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  1. Hi everyone! Ive got this cute soft top 06’ diesel smart. I’m wondering if you cleaver folk have any soft top ideas as far as cleaners or protectors go that I might not know about yet! I drive a lot of gravel with her and it gets dusty. Can I scrub the black fabric top? Any bad experiences you’ve had I should avoid?? TIA!❤️
  2. Gurrr; everytime I wash the little car at the car wash something screwy happens. Today it’s the tach on my dash. The resting point with no key in is 2000rpm. Cars functioning normally, shifting properly in auto & manual, and if 2000=0 then it’s shifting on point. What did I do to wreck it and how can I fix it? Ideas? Thanks!
  3. greetings smarties; im new here so be nice😅 is it possible to find and install heated leather seats for an 06 passion? Mines just got heated cloth but dog hair is an awful thing for them! Also what kinds of upgraded accessories are available, if any? Seat covers? Can you install a different cd deck? And lastly, has anyone figured out a way to make the sun visor better?!
  4. Where did you buy the full egr delete kit from?
  5. Hi! Curious what exactly what ‘reMap’ does to the car?