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  1. Fair play to them. Unlike the rest of the world they aren't wasting g time maki g excuses, and they're simply getting non with it.
  2. I'm only 57 miles in so far this year, but a nice 80 miler planned for Wednesday.
  3. Did the drivers door handle cable. While the inner trim panel was off I gave it a scrub with fabric cleaner. Cleaned and reprofed the hood. Gave the car a quick wash and leather. Rain X'd the screen. Collapsed in a heap.
  4. Drove mine to headquarters this morning because I'm on a training day...parked next to a lovely W453, black tridion with satin grey panels.
  5. New door handle cable arrived today. Checked the job out on Evilution. Not difficult, but door dismantling is a ballache. Got a run of 4 says off work coming up the end kf next wee so I've pencilled it in for then. It'll probably take all 4 of them! Since seeing it on Evilution I've also a strange urge to paint my driveshafts blue for no reason that I can fathom. I'll probably ly give in to that urge in the morning.
  6. Drivers door handle getting granchy and intemittently wont allow the door to close. New cable, £19 from the local Merc dealers. Used ones on StealBay cost nearly as much, so a new one ordered.
  7. Brabus 450 rims? Do they have boots?
  8. Recluctor rings sounds a favourite. If it is, this may help...
  9. It looks as if Evilutuon thinks Smarts servicing prices on the ED are not at all funny. I'm looking forward to his update, particularly as a 453EQ will likely be my next steed.
  10. I bought my low mileage 450 cabrio in July. I instantly hit the web looking for active owners groups to become involved in. Surprisingly, the once extremely active English Smart scene was almost dead, so much so that the UK club has ceased accepting paying new members. So I washed up in these shores! Who'd have though that the most active, at least online, Smart community would be Canadian based? Nevertheless, here it is. Active, enthusiastic, helpful, sensible, and very welcoming to an old Limey like me. I really feel like I'm part of something when I drop in here. So thank you for extending such a warm welcome and accepting me into your fold. I hope each and every one of you has an amazing Christmas, and that your New Year is healthy, prosperous, and filled with low mileage Smarts at bargain prices! Rich.
  11. Cleaned it, checked the lights and levels, tucked it in the garage for the duration of the Christmas holiday. I'm not going anywhere unless theres a search and rescue call out, and if there is I'll take the Kia.
  12. Quickly fitted my new DAB adaptor so I have digital radio in the car. All in and working very well, just needs a tidy up to hide the cables etc. It was only a cheap budget one, but I'm very impressed with the performance.
  13. Excellent, nothing that can't be sorted by a plastic repair specialist, particularly if some other bugger is paying for it.
  14. I saw that, loads of Smarts got torched in Paris. Have they no feelings! Snowball is looking great. What's the word on the damage? Nothing serious I hope.
  15. I dunno about your side of the pond, but the political backlash against Internal combustion is huge here in Europe. Some countries here are banning ICE engine sales as early as 2023. I can't see much of a market for ICE cars over here by 2030, and if the buyers don't switch willingly then clean air zones and punitive taxes against ICE will twist their arms for them.