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  1. Potentially a hand, arm, face and life if you try this!
  2. Given the relative tiny cost of the oil, filter and your time, do it every 6 months, clean oil will promote a healthier engine.
  3. That's some addiction you have !! I painted and fitted eyebrows to Marcie, she looks a little meaner now
  4. The music is a bit annoying but this might help ..
  5. Spark inside the metal body or anywhere else... Goodnight Vienna Nothing in my mind tells me this advisable or safe.
  6. I have those too
  7. Took Marcie in for her MOT test (mandatory annual inspection for vehicles over 3years old) and she passed with a small advisory of a small section of rusty brake pipe on the rear axle. Happy dayz
  8. Wet sanded with 1000g some replacement rear pillar covers, plastic primed then paint primed them. Just need another coat of primer, another wet sand, 3 Base cars of C50L then 2 coats of clear lacquer then fit.
  9. we dont have them in the UK.
  10. Searched all over t'interweb for some smallish in width arch extensions for all 4 arches. I can find brabus ones which are about the right width for my 205 section tyres but no equivalent for the front. I read somewhere you can fit the rear brabus one if you swap the left and right over. But before I spend cash has anyone seen/done it or has some arches they no longer need.
  11. Marcie has a well deserved bath. She's spotless
  12. I feel your pain chopper, just had one and it just wouldnt shift.
  13. I have just finished installing a Kenwood DNX8220BT to Marcie, its been sat waiting for a while but now shes in. I need to tap into the forum knowledge base though. For some reason the underseat sub is not working. I reconnected the previous Smart unit and its fine, plug the Kenwood in and no dice. that tells me there is nothing wrong with the wiring, as it orks with the Smart unit. I have tried all the settings I can find on the Kenwood thinking its just a balance/fader thing as Marcie only has 2 door and 2 dash speakers, but still nothing. Can anyone help please. thanks
  14. Why is the bumper so much wider than the rest of the car?
  15. Hi all I have a set of 25mm lowering springs for sale, unused, still shiny and red... £50 set of 450 16" genuine Brabus wheels that are in need of a refurb, they are the diamond cut ones not the painted ones. The wheels have tyres but one rear tyre is totally shot and will need to be replaced. I have priced shipping within the UK and it comes to about £30, so im looking for £275 delivered.
  16. Today I installed an genuine arm rest to the drivers seat, most comfortable now.
  17. I was a little apprehensive but following advise I went for Avon ZZ5 205/40 rubber which is surprisingly compliant, yes the ride is a little harsher but it's certainly not jarring except over the deepest of holes which are usually seen and avoided. It is now also so much more stable and corners without going straight on.
  18. Apologies for the pic rotation, I'm not sure about these wheels...
  19. you like? they are the same design as 453 Brabus wheels.
  20. New wheels arrived today, just ordered the new Avon ZZR 205/40/17 for them, being fitted Friday. Much excitement
  21. pics or it didnt happen @Chopper
  22. yep, one fitted to the rear is shot so I had already bought 2 replacements. they are in need of a refurb which is why I bought them, as a winter project, to polish them back up.
  23. The bidet (rear wash wipe lol) decided it was not going to spray fluid. So checked the level first... all good, then squirted and saw a puddle around the offside rear. So after ripping out the rear wheel arch liner and finding nothing I found out there is a connection of both hose and cables accessable from the rear light bulb access, remade the pipe connection and all was restored. I did however have the rear wheel off and thought I would try a brabus wheel... Looked really great but as the et is -1 they stick out at least 25mm at the front of the tyre. So it looks like there's a set of brabus 16" alloys up for sale soon, I'm gutted
  24. Good news fella. Hopefully a years trouble-free motoring lies ahead..
  25. Phase 2 complete... Just phase 3 to go, doors and tailgate