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  1. Hi Everyone, Back together, runs good, Please tell me where I can find the coolant temp sensor to remove and bleed system. Thanks Mike
  2. Thank You for all your time Mr Tolsen, where can I purchase the free wheeling alternator pulley, can I go to Napa and just ask for a freewheeling alternator pulley for my car or is this something from MB and was also wondering if I could use a torch on the water pump housing to try and get out two broken water pump bolts, after removing the water pump they are poking out about1/4 inch but wont budge and red locktight reminance is around them. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi Everyone, UPDATE. Pulled the x bar as described, removed both bars that ran to it, removed front right motor mount and left that big middle one alone attached to the dedion tube, lowered engine. REMOVED WATER PUMP oh yah, the car would kinda go into limp mode often and not go over 3000rpm, there was a plug barely attached under the cross bar so I secured it tightly. Horrible Horrible job in your carport but could not have done it whith out all your help, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND HELP Mike
  4. Hi, going to knock out the bolt in the dea/marmon ride control and remove the pas side x bar in the morning and pull out that pump if possible, will let you guys know how it turned out. Thanks Again. Mike
  5. HI Again, when I look up motor mount on rock auto the only thing that pops up kinda looks like my picture but they call it a DEA/MARMON RIDE CONTROL
  6. Hi Everyone and thank you all so much for the help, still battling with this though, It looks to me like one singular large motor mount welded to the big pipe in the middle that wraps around the car from one side to the other, torx on one side and bolt on the other, does this get drove out and is this the motor mount or am I looking at something different
  7. Thank You So much, was getting very frustrated broke one of the water pump bolts off, no room to even drill it out. It looks to me like the previous owner lock tighted all the water pump bolts in but thanks to you I see a glimmer of light near the tunnel end. Thank You Thank You Thank You
  8. Thank You for the reply on the lowering bolts, My main problem is knowing if I can replace this water pump while the veh has a jack stand on the rear pass wheel with the tire and inner fender off or if I have to jack up both sides and remove axles and x bars and motor mounts plus exhaust to lower engine to complete the Task. I have no problem attempting this task but only want to do the things that are needed. I have looked all over for a Mitchell or Haines book on this car, Thanks Mike

    1. LooseLugNuts


      you wont find books...youll have to wait until someone who has changed a pump replies....i never had to change one yet ...Glen and Tolsen are the replies youll probably get the best info from

  9. Hi, Thank You so much for the reply, I am a hands on guy but No Mech, back to my frustrating challenge, can the water pump be changed without dismantling most of the undercarriage, is it possible to finish this task with just being on a jack stand rear passenger side, wheel and inner fender off trying to remove water pump bolts from top and bottom.
  10. Hi, when looking up threads I am getting confused, I am in a jam trying to replace my water pump on my 2006 diesel smart but can only get at the 2 e-11 bolts on the bottom side of the pump, I have looked at other threads on club smart but none of the pics look anything like what I have going on, do I have to drop the motor to get at the rest and how the heck do I drop the motor if so, do I need lowering bolts and have to dismantle the whole undercarriage to replace this damn water pump, Please Help
  11. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LooseLugNuts, I just saw your instructions and Pics, Merry Christmas
  12. Hi, and thank you, Not a mechanic by any means, From what you said I remove the big plastic skid plate under the car and the filter is up near the front behind the drivers seat
  13. Hi everyone, I have recently purchased a 2006 Smart Diesel. I want to change the fuel filter, my friend said to take off the pass side rear wheel and remove the inner fender and there it would be, Pain in the but to do but No Fuel Filter in sight, Could somebody please tell me where the thing is located