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  1. Wow!! Lol it’s okay I’m just at work and might be leaving early tomorrow and meeting up with Nigel if he had time! You guys are great thanks for all the help and support. If we can’t figure it out today I’ll be reaching out to Uncle Glen!
  2. Thanks for the reply, the problem is I clicked the remote button I heard the click then nothing would work and it wasn’t fully patched off. I couldn’t get the motor to work again when I press the remote button again nothing happens no click so sounds nothing
  3. I’ll get on that right away I actually found out how to close the soft top manually through that site!
  4. Kk reach out to him if I can’t figure it out, but London is a distance! Weekends work London trip with the wife
  5. Thanks brother yea the problem is I manually closed it and I’m getting the error - I’m pretty sure it’s latched on. I’ll take you up on the manual if I don’t get anywhere - either way smart meet in three weeks should be good!
  6. Thanks Nigel! Let’s see if we can make an official one! Lol. Yea I figured out how to turn the car on, now just trying to figure out how to make the sunroof work. So are you saying I should manually open the full roof and attempt to re latch it? I did hear it latch in. I’m not really sure what the issue is. I didn’t even know it opened all the way
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Arkian and I recently purchased my first 2006 Smart CDI fortwo cabriolet! It was like love at first sight! I’ve had from Kawasaki ninja all the way to V8’s and this is the funniest vehicle I’ve driven in a while! It has 154000km on it and it was pretty much an impulse buy! I needed something to go back and forth to work and when I saw the ad, I had to check it out....and that’s how we met! Ive been reading up a lot on them so I’m getting myself familiar with some of the things! The only real issue that it has is I’m not sure exactly what I did, but I held the “open roof” button on the remote and all the sudden the roof made a click (I believe it unlatched, the roof was all the way open but the back window was still up) and from there nothing worked, the roof wouldn’t open or close and the “C” symbol would appear. After a couple of hours of google searching I was able to figure out that I can manually close the soft top and it should click on. It clicked in and I was able to close it but the button doesn’t work and and when I attempt to start the car, I get the “key signal” and I have the press the “open roof” button on the remote until the car beeps than I can start the car. When I start driving the “C” symbol flashes a few times so I’m guessing it’s not clicked in or im doomh something wrong. Anyone nes have any suggestions? It’s currently at the shop for an oil change and a safety (might need brakes) ps: is there ever any meets in the Toronto area? I’m super excited and currently in the process of convincing my wife to get one hahah thanks everyone! I’ll post some pics it only allows 2mb