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  1. The fronts are close enough, so no major issues there. The 2006 rear 450 wheels have a -1mm offset whereas the 451 has a 34mm offset - this means the 450 wheels stick out 35mm more than the 451s, and this can cause problems with tyres protruding past the arches and catching the bodywork as the suspension moves. Go forward a year to 2007 and you get the very first 451s, and their wheels will fit the later 451s including the 2013 cars.
  2. It's big enough that it nestled neatly between the sun visors. My Ray Ban aviators fit just fine.
  3. Should add on to the end of the thread title, " prison!" Never trust a man so vain he dyes his hair. Even worse, one who eyes his hair in such an obvious manner.
  4. I've no pictures of mine, and I'm in bed now so won t be taking a pic tonight, but here's the Evilution link... Mines identical. Only difference is mine was from a Chevrolet. Vauxhall was GM owned until recently, and the Chevrolet Aveo sunglasses holder was barely half the cost of the identical item intended for a Vauxhall.
  5. Yep, it's very sad but most folk who die behind the wheel die of the dumbs.
  6. Sunglasses holder arrived and fitted, exactly as per Evilution. A cheap but brilliant little mod.
  7. I'm not sure about headroom issues the the rear of a Pious. I'm 195cm and never had an issue when sat in the back of Mrs Chopper's Pious back when she had one.
  8. I wouldn't worry. When sea levels rise due to global warming and the guys house is under 15 feet of sea water, you can drive your smart car to the new coast line for a picnic...and to laugh at the idiot.
  9. I'm very pleased to be 50 in a few months time - advice from Doctors is you shouldnt clear snow beyond that age due to the risk of keeling over. The exertion gets your heart going, and the cold narrows the arteries, a dodgy combination. So, if any snow could fall after a certain date in February I'd be quite happy. It's official government advice in Finland, and you'd like to think they know a thing or two about snow.
  10. Planning to ride to work the next 3 days. The forecast is dry and mild, so I'd wheeled out the 1983 Claud Butler 531 for the task.
  11. Nice work, and another cabrio lives.
  12. Going to do the sunglasses holder mod, as described on Evilution. Chose a Chevrolet Aveo holder, as it looks nice and is cheaper than the Vauxhall ones. Duly order, £6.
  13. Next to the interior lightning the dashboard, other side from the 12v socket.
  14. No more smoke and flames! My bodge with the filler cap worked. New filler cap on order though.
  15. Pulled up at work, and the moment I stopped smoke was billowing everywhere. I didn't fancy going up myself in a plastic coffin, so I nanfully grabbed the extinguisher and rolled to the floor. Luckily, there was no fire. Oil seemed to be dribbling from the filler cap and down in the exhaust, where the heat was making the smoke effects. Cap was done up tight and looked ok, although the seal had taken in a set against the ridge on the filler neck. I took the cap up to the office and cleaned it up. I then removed the seal and turned it around, and refitted it so it was presenting a smooth mating surface. Drove home and, touch wood, all seems well. I may start shopping for a new cap.