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  1. Will do on both! Thanks guys! For the time being it's chilling out in my storage unit while I continue to find a new place to move to. Servicing the actuator (and lithium greasing the top tracks) will definitely be an upcoming Saturday or Sunday project.
  2. Update: I went out to my storage unit this morning. No oil on the floor, so it’s safe to assume the “leak” I observed wasn’t my car. The car also fired up and drove normally for a test drive. Well, the worst case scenario didn’t happen! I think my constant disconnecting and reconnecting of the battery was also a factor in my cascading failures last night. In reality, I should have let it sit disconnected for a while. My next steps will be learning how to use my STAR machine to do an actuator reteach and checking out the brake switch. I’m just happy the car didn’t have a catastrophic failure. And I’ll let this be a further lesson that I shouldn’t daily drive a project 450.
  3. As it just so happens, I got a STAR machine with my other 450! My main worry yesterday was getting the car to a safe place. And now that possible oil leak is on my mind. It’s good to have spare cars in case one gets knocked out of the action. I think my next step is getting my other 450 running (needs a new battery) and teaching myself how to use the STAR. It’s sort of amusing how the 450 I got for free has fewer issues than my 451, yet the 450 I paid for is a restoration project. Semi-related question. Is adding pods a plug and play addition or do they need to be activated through the STAR? I’m trying to figure out why my supposedly “new” clock pod lights up but otherwise doesn’t work.
  4. Both did appear alongside the brake light once I got the car moving. When I was aligning the car for the tow, no warning lights were on. When it was time to get the car off the tow truck, I noticed a small puddle of oil a few inches behind the engine on the flatbed. I know this car didn’t leak oil since I’ve owned it (storage unit floor is spotless) so somehow today’s events caused an oil leak or some other car left that there... I’ll check back tomorrow and see if it’s leaking. Regardless, despite a lack of brake light and gear indication in the cluster was operational, it still wouldn’t move. It sounds like AAA would definitely come in handy..
  5. Alright, so I think I know what the issue is. I confirmed that the brake is released, so the light was most likely the brake switch. Sure enough, if I revved the engine to 4k, the clutch actuator decided to do its job, albeit poorly. I made it to the first red light outside of work before it 3 bar’d again. I ended up coasting down a hill to a safe shoulder and disconnected the battery. 20 minutes into waiting, a police officer pulled up and recommended I call in a tow. I complied... Right as the tow was pulling up (35 min after battery disconnect), I connected the battery to put the car into Neutral and put the top up. Surprise! Brake light was off and the car engaged gears like normal. I was able to easily align the car to the flatbed and everything *Sigh* Oh well, I guess $150 is good insurance that I make it home in a timely manner tonight.
  6. Well, crap. It gave me three bars of death this morning on the way to work. I was trying to double downshift through a fast apex and the transmission just wasn’t having it. Alright...battery disconnect, reconnect, then back on the road. As I left work today, I noticed the brake light was illuminated and the cluster kept beeping at me. Foolishly, I stopped to see if my handbrake wasn’t fully releasing. I haven’t been able to move since then. The brake light is still on and I see a 1 on the cluster, but no gear engagement. I tried to cycle through the gears and got a three bars of death. Oh boy. Battery disconnect, reconnect, try again. This time as soon as it got out of Neutral, 3 Bars... Sad thing is I know exactly when these issues started happening. I was trying to inch forward in line in traffic, the clutch actuator seemingly dropped the clutch then immediately engaged it, then from that point forward it never quite drove the same.
  7. That's what happened! I was so happy when I found out about it! I have to say that I'm really amused by this. "The top doesn't really work" was one of the reasons I got this car for so cheap. As it turns out, the problem was that neither of us knew how to use the top!
  8. WAIT A MINUTE ...*Sigh*...I shouldn't be expecting the 450 to work like the 451. I looked up instructions on how to open the 450 cab's roof. Unlike the 451, the rear section isn't motorized, you just drop it down by hand and lock it into place. My roof is operating fine. After I replace then lube the rails all should be fine. Crisis averted! *facepalm*
  9. Thank you all so much for your help in that previous one! I’m still finding some new things out about how the car was treated by its previous owners and I hope to get her to 100% soon. The transmission in this cab is now shifting like the coupe (also was a rescue) which is good. Now that the weather is no longer miserable, I swapped the daily 451 for the 450 cab again. So, some minor issue with the roof is that it seems to struggle fully closing through the first stage. The tracks are extremely dry, so I’m going to lube those (the proper way). But first I want to trash the current side rails. They’re in bad shape with torn seals and multiplying rust. The bigger issue is that I cannot get the second stage to drop. The roof makes it all the way back to the second stage, but it just won’t drop. I can hear the motor attempt to do it, but no movement. I’m not familiar with the cabrio mechanisms. Is there a lock or something that keeps the second stage from dropping? If I locate the crank and where to stick it, should I be able to manually work it down? I’ve read a couple threads on here where somehow that ended being the solution...lube then cycling the roof a few times (with manual cranking to assist) to spread it around.
  10. Will do! According to the PO, the battery is new (that was one of his troubleshooting steps to getting the roof to stop opening by itself). Peering into the footwell, I believe him on that. Hopefully this instance was just a fluke. Later this spring I’ll get it up on my ramps and get a better look of the underside. I’m curious about water ingress and rust. So far as I can tell, there’s no rust on the trid and the underbody is pretty good considering age and the neglect the car’s first owner put it through. For whatever reason, the roof rails have a surprising amount of rust on them. At this stage, I’ll just toss them and get decent replacements. Second owner tried to restore it, but he also took on a glider, a Brabus, and a cdi with a sliding glass roof (drool). Thankfully, my other 450 just needs a new set of window regulators, the ugly G&K padding removed, a light cleaning, and it’s ready to rock.
  11. Aaaaaand the battery disconnect worked. Just...wow. Whew!!! Yeah, this project is going to be more fun than I thought!
  12. Wiring looks okay. I didn’t even know there was an intercooler scoop in front of the engine! Neat! Though mine is shattered...so that’s another item on the restoration list. Hmmm...maybe daily driving a project car wasn’t the greatest of ideas. Waiting 30 minutes did nothing, so now I disconnected the battery.
  13. Well, I was kinda hoping my first post here wouldn’t be an issue! *Sigh* At any rate, hiya! My name is Mercedes! I’m a transplant from the SCoA forum. 450 support is much greater here, so I figured I should take part! This is my current stable: 2005 passion coupe (petrol). 2005 passion cabrio (petrol). 2012 passion coupe. 2016 edition #1 Now, to my problem! In anticipation for a great summer, I’ve been daily driving my new to me cabrio (51,000 km as of today). I love these 450s and have been having a blast until now. I park behind a CR-V in my driveway. When I applied brakes to stop, I noticed that gear wasn’t disengaging. This occasionally happens in my 451, so no big deal, right? Well...the car stalled out. Okay...odd...though that’s happened in my 451 before too so I wasn’t worried. I restarted the engine just to see if everything is okay. The display quickly went from Neutral to the Three Bars of Death. Uh oh. I can start and shut down the engine, but can’t get anything out of the transmission. I’m going to let it sit for maybe 30 minutes then give it a try. Hopefully I won’t have to put my other 450 into service as my 451’s in storage! Assuming sitting it out doesn’t work, I’ll also try resetting the car by disconnecting the battery. If that doesn’t work, anything else I should try?