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  1. Hello. I am new to this site as well as owning a smart car. I managed to scoop one a week ago for a fairly decent price because it had an oil burning issue. I thought I would take a chance and possibly get myself an excellent deal. I am having extreme difficulty however in diagnosing the root of my problem. I have dropped the motor and pulled the intercooler and checked all surrounding pipes and lines. It all seems well. There is an abundance of oil leaking out onto the left side of the engine bay (if you're looking at the back of the car). I also pulled the injectors and they seemed to be working soundly. I was thinking it could possibly have something to do with the turbocharger however I still get an ample amount of power. This thing smokes like absolute crazy. Burned through every drop of oil in a matter of days. The smoke is almost white in colour which led me to believe head gasket, although I am yet to see any oil mixed in with my coolant. Im highly confused and would love if someone could give me some ideas on what to do next. It is a diesel so I know they are supposed to smoke a bit, but this thing is just over the top. Also....the smoke seems to reside slightly after I reach operating temperature driving on the highway. Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance! Jason.