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  1. So most things I'm reading about the Batman smoke cloud I'm producing and prodigious burning of oil is pointing at the turbo even though I have lots of power. I ordered one from the US on eBay for about $600 CDN including shipping (hopefully I don't get hammered too badly on duties when it gets delivered). And I bought a couple gaskets that it looks like I might need for $25. Everything should be here in about a week... if it works, I still got a decent car for around 3 grand ... stay tuned!!!
  2. Finally got around to replacing the two busted front springs and got the car on the road today with the new intercooler and clean EGR valve. Smoked like CRAZY and burned a litre of oil during a 40K test drive (we have a bunch of Sea Foam and injector cleaner that we put in when we bought the car so we expected some smoke...). Seems to have lots of power. Didn't seem to smoke at highway speed, strangely... This is really weird....AARRGHHH!!!!
  3. Thanks again, guys. I ordered a new intercooler yesterday ... paid $400 but the thing got here today so I guess that's worth something. I'll pull of the EGR and clean it as well. The hoses going into and out of it look pretty gucky on the insides. Yes, that other line starting at the oil filler cap and heading under the driver's seat provides vacuum for power brakes, I've been told. So I'm guessing all the oil is just spraying from the intercooler and covering that hose which isn't actually leaking. So that's good. Now to finish this job and PRAY that we aren't fumigating the neighborhood when I start this thing up again...
  4. So after I read some more about this plastic mounting bracket rubbing the intercooler I had a closer look. Nine rows across the bottom of this intercooler are completely severed like someone took a hacksaw to it. So this intercooler is basically blowing a lot of air/oil out the bottom of it and achieving not much else. It still doesn't explain why I'm losing so much oil. But I'm sure this didn't help...
  5. Thanks you guys. OK - LooseLugNuts - that line is a 10mm plastic line running from the right of the filler cap across the top of the motor to under the driver's seat somewhere. So there's a vacuum pump under there. Is there any way that line can be sucking in oil? I can't figure out where all this oil came from...
  6. Usurious. Awesome word! Thanks for looking at this. Well, there was lots of smoke coming out .. maybe from the intercooler being busted? I thought unburnt diesel was black. This stuff was grey/white... What about the tons of oil in the hose into/out of the EGR ?
  7. Hi folks! I am a brand new owner of a 2006 450 turbo diesel - bought it for my 19 year old son who's in college. He wanted cheap transportation home on weekends as he will be a couple of hours away. We saw a great deal on this car for $2000. Needs new injectors and blows lots of smoke the lady says on the phone. We went there and looked at the motor and I could see a TON of oil leaking at the back left corner so I suspected there was more to it than this. The smoke also wasn't black - it smelled more like oil. We drove it around and it smoked a ton but it had normal power (my friend owns a Smart diesel so I knew what to expect) so I figured the motor and turbo were probably OK. I'm not a mechanic but I figured we'd take a chance - she knew that injectors were $1200 each so she priced it accordingly and I didn't think it was injectors. Tons of degreaser and we see some type of oil line that starts under/right of the oil filler cap and runs over top of the engine and disappears into the frame under the driver's seat. The braided covering has been worn away and it is leaking from where it is rubbing the frame. Tons of oil. Right behind the intercooler so of course the fan has pulled tons of oil into the intercooler. I pulled the intercooler, cleaned it, stuck it into a tub of water, plugged one side and blasted some air through a towel on the other. Tons of bubbles right along where the plastic hits the metal between the intake and outlets. My question... the intercooler is supposed to be pressing air under high pressure but if it is badly cracked, does it ever create a vacuum where it could be sucking in that oil? Maybe when you have your foot off the accelerator? I'm thinking yes because the hose going into the EGR and coming out of the EGR is filled with gunk. I'll take the EGR off and clean it tomorrow …. I'm guessing I can't fix this intercooler - a new intercooler looks to be $345. Anybody know a cheaper place than germanparts.ca? Also, this oil line that goes across the engine from front right to back left - what is it, what is it called, where does it go, and where do I get a replacement?? It someone can help me on this - I'd be super dee dooper grateful....