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  1. Excellent, nothing that can't be sorted by a plastic repair specialist, particularly if some other bugger is paying for it.
  2. I saw that, loads of Smarts got torched in Paris. Have they no feelings! Snowball is looking great. What's the word on the damage? Nothing serious I hope.
  3. I dunno about your side of the pond, but the political backlash against Internal combustion is huge here in Europe. Some countries here are banning ICE engine sales as early as 2023. I can't see much of a market for ICE cars over here by 2030, and if the buyers don't switch willingly then clean air zones and punitive taxes against ICE will twist their arms for them.
  4. MOT now passed, so celebrated by a thorough clean, wax, dress the tyres etc. Fitted a new dual band VHF/UHF transceiver that I'm looking forward to playing with. I've removed the bike rack. I'm giving the eyelets and washers as clean up and a spray with zinc/aluminium paint before refitting, get everything shiny and protected before the worst of Winter hits. And finally, fitted the full lower grille block, see how she does.
  5. A very long shot, but dont ask, dont get. 2004 facelift W450 cabrio. UK model. I need a drivers side, that is right hand side when seated in the car, rear light. An intact one that hasn't had the outside mounting pins snapped off. I know a few UK owners lurk hereabouts, so I hope the management don't mind me asking. Many thanks, Rich.
  6. Skinny fronts of varying thickness here, dependent on medal. Helps with emissions based tax, and slim rubber helps keeps things manageable with no power steering. T'is also said that they bring a dollop of understeer to keep the rear end tame, but I'm a police pursuit trained driver and driven properly they don't understeer at all, so I'm not convinced by that tale at all.
  7. Fault the MOT, broken front spring. £188 to repair (other side looks like it had been recently replaced already) and it passed the retest without even a minor fault.
  8. As silicone sealant cures it excretes water and, so I'm told, acetic acid. These are trapped against the metalwork and can raise merry corrosion hell.
  10. Got it's MOT on Monday - annual government roadwortimess test - so gave it a clean, checked tyres, lights, horn, chucked in a double dose of injector cleaner, visually inspected brakes, shocks for leaks, etc etc etc. Im as sure as I can be that it'll pass, but I guess I'll know soon enough.
  11. He's going to be sharing a bedroom with Bubba San.
  12. I've started a cycling blog. You're all very welcome to drop in.
  13. Mine is OK, but I can forsee a time when it will need sorting. It kind of have a plan... 5mm polycarbonate sheet trimmed to the same shape as the window, but with a 1" or so overlap at each side and the top. Cut out the old screen with a scalpel, leaving the black edge trim intact. Fit the new polycarbonate screen inside. Small domehead stainless allen bolts at suitable intervals around the bottom, and about a third of the way up either side. A bead of Sikaflex or similar before doing the bolts up tight to make the join waterproof. Glue velcro around the edge of the remaining 2/3 of the new screen, and the corresponding inner edge of the window aperture. With the hood up the indow closes against the velcro and is reasonably weatherproof and secure. When the hood goes down simply break the velcro seal and allow the window to fall inwards as the hood folds above it.
  14. I've heard it depends on how chunky the tread is as to how it catches (or not) but never tried it myself by virtue of not having a 451.
  15. The fronts are close enough, so no major issues there. The 2006 rear 450 wheels have a -1mm offset whereas the 451 has a 34mm offset - this means the 450 wheels stick out 35mm more than the 451s, and this can cause problems with tyres protruding past the arches and catching the bodywork as the suspension moves. Go forward a year to 2007 and you get the very first 451s, and their wheels will fit the later 451s including the 2013 cars.