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  1. i now own this one, runs great
  2. Willys...I work in IT, so unlike a new smart car owner I know a few things here and there about this. slow internet is not the same as a slow machine. for determining if its slow internet by-pass all of your own home equipment and connect your PC directly to your modem. That means a cat 5 or cat 6 cable from the PC right into you modem..nothing in between. IF your PC is set to obtain an IP automatically you should connect right away. go to useing something other than Chrome as a browser and run the test. see what you get. Thats a fairly good indicator. Better still ask a friend with a laptop to do the same thing at your location and compare results. The techs you get at your home are consumer grade...and generally take the easiest route to avoid blaming the ISPs equipment.
  3. oh guys are awesome... it is a flat tire on the light..and I knew the car didn't have TPMS (or was it supposed to and I didnt have sensors in the tires) so i was trying to figure out exactly what it was all about. And no mention what so ever in the manual. I guess the engineers said..we will put this here just in case....and if we need it its there is we don't we wont say anything about it. attached is a nice photo. one issue down.... the clutch thing I need to read up on, a service and learn in..ill poke about and what that really means..thanks again.
  4. i am the proud owner of a very used 2005 diesel Smart convertible (label says Passion.) I've had it 4 was in impulse buy. This is the craziest car I've ever owned..its like a Tardis, it feels big on the inside and small on the outside. My wife and I just love to drive this, and I'm looking forward to all the information on the Forum which comes highly recommended by Google. I have two questions right off the bat someone may know the answer to. 1. there is a a little what looks like a flat tire on the dash between the Tach and the clock. I have no idea what it does. its not shown in the owners manual, and i cant seem to see a photo of it on the internet. The light only comes on with the headlights, oddest thing ive ever seen. if anyone knows what it is I would be greatful 2. I know the transmissions are odd, I expect that, but i cant tell if the clutch is slipping or thats the way its supposed to be. in A mode accelerating the car lurches between shifts, to the point that you wonder if its ever going to shift, and then it does. And when starting from a stop, its almost like there is a delay in if its going to go foward or not when you push the gas. But once you get going it goes. No issues going up hills and i had it on the highway and it runs great Ive seen videos and notes about this type of issue but is there a way to tell if its normal or clutch type issues.