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  1. I have a 2008 river silver 451 and im thinking about a change of colour, anyone fancy a swap? WHY??
  2. wow thats nice to see, rare as a chocolate fireguard, looks in bery good condition too
  3. after removing all the towing frame scaffolding from the front of Marcie, the final piece arrived today, the centre lower grille which was fitted in 15 mins. I then thought about the eml light on the dash, so I plugged in mt bluetooth adapter and with the assistance of torque pro found out the one or both the o2 sensors are bad. However if one has gone the other cant be too good, so im shopping for 2x o2 sensors, any recommeneded???? sh'lader dudes & dudettes
  4. Knowing how expensive these can be I picked up a set of dash clocks from a w451 thinking they would fit my petrol smart... they dont these fit the 451 with the updated dash, ie they screw to the dash not under the top of the radio/heater control surround. not looking to make any profit from this, I paid £80 + £5 p&p they the price sent to a UK address is £85. I have tested them and both the clock and the rev counter work. There is some marks on the trims, but you will probably want to presonalise them anyway
  5. Well I snapped the aerial off when trying to undo it to remove the front shell. The parts arrived today and 15 minutes later I was listening to the radio again. Also got bored so did the one thing not to do... I went on eBay, so there's now a set of dash pods on the way...
  6. all the bits have arrived to remove the last of the towing frame, so all swapped now. just need a lower grille as the current one was butchered for the a frame metalwork.
  7. I cleaned my engine... Marcie has been driven on a dusty track, it came off really easy with a handheld pump pressure bottle.looks loads better now.
  8. hey can you give us more details on the radio, any links? @Chopper
  9. Thanks guys, pics will follow when the front is sorted as there is a couple of ugly chunks of metal sticking through the lower grill. Portlethen is just down the road from me, some might say it's still in the 80s
  10. Marcie had a faultless journey to he new home. I started to look at removing the towing frame the previous carer had installed.After I had unbolted the bar, I could remove the front panels. In the process I smapped the aerial but a new base and aerial is on the way. With the front panels off I realiased I needed to pruchase a new front bumper support, which was dutifully ordered with polystyrene insert. So instead I removed the wiring and the braking cables so all I have to do is wip off the front end, remeve and replace the bumper support and at some point the lower grilles where they were cut. To celebrate I took Marcie to the beach, where she displayed a check engine warning light no loss of power and all sounding as she should. After a quick internet search, I disconnected the battery which removed the warning, however it came back on later. So I checked the fuel cap seal and low and behold there is a break in the seal, so Im hopeful that a new cap and seal which I have ordered with sort it out.