I did want to post a hello here and kind of put a few things into this post as well, hopefully it gets enough interest so i can get some good feedback in a relatively short order. thanks again!
  2. Pretty sure that worked, awesome trick. this granny style driving tank got me 652km to 22L. Good enough for me! The 2nd half of the drive home I went from being the slow person to the car passing 99% of vehicles again, and it felt great!
  3. Awesome little trick I must say! Will have to try it out soon when I head off to work. Going to try and replace the headlight by just taking off the passenger front access panel, instead of taking the front clip off. Sounds like it has been done that way so why not save the time if you can right! I must say, for a vehicle for, definitely is the best for fast responses and help....much appreciated everyone!
  4. so headlight has burnt out. Is there a way to make the headlights only turn on when you want them too and not be on fully all the time? How hard is it to do this? Also driving like a granny so far this week, quite depressing how many people have passed me, more in 3 days than all of my driving in my life and going forward probably haha. but going into day 4 on same tank, she is low so will need a fill on the way to work or maybe I can get there and fill up as I head home. Either way this should be a for sure 600km tank and probably the last. But at least I can say I did it!
  5. It is not much fun being passed a ton on the drive home as I putter alone at the speed limit, but I get another 100ish km by driving this way compared to when I drove 110-120 when speed limit was 100. Hard to say for sure but having to only fuel up twice a week is nice, that is barring any decent driving on the weekends.
  6. So you finished spray tinting them but still looked that way? How many coats did you end up doing? Can always spray the parts car windows and swap those into your car!!
  7. so far on this tank, 1 day of commute to and from work I barely hit 100kmh. I think I can get over 600km to a tank, but hard to know for sure as I will have to fill up after day 3 aka wednesday. Unless I wanted to stop for fuel on my way to work on thursday which is unlikely but if I remember I will try to do that to see how far I can stretch it
  8. oh wow you took them out eh, would have never even thought of doing that. If/when I do mine I was just going to spray them from the inside while taping off the area around it. Do you have a picture of what your windows look like with the 1 coat?
  9. 23.7L 558km = 4.25L/100km on this last tank, driving the speed limit most of the time. 66mpg i think?
  10. got a squirt bottle from dollar store and shot it in, but putting it into gas nozzle does seem like a better idea. how do you guys calculate your mpg or L/100km?
  11. Ya I will have to try to find a small container with measurements or just get a squirt bottle lid and squirt some in every fill up. If ratio is all I am after then I guess it only needs around 10ml which ain't much per tank. Maybe a turkey baster has small measurements on it?
  12. picked up some kleenflo, says add 100ml to 227L. So add 100ml ever 10 or so tanks of fuel? Or does it needed to be added to every tank in 10ml incriments?
  13. So I only do super fills now, when I did the last one on Tuesday night my gauge only ready 3/4 full but she was damn full no doubt about it. Anyone ever had that happen to them before? 2nd time for me
  14. Will have to see who has this winStar program as I have never heard of it
  15. Has anyone installed a tach into a smart that didnt have one and had to get the computer flashed to make it work? Can you go to any mechanic shop with diagnostic scanners and computers or does it have to be Mercedes? They would not ruin the remap that is on the car would they?
  16. is it common on start up to have some slight blue smoke? I know that is usually piston rings on a gas motor
  17. anyone have more of a delay between shifting from 3rd to 4th than any other gear? The super fill is the way to go, also driving like what seems like grandma speeds has seemed to help a bit extending the km to a tank. just not as much fun driving at the speed limit or slightly over
  18. 406km to 20.6L of fuel this tank
  19. That would be nice to do for sure. Seems to not do it as much now just once to work and once on way home. Really need to get some free time to get to the coast and scavenge some parts and install a deck. Glad to get 2 days of driving fully before fuel up. Props to anyone who get 500 or more km to a tank when driving 100km/h or slightly higher doing highway driving. Not going to happen for me. Also just noticed how big the dash is, too bad there wasnt a way when designed to give more storage up front. Also was there not a rear storage compartment in the tailgate for the 450? Was it only available on a certain model smart?
  20. I was told to press and hold the tp button I believe it was. seems like it needs to be done quite frequently when you are driving my route to and from work that is.
  21. will be very happy to get rid of this stock radio. it switches stations quite regularly now even when holding that button to turn it off. Oh well not a big deal, after a close super fill I got 464 km to the tank, forgot to grab gas receipt but pretty sure that it was 21L of fuel. What site or way do you calculate your mpg or l/100 km. Last time I posted a mpg I was off by almost 10 mpg apparently
  22. Interesting to know about the intercooler, that is unfortunate for sure...hope I don't have that issue anytime soon. Can you weld your existing muffler to help extend the life of it?? Maybe get some form of an aftermarket muffler, although that will be pricey I am sure. Fitting a stock muffler from something else will be cheaper, don't think it will change or affect the sound or running of the car either. I hope I don't need to crawl under the crawl for a bit, started shed building today, the back definitely feels things more than it use to, damn I need a hot tub!! Hope to get most of it done tomorrow minus the door and maybe the window.
  23. With the extra couple L you can squeeze into the tank by rocking it, that will make a difference in making me be able to get 2 full days of driving in I believe. Willys- What is this intercooler rad thing a ma gig?
  24. Serenity- Are you doing almost all of your driving on the highway doing 100 or slightly higher like I am? I have bought my fuel at either Husky/Mohawk or Petro Canada. What is the "proper way to shift in your opinion?''
  25. I email Malone, just have to see if they will respond. I don't have any black soot that us noticeable behind me when I drive. If I get the $ back I will definitely try a different map out. Wonder if they can be easily customized slightly if you wanted by Eddie? Or if it is just a set reMap that is it