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  1. Hi All! Thanks for the replies.. and good to know nobody up there wants the petrol one! certainly some are on craigslist for acceptable prices. My goal is actually to run biodiesel that I plan on making myself (slightly more advanced than your backyard method of lye+MeOH).. I'm essentially against 'oil'/gas in general and my other car is an project electric kit car from 1980 - not yet running, and my other other car is a bicycle Also the 450 (and likely the 451 but lets not go there) fits in my tiny driveway (electric car in garage) The actual distances that I need to travel aren't much - at this time, but every MPG gained - even if I make my own fuel - is better. I've been trying to find comparable small diesels that will fit in the space (hence the dimension question) but it is certainly in there for a reason - it's the smallest! Very good to know the remap is essentially all that is needed.. I have contacted Leroy on the other forum and will be speaking with him about what the swap entails - he has done quite a few of them. So plenty of good info in that regard to make it a CDI... even if it does take a bit of effort. I am in Seattle, WA - and Washington does not do emission testing on diesel vehicles under 6000lbs - so I wont even be smog tested.. Due to the car being a legal import to the US (with conformity mods) would make crossing the border [with a different motor in it] rather easy (Can the swap be done in a single weekend? a question for Leroy) Thanks so much, and I'll keep everyone posted on what becomes of this project! P.S. I am still interested in the dimensions, if someone has a few minutes and a measuring tape
  2. Hello all, cross-posting from the American forum as you all have quite a bit more 450s (albeit CDIs).. Although I searched a bit, I was unable to find any technical documents/spec sheets on the specific engines (OM660/M160) dimensions. Or maybe the empty engine bay's dimensions? I am interested in possibly swapping a different diesel engine make into a 450 ( originally a G&K, turbo petrol) over a swap to CDI simply due to lack of original power of the OM660 (a remap may actually 'solve' this 'issue'). I do not have a 450, yet. I want to verify what may or may not work but haven't been able to locate such dimensions/tech sheets anywhere just yet. I haven't completely dismissed doing the OM660 swap.. maybe someone in Vancouver wants the petrol engine as a trade? Thanks!