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  1. The petrol, like what mine is, doesn't have an oil cooler at all. That's why the extra 1/3 litre of oil that a canister filter holds will be a welcome addition. It may be that over winter I go the aftermarket cooler route, if it looks like it'll be staying another year.
  2. Well, my adaptor arrived today, only 8 1/2 days after being ordered, which was most pleasing. Went with the Mann oil filter in the end, which was a good balance between known excellent quality, and price.
  3. My car, Spank, is in decent cosmetic condition. The only exception is the scuffing on each corner from a previous owner who clearly struggled to drive an 8 feet long car. They probably shouldn't be allowed on the road. Anyway, today I start rubbing down and priming the damage, and then I'll get it off to a bodyshop to get the river silver properly matched and blown back in.
  4. If you guys ever get really, really, stuck then remember that I'm your man across the pond
  5. Boost gauge...not terribly accurate but at least gives me a visual indication if something is amiss. Torque Pro app for general diagnosis.
  6. Just cos you got land doesn't compell you to drive all over it. The British Isles are about 1000 miles and to end, and I only drive on a tiny bit of it. If I couldn't get groceries within 43km then I'd be living in the wrong place. That's something North Americans really need to get a grip of because complaining about it won't help when the oil has either gone or becomes too expensive to simply burn.
  7. White smoke is caused by moisture alone. The moisture has a source. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, the the most likely scenario is that it is a small aquatic bird of the genus anatidae
  8. I broke the scoop on mine when replacing the engine mount. Once mid finished swearing I fitted an intercooler spray instead. Monitoring temps on Torque show it reduces IATs by over 20 Celsius. I've got it on a push switch, but when I can be arsed I'll set up a thermostatic switch.
  9. And ru ning a compressor, or even a dive bottle, is difficult because...? I fear I may be missing something?
  10. Surely air is in plentiful supply?
  11. Little sympathy for Harley. They've had decades to diversify their range, improve product quality, and update their production systems, but they can't be arsed. They've relied too much on a market segment that is not only shrinking, but which is also more demanding. A swift kick in the gonads from some quality competition will either wake them up, or finish them off. As for Big Johnson...surely a wind up? North American humour doesn't always translate well over here...
  12. I'm thinking Wix WL7096. Cheap, anti drain valve, and they include the filters physical measurements so I can check prior to ordering that they'll fit. Got my adaptor plate for £11, a huge saving, so very happy. Hopefully it'll arrive as quickly as yours did.
  13. Good skills! Just ordered one myself.
  14. Yep, population density isn't places. Not in Japan's league, but not brilliant either. But it's only the overpopulated bits that are, erm, over populated. I live in the countryside where that's not an issue. Where I live has a far lower population density than London...or Vancouver. Its horses for courses. By birth I'm actually from the Northern Isles, and when Mrs Chopper retires (she's younger than me) I'll be moving back home.
  15. Yeah, fuel isn't cheap, but is not the most expensive in Europe. On the other hand, healthcare is essentially free - the amount the average Canadian spends on healthcare insurance absolutely dwarfs what the average UK resident spends on fuel (and being a very keen cyclist I burn through a lot less than the average UK resident). So yeah, its painful, but it's still a lot cheaper to bleed petrol over here than real blood over there.