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  1. I'm with Blaine to a large degree. We can object all we like, but the problems of climate, dwindling stocks of affordable hydrocarbons, and the strategic necessity of divesting ourselves of the reliance upon foreign oil sources makes all this an inevitability. It's not going away, it's happening and it's coming. We can adapt and prepare, or we can complain and object. History has shown that complaining didn't stop the Spanish Armada, the Holocaust, or the rise of Islamic extremism, but had society and government acted upon the early signs and signals then all could have been prevented. Complaining that you live eleventy-twelve miles from the nearest shops won't put food in your mouths. This is likely to be the largest non-conflict societal change in the history of modern Western civilisation. It is unstoppable, it is inevitable, it is coming. Get on board, or get left behind, and getting left behind has consequences too vast to comprehend.
  2. I too have done the mod and applied rain X. It vastly reduces the amount of time the wipers need to be on, and looks funky.
  3. 450s from birth up to the models demise in 2007. Smart Roadster seats also fit with some very minor fettling, but are probably as rare as rocking horse doo dah over there. Seats from other two seater cars can often be made to fit, but it's highly inadvisable. The seats on the 450 are armoured metal shells, part of the crash protection, and other seats would likely be dangerous in a crash.
  4. Due to a family emergency I've had to do a 200 mile journey in the Smart. With the oil filter conversion it's running like a dream. I've changed to 5w/40, up from 30, and economy has radically improved. I'm not home yet so I've not done the maths, but first bar didn't drop off the fuel gauge for 139 miles, whereas 100+110 is the typical norm. I'm very pleased.
  5. Finally got round to getting the oil filter adaptor fitted, and a change of 5w/40 synthetic. I'm off work with a nacked shoulder so wasn't up to doing it myself, but an ex mechanic mate of mine did the deed under my watchful eye. The oil filter adaptor was very tight once the threads were 2/3 on and the oil ring engaged (the seal was oiled up prior) but firm but steady pressure and it went on ok. I'd rather a touch tight than a touch loose with something like that! Mann oil filter went on, and with some trepidation I started it up. Oil pressure light went out straight away, all seems good. Once stopped I had to add about another 300cc of oi, atop the 3 litres I'd already metered in, so the filter gives an extra 10% oil capacity - better cooling, and the oil doesn't get to work too hard. The Mann filter has an anti draining back valve, so theres the bonus of some oil being kept at the top end on start up. Its win win win all around, and I'm glad it's done.
  6. Alas, FQ101 doesn't have it.
  7. Isn't the winch the main means of propulsion?
  8. Mine is called Spank.
  9. Some updated pics of the new paint.
  10. Interesting times. My Stepmum may be giving up driving when her licence expires in October, and my Dad has asked if I would like her car? It's a 2009 Volvo XC90 R Design 2.4D which they've owned from new, so we may be become a two XC90 household. Much as I adore my Smart I'm not going to say no to a free luxury SUV with a full Volvo dealer history. But it's not certain yet. Until then I'll treat the Smart as if I'll be keeping it, which means finishing the paint and doing the service this month. If it does become certain then I'll probably stick it on eBay or something. We shall see.
  11. Will do when I roll it out into the sunlight.
  12. First wing corner polished. Second wing corner painted. 3rd win corner rubbed down and scratches filled ready for priming.
  13. If you can more than barely feel it, then the end float is too much. A couple kf the guys in here have bought turbo cartridges from Aliexpress and the like and been successful, so it might not be too pricy to sort.
  14. Cooling system emptied, flushed, and refilled with long life coolant and bled. Started rubbing down the next bumper corner. The first one I painted looks amazing, so I can't wait to get them all done.
  15. Yep, the old Glasgow Socket Set.
  16. I'd the stub axle is worn, which I'm sure it ain't, then why did they put the bearing on it knowing that it would fail? They're pulling your plonker with that excuse.
  17. First bumper corner repainted. Three to go... plus one wheel, and a sheet load of wet rubbing with 1500grit and a tanker load of polishing. Be worth it when it's done though.
  18. I don't know for sure, but suspect that physically it's a very straightforward swap. Electronically may be a different matter. Apparently, when remapped they retain their fuel economy virtue, provided onenisn't constantly dipping into the extra performance. Driven as they were previously they return the same figures. Found out from my Mum yesterday that my Sister has recently bought a 451 CDi, although I don't know which version. When I get the chance I intend to eyeball it very closely.
  19. Ebay? I'm not sure if the cap is shared with any other model. If yours is leaking a bit take the seal out, clean it, and refit the seal the other way around. Works well for me.
  20. New light arrived. Some light scratches, so I polished it up. Now fitted, and looks splendiferous. The Devil is in the detail.
  21. Finished priming and rubbing down 2 of the damaged wings. Just waiting for paint to arrive.
  22. Cancel cancel. I've found the answer, its C31L.
  23. Team, A sort of maintenance query. One of my wheels could do with a refurb, I could send all 4 off and have them powder coated or painted, but that's expensive and unnecessary. Does anyone know the paint code Smart used on the alloy 450 wheels? If I can get the paint I can get just the one sorted. Thanks.
  24. At last! Found on a certain auction website that rhymes with Ebay a UK drivers side cabriolet rear light that isn't damaged and still has unbroken mounting pins. Only 30 quid too, so snapped that up !