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  1. I recently had a problem with the clutch and I had to call a service truck to bring my car to a repair center. The guy told me that they had to replace the clutch, so I did it. It was really expensive, but I still have some problems with the clutch. I was wondering if there is a way to check that the clutch has been really replaced with a new one. I heard that from the ODB it is possible do diagnose the clutch wear. is it true and reliable? Unfortunately I don't know anyone where I am now and I don't really trust the guy that has (hopefully) replaced the clutch. Thank you for your help.
  2. Thanks Darren. I think so. But I am doubting if he really replaced the clutch. Is it true that I can inspect the clutch and get a "wear percentage"from the ODB diagnose? How accurate is it? In this case I would like to check this parameter with another mechanic to be sure that the clutch is really new.
  3. Hello everybody, I recently bought a Smart 800 CDI of the year 2000 with 170.000 km (i Know it is a lot, but the price was almost 0). The car works, but has 2 main issues: - as shown in the attached pictures there is an oil leak somewhere near the turbine - the previous owner told me that with the rain the car stops working because of some electrical problem As A side note, I tried to remove the black plastic tube connected to the input side of the turbine. The turbine shaft seems to be firm, meaning that the shaft is not slack (maybe only a tiny). Could someone point me toward some page where I can have som hints about what is going on for these two issue? Thank you!
  4. 1) Ensure there are no restrictions in lnlet air duct Apparently this was the issue. I went to a Smart center and they told me that the pipes used were from another model (probably 451), so there were some restrictions that caused the oil leakeage. Thank you all for the useful suggestions! Concerning the water problem, if can be helpful for someone, I noticed that the rear small window have a leak and I also noticed a leak in the front part of the car, probably due to a not properly sealed windshield. I will go back with my car to the center to have it fixed since I am not capable of doing this alone.
  5. Thank you! I'll try to have a look at the turbine and at the cables this weekend!