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  1. Good info guys, thank you. I still have not looked st the SAM, it's my wifes car, and I need to pry it away from her first, so I don't have an image of it in my head yet, and where exactly it is oriented. So it seems agreed upon, that water getting inside the SAM is the known culprit to it's demise.....just don't know the origin of the water for certain, may be more than one route or origin onto and inside the SAM. About relocating it elsewhere under the dash........is the wiring harness going to it, long enough to easily relocate it? What about orientating it, so that there is a "dip" in the wire harness, so that any moisture on the harness won't be wicked "up hill" into the unit? Possible? Also.....why not use regular home building silicone for sealing the box? Draftseal......any particular brand? How is this product different from silicone? Also, would you recommend dielectric grease for the harness contacts / corrosion inhibitor vs application of electric contact cleaner? I always thot that dielectric grease is non-conductive, and should not be used where good electrical contact is needed / desired.
  2. Guys, Can you please give me some input on the SAM module, for a 2006 cdi? So far, no problems with mine......but a friend has a 2005 cdi that had water get into the SAM. While driving, the engine shut down and now no go. Apparently, the SAM is at fault. How / why does this happen? I think the SAM is under the dash, about where your left knee is positioned. How does water get in there.....when it's inside the cab? What can I do to keep this from happening to the SAM in mine? I'd imagine that others living in the Pacific NW, that get the rain that we do here, have had problems. Thanks for your thots.
  3. Guys, Will be changing a leaking water pump on the 2006 diesel soon. Getting the stuff I'll need.......... Which type of coolant does the diesel engine require? Preferred brand etc? I've searched on here and of course on Google, but nothing but sites pushing their products come up with google, and no definitive answers I've found on here. Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a bicycle carrier / rack for my 2006 Smart Car. Any opinions on which brand / make works well for packing a mtb? I'd be interested in a good used one if there is one laying about and no longer needed. Thanks for your thots.
  5. Sounds like sound advice LugNuts. Thank you. At a glance, all of the 1st gen ebay key fobs look exactly the same........ thus my guess that they all come from the same chinese factory. I'll look around elsewhere on the net. One would *think* that these keys are made in elsewhere in the world........say........France, perhaps, Italy or Belgium, or some place other than China. I know.....not all chinese stuff is junk, but we DO tend to import the bottom of the barrel stuff from China, even tho they can and do make better. Go figure.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I tried searching for "key fob" on here and no posts turned up. Weird. You'd think.......
  7. The lock smith I spoke to says he does.......and *thinks* he can reprogram a used key for me.
  8. Just bought a 2006 ForTwo. It came with only one key. I'm needing another. What are my "options"? .........Buying a new key fob from the the MB dealer [ Three Point Motors ] and having them program it? Cost at the end of the day? ..........Getting a used key fob from a 1998-2007 donor car and having the locksmith cut a new blank and reprogram the fob? Will this work? I can source a used key...... ............Buying a new *aftermarket* key fob and having the locksmith cut a blank and program it to my car. He said it can be done, but, he has yet to find an aftermarket key fob for the 1st gen fortwo that is of a decent quality that he is happy with. So........what / who makes a decent quality key fob for my smart car?? I'm guessing that most will be coming out of China, possibly all from the same factory......... Any real-1st hand experience / feedback with this is welcome! Please and thank you.