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  1. Hard to say, he flew by so quickly. The car was red color.
  2. I couldnt find any info on this site. Does anyone know where l can buy one for my smartcar? I saw something on a site for VW's and other cars but not Smartcars. Looks like it was originally made back in the 40's?
  3. Its an electric quadcycle. Not a car but more of a motorcycle category. I wouldnt go around corners with this over 50 km. It will roll!
  4. You've got an eye for details!
  5. Found this on the site to help explain it
  6. What a gas! A smartcar passed me on the highway with what looked like a single wheel trailer at the back. As i tried to speed up to get a closer look this guy flew off like he had a six pack in it. Has anyone seen this or was i hallucinating?
  7. Why not just turn the egr around so as to block the exhaust gas flow? It is easier than trying to get those bolts out to put a blanking plate
  8. I wonder why a OBDII scanner would show an error code but no idiot light inficator on the dash? Usually the engine light should appear to notify the driver of any problems but not in this case. Both of my OBDII show P0702 but everything appears fine? So weird!
  9. I had an error code P0702 show up on my OBD II. I cleared the code with that scanner and the car runs and shifts fine. No engine light or problems showing.lm not sure why it came up and displayed the engine light but lm happy its gone now. I ordered the Ultragauge scanner and for some reason when l plugged it in the parking brake light, ABS and triangle light came on. I fiddled with the settings as it asked for my fuel tank capacity and engine litre size? Never thought l would have to do it manually. l entered 1 litre for the motor capacity and 20 litres for fuel. I went for a drive to test out the Ultraguage. After a few minutes of driving l got a P0702 alarm but the car runs and shifts perfectly? No engine light error on the dash after removing the ultraguage. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you
  10. Thank you for all your replies. It seemed to have fixed itself. Perhaps the outside temp was the issue? Either way the light stays on when activated whether there is any heat l cannot say. If it does work l cant feel it.
  11. Hi everyone Just preparing for the cold weather and noticed when l slide the heater lever all the to the right to turn on the auxillary heater it lights up for a few seconds then the light goes off. Not sure if the heater is kaput or something else. Any help greatly appreciated. Thio
  12. l contacted the mechanic that smartdriver used to free up his alternator, an amazing technician!. He removed the plastic headliner and he used a pressure washer with a rotating head on it. The fabric just peeled off effortlessly. Wow it took about 5 min. Completely cleaned and then he reinstalled it. Took about a hour from start to finish. Well worth his min charge of 190$