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  1. good to know thanks, probably oil change coming up
  2. anybody have photos of this actuator punched through the clutch release bearing does not sound good, mind you I was clipping along at about 135 clicks that morning...
  3. Thanks for all the inputs everybody, tonight had time to first check the easy stuff - checked fuses all ok - checked for codes with OBD2 scanner, no codes - disconnected battery for a bit, still nothing - checked the wheels I guess they seem ok must have been the angle I was looking at them pulling out of the driveway. - have the wrench and 10 comes up now have also noticed a weird noise very hard to explain sort of a sizzle trickle electric noise when turning ignition off , a little when turning on but more so when turning off, seems to come from behind me on the left side underneath. Have heard it before the no start also... This is the next place I will be looking for any clues...
  4. seems more then usual and compared to the other side, I wonder if its affecting the transmission and sending a code... need to find time to check it, thanks for the responses
  5. Thanks folks yes I went through the not being in neutral routine already. i will definitely check my fuses, excuse my ignorance but what’s the SAM i did notice when leaving my driveway in my truck looking back seen the rear right wheel tilted in at the top like to much camber.
  6. Hey folks new here , Got a 06 smart on a trade, figured I came out ahead 150,000 kms, clean little car, always liked them. Driving it for about 2 weeks, As the title says no start came out of work yesterday and tried a bunch of different things from the internet as in rock the car in gear etc No Go, either got the the wreck and 11 or the beeping and 3 bars. called CAA towed it home, any input as to where to start would be greatly appreciated... Kerry