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  1. Mine was in the owners pouch along with the manual.
  2. I took it over to a close friends shop. IF there's a way, he will find it.
  3. I have looked all over the place for info and found nothing. Others say it has only one motor. WRONG !! It has 2 motors. But I cannot find where I can rewind the top manually. I'm so puzzled.
  4. Tolsen.... I read it twice. How many more times do you think I should read it? My wife read it only once. Do you suggest that she read it again ? Oh,,,, My son read it once also. Do you think I should have a neighbor read it a couple of times ? By the way, there is not one mention of a 4mm hex wrench in my manual. NOT ONE !. " Read your handbook" isn't help. I would think you could come up with a better answer If you knew one.
  5. Thank you. I have this tool Leadwing. Can't figure out where it goes. 3 of us looked with much gusto to no avail. Puzzled.
  6. Do any of you have a picture of the 4mm bolt that is used to manually operate the soft top on a 2009 Smart fortwo ? I have removed the plastic cover that is supposed to show the bolt but I can't find it. I'm so puzzled. I tried to open the top, it moved about 6 inches and stopped. It will not move. No blown fuse. I build racecars but this thing I know nothing about.