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  1. That's the intercooler scoop, so it goes all the way to the...... Yep intercooler. Its designed to catch and flow fresh cold air over the intercooler, but in practice it has the added fun of chaffing wiring I believe :-)
  2. Ordered some wrap for Marcie which arrived today. Cut a small square and stuck it on, I think it's going to look sweeeeeet. Also ordered some window tint, first time at trying that so it might be fun
  3. As title These panels fit in-between the roof and boot/trunk lower panels, the bit where the seat belt is. Looking for £50 +post
  4. I purchased a set of pods and after painting over the cream trim rings I fitted the pods, really easy, 15 mins tops, looks like a proper smart now
  5. Leather is bad for drying cars, itholds grit and can scratch. In B & M you can get a it microfiber towel for £2.50, much safer on the paintwork.
  6. Gave Marcie a wash, she was looking a bit grubby, now she's all shiny and fresh once more
  7. Marcie, although a passion model, didn't come with a glove box, so I spent £10 on a glove box and lid, fitted and sorted in 30 mins B-)
  8. I don't have pics yet, but they look similar to the brabus lights. Next thing to fit when they arrive is the chromatic bulbs to get rid of the the fried egg look of the indicators
  9. Today, I fitted the headlights with my satin black inserts. Its a really subtle mod that only costs a few quid and looks great to boot
  10. Last week I got some headlights cheap off ebay, yesterday and today I took off the front lens and removed the chrome inserts and sprayed them satin black. One is back together the other has smashed mounts. When I remove the front to fit them, one will be a replacement one will just need the insert doing changing before putting it back on on Marcie
  11. I think black trid with satin bronze would look the bees nads, the more I think about it the more I want to wrap the trid satin black, then the panels a satin dark orange...
  12. they are offset pin fella
  13. That's not Marcie, that's a random Internet image of a 450 cabrio to get an idea of the how the colours will look together. Marcie is indeed a 451 coupe as stated.
  14. Marcie is a 451 coupe but this gives an idea of how she would look...
  15. I like that colour, but I think I would prefer it in satin or matt. I did think about wrapping the trid in either the same colour or black, but I think that wounld be quite difficult unless you know what your doing.