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  1. like Darren write , i have the same range with my 2014 ED , there is no change of performance since the first year of ED and now , it is the same batery . your style of drive can change the range , more the speed is higt more your range be affected ,
  2. my temp. gage ext. give me a false number (celcius) about 8 Celcius over the real temp , is it possible to reset this thing's ?
  3. thanck you everybody for your welcome , i was on ClubSmart Québec some years ago , Roadrunner was my nickname , i remember you Mike T , est-ce toi qui tenait un registre des Smart avec les numéro de série ?
  4. my ED have 36,000 km when i buy it on may 2017, i have 45.000 km. now , no trouble since the bigining exept a rear bulb light last weeck , my wife use it all the last winter for her work ( only 2 km. from home ) she was afraid of it at the bigining but now she's in love whit ((( my car )))
  5. Hi , my name is Normand , i'm from Compton Québec Canada , first i'm a french Canadian and my writing could be not perfect , i do my best , i introduce my Smart cars the first one that i have is a brand new Pulse Coupé 2006 , untill the time my wife buy a used Pure 2006 Cabrio , We keep this one for 4 years , in 2011 a pick-up hit me in the back , the insurance scrap my 2006 Coupé , then i replace it by a used Passion Cabrio 2008 , i sold them in 2014 , after 3 years ... the fever come again ,in may 2017 , i buy a 2014 ED Coupé , it is my best ever Smart , exeption of the 110 km. of range . for this reson , last weeck we buy an old Pulse Cabrio 2005 siber green for the hot season , only 98,000 km. with 3 month warranty pieces and work .