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  1. Yes, I pay cycling insurance. A surprising number number do. 3rd party cover comes free with membership of the 2 biggest UK cycling organisations. My insurance gives me £10 million liability cover, comprehensive legal cover, and also covers me for instructing purposes as well. I can see why it isn't obligatory (you're more likely to be killed by a pedestrian knocking you over than a cyclist, and no one champions compulsory insurance for walking), but with the mileage I do and the increasing number of prats out there I'm happy to pay the £55 odd a year. Coming back to topic, the average UK motorist is woefully Ill prepared for bad weather, despite us getting it every year. It's nice to see you Canadian folk (and English ex pats) taking it more seriously. We had a 29" fall locally here in March, and I'm the only one in the street who had 3 peaks rated boots on my car. It's often suggested that as climate change interferes with the North Atlantic Drift that out summer's will get hotter and drier, and our winters wetter and colder, but you can be the bone idle lazy masses still won t prepare themselves for winter on the road. Still, keeps me busy as a SAR volunteer.
  2. Here in the UK car taxed is emissions based (although the link is getting a bit fuzzy), so the more environmental harm you do the more the government invade your wallet. Zero emissions cars, bicycles etc, therefore pay no car tax, so the "get out of my way because I pay more tax than you" argument is silly. Interestingly, I'm so old now my car insurance costs barely any more than my cycling insurance, which is odd as cars kill a dozen a day over here but cyclists only kill one every 2 years on average. I'm a keen cyclist, including in the snow, and I'm an IPMBA and MIAS instructor to the emergency services. Im also a (lapsed) police advanced driver. Let me tell you, people are born as idiots - what they choose to use for transport purposes is unrelated to that fact, and you'll find idiots in all sorts of vehicles. It's a genetic condition, not something that comes free with the vehicle. People that behave like chumps on their bicycle will continue to do so when they climb into their cars. Let's all be kind to our fellow man, even in the snow.
  3. A very interesting thread! Aside from improvements to the cooling system, has anyone done anything to thermally insulate the cabin?
  4. Cleaned mine and sdrubbed the seats with upholstry cleaner. Tried varuous difference cleaners on the cab hood window and it looks much better now. I also de lipped the air intake. I've ordered a hood cleaning and waterproofing kit, and all the bits needed for a service. My radio surround has arrived, but the new stereo is still probably a week away. I've consoled myself my downloading all my music onto a Micro SD card in readiness. Everything from Black Sabbath to Gordon Lightfoot.
  5. Shoot the haters down first opportunity. I get silly remarks when I cycle to work. "Where's your helmet?" asked one idiot? "On the end of my c***", was my reply. The pith taking suddenly stopped from that point on.
  6. Nokian Weatherproof boots are superb for fuel economy. Well up there with a decent regular tyre. It's remarkable really how good these tyres are, but I guess they use all sorts of science and stuff.
  7. Nokia, or Nokian as they 're known now, are still going strong. I ran Nokian Weatherproof boots on my Ford last winter, and the little FWD Eurobox got me up a hill that defeated the LR4 that was trying to follow. This year I can't be arsed. If it snows that badly I won't go to work, and if work don't like it I'll give them my 28 days noticed of my intention to retire.
  8. I got 5 litres of Redneck Waxoyl waiting to be sprayed under my Smart. Probably only need a tenth of that. This disables the traction control... I'm more worried about keeping warm and safe, but being a SAR volunteer I have all my search kit in the boot. And yes, it's a blooming tight squeeze in the boot!
  9. The red caps for my control stalks arrived today. Fitted within seconds of arriving home.
  10. My Fortwo is fairly solid. However, it is suffering from the standard issue cancer in places along the edge of the removable roof bars. I was planning to rust kill and repaint them, but rummaging around in the garage I found some dark grey vinyl wrap that I didn't realist I possessed. This gave me an idea... Stripped the bars, and removed the seals. Rubbed down the rust and rust killed the affected areas. I then wrapped the metal portions with the vinyl, and reassembled the seals. Refitted to car, ding dong the rust is gone. OK, it doesn't match the paint, but the contrast looks pretty cool I reckon, and far much nicer to look at than the rust. Interesting factoid - the roof bars are made by Webasto. found their markings on the bits I dismantled.
  11. Oil and oil extractor pump ordered. Already have a filter. Debating whether or not to get a Pipercross air filter. I don't expect any real gains, but the fit and forget nature of a good quality foam filter, without compromising filtration like a cotton filter, is appealing.
  12. I think my Fortwo is a dry car. However, heavy thunderstorms forecast for Friday, so I guess I'm gonna find out!
  13. Nothing today - work Good news is it's a lovely day and I drive a Fortwo cabriolet
  14. Here you go. Not at all flimsy, well up the the job of supporting my 5/8 wave VHF vertical. The silver screw is to stop the mount twisting and trying to rotate.
  15. I can take some photos of the rear of the mount if that's of any use to you. 73 de M6RGJ.