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  1. "PowerPoint makes us stupid." Gen. James Mattis.
  2. Nothing today, because it's hissing it down. The Turdis is nice and clean nestling in the garage, so I may pop out to check he's ok, but nothing more.
  3. Or not! I'm not removing the old pulley and having the car off the road until a new one arrives, and I'm definitely not reassembling it only to take it apart again when the new one arrives. Im full of titanium up one arm, so avoid spannering where I can. I'd like to do it, but it's a value added mod, not an essential, so I'm happy to pass by for now.
  4. Bummer
  5. Is the diseasel alternator physically the same as the petrol one? I appreciate the windings and internals might differ, but wouldn't mind doing the pulley mod myself.
  6. It doesn't worry me, although the Brabus spoiler sounds Nice! One thing annoys me a bit. The 450 has been defunct for nearly 12 years now. The mainstream users and trendy type owners have either disappeared, or moved onto the later models. The only 450 owners are tight buggers trying to wring every last mile out of them, or old mechanical perverts like us who are happy to keep hiring them along. Therefore, the market for used 450 parts has shrunk dramatically. That being the case, why do people ask stupid money for Brabus parts? They sit on eBay and the like to for months and months, never actually selling. Why not ask sensible money and actually stand a chance of punting them on? It's a bit like the so called "Cosworth tax" that afflicts Ford enthusiasts over here.
  7. Today I drove mine in a strong wind for the first time. Twitchier than John Inman in a semaphore class.
  8. By the way, do any of you chaps have Garmin accounts? Let me know if you do and we can link up.
  9. One of my hobbies is 'bagging' Ordnance Survey markers, be it trig points, bolts, benchmarks or flush brackets. Did a quick 18 miles today and bagged a few I've needed for my list. I had a slightly ducky tummy, but still went. Got around OK but probably shouldn't have. I'm also a qualified emergency services mountain bike trainer. I volunteer with Warwickshire Lowland Rescue, and I've just been appointed their bike lead. Now planning on spending the evening writing a feasibility report.
  10. Still do all my own on my car. Mrs Choppers car is leased so that's the owners problem. It's no harder than it used to be, just a different skill set.
  11. You don't want the new Micra. They're sheet. We've a dozen or so on the fleet at work and no one likes them. Not especially economical, noisy, light switch power delivery, cramped for a 6'5" user, lots of niggly faults. The other half of the fleet is the Vauxhall Corsa. The styling us dull, they're unexciting, but they're a far more rounded package.
  12. Screen is the same as the coupe, so i would suggest that when the leak its for the same reasons.
  13. Mine is a cabrio!
  14. Discovered something veerrryyyy interesting. Cleaned the car today. Washed and weathered the outside. Did the inside. Went back outside and nicer a load of water on the scuttle under the screen. But where it it come from? Then the penny dropped. Opened the door and closed it while watching the screen, and sure enough some water spurted out. Carefully pried out the external weatherstrip and discovered a length about 8 inches long where the screen wasn't sealing. Dried it out, pumped the gap full of PU adhesive, parked it up to dry in the garage being careful to close the door with the window open. Don't use silicone for this - as it cures it excretes water and acetic acid, which are hugely destructive to the steel. Use a PU adhesive such as Sikaflex or Tiger Seal. So I may have discovered the mechanism which causes 450 screens to leak with age - constant pulses of air pressure flexing the screen against it's adhesive over years and years. I may try and sort vent out a cabin vent of some kind to help equalise pressure when closing the doors.
  15. "I always carry a knife in case there's cheesecake. Or in case I need to stab someone in the throat." General 'Mad Dog' Mattis.