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  1. pics or it didnt happen @Chopper
  2. yep, one fitted to the rear is shot so I had already bought 2 replacements. they are in need of a refurb which is why I bought them, as a winter project, to polish them back up.
  3. The bidet (rear wash wipe lol) decided it was not going to spray fluid. So checked the level first... all good, then squirted and saw a puddle around the offside rear. So after ripping out the rear wheel arch liner and finding nothing I found out there is a connection of both hose and cables accessable from the rear light bulb access, remade the pipe connection and all was restored. I did however have the rear wheel off and thought I would try a brabus wheel... Looked really great but as the et is -1 they stick out at least 25mm at the front of the tyre. So it looks like there's a set of brabus 16" alloys up for sale soon, I'm gutted
  4. Good news fella. Hopefully a years trouble-free motoring lies ahead..
  5. Phase 2 complete... Just phase 3 to go, doors and tailgate
  6. hmm could the cause be the engine insulation issue
  7. good catch, hopefully thats all it is
  8. Went to visit @tolsen today to see if he could activate my paddles, unfortunately this couldn't be don't but a big thanks Tolsen for trying to help a fellow smartie out. Very much appreciated :)
  9. Forgot to add a picture of the new colour...
  10. Ohhh, there's an offer, Many thanks, I will pm you.
  11. Fitted the rear panels, nice and orange Started to prep and paint fronts but it's slow so I installed a new (to me) flappy paddle steering wheel, just need it activating now.
  12. Yes, it's exactly the same. The airbag is swapped over and the wheel has been installed. Looks like im going to MB to get it activated though. Thanks for your help and you are just down the road too
  13. Hi Ttolsen, Many thanks for the info, it is a big help and has put my mind at ease somewhat. Wrt the continuity, which pins am I testing with? Thanks again
  14. I have purchased a used flappy paddle wheel to replace my non paddle wheel. The new wheel is complete apart from the airbag. I have read many things about the steering angle sensor on the rear all of which say "do not rotate", but my concern is that it doesent rotate... The front has 3 clips to hold it to the frame, which are all present and correct, but if I hold the outer portion at the rear the only movement I get is from the clips moving in the frame. Im trying to avoid having to disasemble the wheel twice but cant decide if the angle sensor on the back of the replacement is any good. There is a line that has been drawn on whech lines up which was probably added when the wheel was removed from its previous car. can anyone shed any light?? thanks
  15. A451s have been discontinued for quite a while now. If I could get one I would