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  1. Hello all, John Kidder here from the Thompson River valley between Spences Bridge and Cache Creek. Desert and rivers. I have a little farm/oasis on the Bonaparte River north of Ashcroft. I have been driving a friend's 2010 Smart up and down from Ashcroft - so surprisingly good on the highway, tucks quickly through all the curves on HIghway 1 through the Fraser and Thomson canyons. I'm a biggish guy, and I can sit comfortably in that little car nonstop to Vancouver for about $36 in gas. I'm a believer. So I just bought this 2008 Cabriolet. It's clean as a whistle, well serviced, 83,000 kms. Should be a reliable carrier Ashcroft-Vancouver for years to come. But I live i a rural environment, often with muddy snowy/icy roads - this little car is just too close to the ground. I have been looking around online, and have seen references to a Dynastra 2" lift kit which seems likely to suit. At one point found a long thread (on this or another forum?) describing the process and praising the Vancovuer shop that did the work. Does that ring a bell for anyone? Thanks for all the good information all over this forum - I look forward to learning much. Cheers John Kidder