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  1. Back on the bike tomorrow for the next few weeks.
  2. What part of your body must one expose to ward off a sasquatch attack?
  3. Its us hardcore that remain. Hopefully the site will survive. Aside from being a great resource, it's a wonderful worldwide community.
  4. Going to give mine a top to bottom clean and wax today, enjoy the sunshine. Mine is a cabrio, and when I got the car the roof bars were scabby a the corners. I hastily rubbed them down and vinyl wrapped them and they looked good, but aren't wearing well due to using cheap vinyl that I happened to have knocking about. Going to re wrap them with better quality vinyl today.
  5. I'm not worried about Geely's build quality. We all took the pith out of Japanese cars and electronics in much the same way, and look how disastrously wrong we all were. It's astonishing to think that people still haven't heeded that particular history lesson and are making the same preconceptions all over again. I'd be happier still if Daimler actually had nothing to do with the design - since the original 450 they styling has become less adventurous, dull, and derivative, even as the mechanical side matured fairly well. If Geely kicked Herr Daimler in the nuts and stole the entire project I doubt very much they could mismanage the brand any worse than Daimler did under Fraulein Winkler's disastrous tenure. Short of actually closing the brand down for good, I fail to see how anyone could do worse than Daimler have over the last decade.
  6. Indeed! But for vehicles like the MTT Y2K motorbike (an insane production jet engined missile) diesel is the ideal fuel.
  7. Nah, I'm a search manager, so I run the whole shebang on a search.
  8. Drove to work expecting to go onwards to Coventry for SAR training afterwards, but traffic was nose to tail so went home instead. A double pisser, as I could have cycled if I weren't intending to training
  9. Depending on the grade and type, jet fuel is fairly close to kerosene, and theoretically diesels will run happily on that. The only issues may be fuel pumps or injectors are require a specific viscosity and certain lubricating properties, but thermodynamically speaking it's a goer. Similarly, a lot of jet engines will run on diesel, albeit not optimally.
  10. Enjoy! You probably have the only set of poly engine mount inserts in all of Canada!
  11. I'm very lucky that mine seems very clean underneath, not rust on the trid, very little on the suspenders and subframe. With the low mileage etc I think it may have well been a summer car before i acquired it, and spent winter tucked up in a warm garage somewhere.
  12. Drove mine today, for a change. I went shooting, and people kinda get upset if I cycle to the range with a rifle strapped to my back, so in the Smart I went. Weather was quite warm, so got to use the intercooler spray. Works very, very nicely indeed. I'm as happy as a frog in a puddle.
  13. I know someone with a Model S. Forget the advertised range - the moment you start using lights and heater you can knock the thick end of 100 miles off that. Range is what you make of it, with your own usage and driving style. What manufacturers claim, or what federal test figures state, are not terribly relevant. I must agree with the bot about government subsidising buyers. Instead of waving the carrot at buyers, they should we wielding the stick at those that use 6 litre V8 pickups to to go the shops. The solution exists, so they should now be addressing the problem.
  14. People are simply going to have to adapt, and that's the bottom line. Sense simply doesn't come into it. I'm in my 50's and still cycle more miles a year than most people drive (172.1 miles since sunday) so I'm well ahead of the game. Society has brought this upon themselves, so I've little sympathy when society objects and starts the sentence with, "what about....?"
  15. I'm not a fan of PHEV. Its neither fish not fowl. Nothing so pointless as making short to medium journeys dragging round a quarter a tonne or more of engine and gearbox that isn't needed - that's horrifically wasteful. Great for longer journeys when the ICE motor can do the work, but you're then dragging round a hundred kilos of battery + epicyclic transmission that arent't being properly utilised. However they're used they're e environmentally quite inefficient in that regard, which totally u determines the purpose to begin. with. Step beyond PHEV into the realms of full electric but, with a lightweight range extender engine and it starts to make a little more sense. Nevertheless, as battery and power management technology matures PHEV is quickly becoming increasingly redundant. The Netherlands is only 5.5 years away from a total ban on car sales of cars with ICE engines of any kind, and other European countries arent far behind, so was was barely relevant to begin with will become totally obsolete in less than one model cycle.