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      Hello everyone, we will be looking to migrate the Club smart Car website to a new web host and update the software so that it is on the latest version and has security features such as HTTPS:// which is now the industry standard. A lot of web browsers are marking the website as Not Secure due to this.   In the coming days, you may notice this website go offline in its current form. You will be redirected to a new website URL which will be in use to direct you to the new version of the website. We are hoping to obtain the ownership of clubsmartcar.ca and clubsmartcar.com so you can continue using these links in the near future.   The new forum will look slightly different aesthetically, but will contain all the forum posts from the many years this community has existed! This was the most important to the group looking to keep the community going. Your usernames and passwords will also remain the same.   Unfortunately, the Wiki portions (including the VIN database) will not be able to be migrated in its current form, but the list is preserved and we will look to have the information available again in time. The chatbox will also be removed.   This step is important for the continuity of this community. We are very grateful to those who have graciously run the website in the past, however, currently we have no guarantees of the website continuing on, so we are taking these steps while we can, to keep Club smart Car going into the future.   If you have any questions, please comment in this thread. Otherwise, please stay tuned for the new website URL!   Thank you, -Awesys


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  1. Lots of parts for 06 diesel pure and pulse. Let me know if you need anything, will ship, Mike
  2. So I took pics of where all the plugs went to on my sam unit before removing it, except the 2 wires on the left side that clip in from the bottom. Would these be in the same position on all 06 pure diesel, I know someone with my twin car that runs good, can I see what ports where his wires are and put mine there.
  3. Does any one know if it is possible to bypass the emobalizer in my 450, I have had the sam out for so long, now none of my 3 keys will work.
  4. Wow, Thank You so much, the diagrams will be a huge help, I try to keep the car in pristine shape, all the ground eyelets look practically new. I see this is going to take some time, have been working on this for 7 weeks now so a little more is no big deal. Will post if I find anything new out, Thank you all for the time you spent posting and helping me. Mike
  5. Checked continuity thru total Sam, all checked out good, also did the same with E-box, ok there to. Pulled Grundig radio out today and replaced rear Earth lead and replaced Neg battery cable, friend reminded me that when dropping motor, pinched lower set of ECU wires, popped both ecu plugs again and looked at all pins with endoscope camera, all good, battery on charge now, going to hook up tomorrow and check Negative to frame with meter. Fingers Crossed
  6. Hi, Mike here with the Bad Short. I took some pics of my Sam unit and posted them, was hoping you can take a look and tell me what you think. TY

  7. Took a few more pics, its very ripply where it opens up and then there's the holes
  8. Here is a pic of the ribbon wire in my sam, not sure if there should be actual holes in it. Car is driving me Bonkers. Thanks Mike
  9. I have put nothing aftermarket on my car except 3 years ago I took out the cigarette lighter and put a double usb plug in its place. The grundig radio did cut out at times but didn't bother me.I do have the old bare ground wire on the back from engine bay to motor
  10. Never heard of one, was going to try taking the ECU out and pulling it apart to check it. I guess I am trying everything before gutting my car and replacing main wiring harness,not even sure if that would fix it
  11. Everything looks great, I purchased a endoscope camera so I can see everything. I did crack open the sam and all things inside are all good, some little holes in ribbon wire, I am going to open up the E-box from Zytech and check that out when another problem occurs, I have had 3 keys for years and they all do nothing even with fresh batteries, no lock no unlock, can't take key away from dash, ZIP.
  12. Hi again, so my draw is back, took off red wire from battery that leads to Sam unit 12.6 volts still there when voltmeter is connected from neg battery terminal to frame ground bolt. Reattached sam unit wire and took all fuses out one at a time, still there, removed E-box and still there, drains new battery dead overnight.
  13. Ok, first things first, Thank You All, so it looks like the Alt rebuild place changed the regulator in my alt to a different regulator from the original one that was in my 450 from the start. The alternator was testing fine on the bench there, tested twice good in there shop but he came clean about replacing the Regulator with something different, put that alt in my 450 and it causes a dead short, went to the wrecker and bought one out of a 06 450, works perfect, no short. Engine out and in 6 times, very handy with my meter after checking every wire, know how to pop Sam and E-box and ECU now, also know how to contain anger and stress. Shop gave me my money back, became friends with wrecking yard.
  14. Thank You, that's a great Idea now that I looked up what that was. I am going to try and make a Diode wire first because I have just about checked every wire in that car with my meter. Thanks Mike