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  1. Hi again, so my draw is back, took off red wire from battery that leads to Sam unit 12.6 volts still there when voltmeter is connected from neg battery terminal to frame ground bolt. Reattached sam unit wire and took all fuses out one at a time, still there, removed E-box and still there, drains new battery dead overnight.
  2. Ok, first things first, Thank You All, so it looks like the Alt rebuild place changed the regulator in my alt to a different regulator from the original one that was in my 450 from the start. The alternator was testing fine on the bench there, tested twice good in there shop but he came clean about replacing the Regulator with something different, put that alt in my 450 and it causes a dead short, went to the wrecker and bought one out of a 06 450, works perfect, no short. Engine out and in 6 times, very handy with my meter after checking every wire, know how to pop Sam and E-box and ECU now, also know how to contain anger and stress. Shop gave me my money back, became friends with wrecking yard.
  3. Thank You, that's a great Idea now that I looked up what that was. I am going to try and make a Diode wire first because I have just about checked every wire in that car with my meter. Thanks Mike
  4. Is it possible that I have a wire with a Diode in it that is blown. With the alt out and red and black leads from alt bolted together still 12v draw
  5. I have taken out the sam and ecu and have unplugged every plug I can find. I have removed the Alt and diconnected the starter. Still from my neg battery cable to ground nut on frame is 12.3volts. I love my car but ready to burn it. Any ideas will help
  6. So I pulled out the Sam unit and the ECU and starter the only thing I have not removed was the Alt but it was freshly rebuilt for 225$. Please help if any Idea
  7. Sorry I have a 2006 diesel
  8. So I have a short after replacing the alternator, pulled apart sam and all good whith no pins on wires looking bad.what I did find was that there was 12.3 volts from my neg cable to the ground bolt on the frame. I have spent 5 days chasing wires that may be touching the frame and can't find anything. Has anyone come across this.
  9. So I have a 2006 Diesel, New Battery, freshly rebuilt Alternator, still dead in the morning when I go to start it, pulled out the Sam and cracked it open, all looked great and all the plugs looked great, there was a problem, when I put the Neg of the battery to the bolt on the frame it Sparks, it's like the whole frame is Energized. I have searched everywhere on the car for a hot wire touching the frame, none that I can see. Any ideas, before I get Dynamite
  10. Hi, did all that, still no lights on dash. Checked all fuses whith meter and they all were good.I did not drop the Sam unit and check those though. Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Guys, so I accidentally while jumpstarting my 450 diesel put the cables on wrong, only for a second. I have no dashlights now, checked all fuses, all good. What else should I be looking at. Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, Back together, runs good, Please tell me where I can find the coolant temp sensor to remove and bleed system. Thanks Mike
  13. Thank You for all your time Mr Tolsen, where can I purchase the free wheeling alternator pulley, can I go to Napa and just ask for a freewheeling alternator pulley for my car or is this something from MB and was also wondering if I could use a torch on the water pump housing to try and get out two broken water pump bolts, after removing the water pump they are poking out about1/4 inch but wont budge and red locktight reminance is around them. Thanks Mike
  14. Hi Everyone, UPDATE. Pulled the x bar as described, removed both bars that ran to it, removed front right motor mount and left that big middle one alone attached to the dedion tube, lowered engine. REMOVED WATER PUMP oh yah, the car would kinda go into limp mode often and not go over 3000rpm, there was a plug barely attached under the cross bar so I secured it tightly. Horrible Horrible job in your carport but could not have done it whith out all your help, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS AND HELP Mike
  15. Hi, going to knock out the bolt in the dea/marmon ride control and remove the pas side x bar in the morning and pull out that pump if possible, will let you guys know how it turned out. Thanks Again. Mike