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  1. "Rules are for the obedience of fools, and the guidance of wise men." Wing Cdr. Douglas Bader. Of course, he conveniently forgets to mention that he lost both legs because he disobeyed rules on aerobatic flying, and then got shot down, lost a valuable aircraft, and spent time as a German PoW due to breaking rules on holding formation with the bombers he was escorting. But, hey, it's otherwise a great thought.
  2. The cab is worth getting hold of. Never had so much fun with my clothes on.
  3. Did the coolant today. Good flush, then a 2:1 mix of red OAT coolant and H2O. It bled out pretty well, once the thermostat opened on the test drive the temps immediately stabilised and all was good. Hard to tell with the 5 blobs of doom gauge, but it seems to be running a touch cooler now.
  4. Fortunately that doesn't seem to be an imminent problem over here. Straight and tidy 450s are getting rarer, but are still out there, but there's no shortage of parts for those that want to keep one cheaply on the road.
  5. Topped up the oil. Used about 1/4 a litre in 1000 miles, so by Smart standards it's all cool. I may sort out a catch tank or some such, but to be honest it's running sweet as a nut.
  6. I'm glad the sparker engine provides plenty of cabin heat. I will miss having a heated rear window in the cab, but as I don't drive backwards much it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. Had a heart stopping drive home from Search and Rescue training last night. High winds alond the elevated section of the M45. Major gusts, in the dark, I was getting blown a cars width either way at times. My shoulders and arms still ache from the effort.
  8. It's been unseasonably warm here so I drove the Turdis to work in the dark at 5am with the roof down. Great fun!
  9. Nice 16 miler with a friend around Milton Keynes today. Gentle bimble, first outing for my Winter bike.
  10. Going on a road trip tomoz with one of my heavier bikes, so fuelled up the Turdis this evening. 70.4mpg across that last tank, not sure how much more I'll manage. I've noticed already that she's taking longer to get up to temp with the cooler weather now, so I may start experimenting with grille blocks, because I'm a sad f%^&*@ with too much time on my hands!
  11. I'd leave it and go back in a few months. It'll still be there, and it's continuing presence simply undermines any higher price they may think its worth. Your call though - I don't a first hand appreciation of the rarity (or otherwise) of parts over there, being spoiled with readily available new and used parts here in the UK.
  12. I sispect the real reason its not down the breakers is human nature - hes to lazy ass to do anything about it. Occams razor. 450s arent common over there, so I doubt his neighvourhood, or even town, has enough 450 owners to start a bidding war and elevate the price. At this present time its only 'worth' what hes been given for it, which so far would seem to be nothing. Seek him out and have a chat - if his town isnt knee deep in spanner willing 450 owners seeking a spares car then a friendly chat could prove fruitful. If not then it can stay there for as long as he likes. Ive a neighbour with a rotten Dolonite Sprint in his front garden. And i mean rotten, lacy as hell. Its wort a few hundred at best in that state, probabky the glass is all that can be salvaged now, but hes convinced its worth thousands and is refusing to part with it until a wealthy, and presumabky stupid and blind, Triumph enthusiast spots it and offers him tens kf thousands. Ive only been here 9 years, but my next door neighbour tells be this guy has had the car since the early 80s, and nearly 4 decades on is still clinging to hope. If it were worth much more than scrap it would bave gone long ago. Ditto this 450. In the UK 450 theres a far larger potential market for 450s, and even straight and undamaged runners can change hands for as little as £400.
  13. Gonna clean the Turdis today, and have a sort of of my search and rescue get so it fits more easily into the boot. Aside from my rucksack I'm gonna try and fit everything in a single plastic crate.
  14. The wreckers won t pay him any more for it, so there's no financial incentive for the owner to do that over selling to our hero. I don't see a queue round the block of people clutching wads of folding. I'd offer a ton. He says no, then fine. It'll still be there after Christmas and I'll offer him three quarters instead.
  15. I think they should pay you to drag it away. After all, no one else will want it and it'll turn into a rotting eyesore if left there any longer. Therefore, a token 100 snifters from yourself is more than generous. S-Mann air intake is a rarity. Not worth a lot, just something you don't see now the last 450s are over a decade old.
  16. Just out the door on a SAR callout, no Smart time today...
  17. Checked the state of my tridion behind the rear wheel arch liners. As clean as a nuns dreams. I'm mighty pleased at how corrosion free my Smart is.
  18. £1500 in 2009, plus another hundred to have the forks and shock modified for my weight (I'm 260lbs). By the standards of quality full squidge machines it's pretty good value!
  19. Aye, Maestro fully floating suspension, separates pedal and suspension forces and eliminates bob. No electric motors for me until I'm too elderly/infirm to ride without one.
  20. Gave my DIY bike rack a good work out.
  21. I'll see your Hayabusa powered Isetta, and raise you one jet engined shopping trolley...
  22. Blowing a gale here today, so left the smart asleep in the garage and pinched the Wife's Kia.
  23. "PowerPoint makes us stupid." Gen. James Mattis.
  24. Nothing today, because it's hissing it down. The Turdis is nice and clean nestling in the garage, so I may pop out to check he's ok, but nothing more.
  25. Or not! I'm not removing the old pulley and having the car off the road until a new one arrives, and I'm definitely not reassembling it only to take it apart again when the new one arrives. Im full of titanium up one arm, so avoid spannering where I can. I'd like to do it, but it's a value added mod, not an essential, so I'm happy to pass by for now.