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  1. Hi Smart Electric - are you saying in your post that your 2018 Smart ED has less acceleration than a 2013 Smart ED? I have a 2017 Smart ED which I think is the same as the 2018. I have so driven the prior model (a 2016) which I think is the same as the 2013. The 2016 I drove was considerably slower for acceleration than the 2017/2018. Any clarification is appreciated.
  2. My first service for 2017 Smart Car at Mercedes in Vancouver (near boundary road) was about $225. On the service receipt they document having done oil and filter - even though the car doesn't have this. they just didn't have another code for servicing smart electric cars.
  3. Freego doesn't work for 2017 or newer smart cars. I have the custom made hitch from E&H hitch in burnaby. It looks skookum and operates really well. My care has a picture of the rack on the back. The hole in the bumper looks like it's done at the factory.
  4. Ihlefeld - the range on a 2015 Smart Car Electric is typically about 63 miles (or 100km). The 2017 and 2018 have higher range, i.e. about 80 miles (or 120 km) - though if you drive them carefully and don't do too many uphills you can get 10-20% more range than what I've quoted.
  5. Thanks SmartElectric; and Fric. I was in the Mercedes dealership and interestingly there was a new electric smart car with EQ on the front grill. Perhaps this is ready for EQ App, though it is not yet available in North America. Thanks again
  6. Any idea of how to get this?
  7. Good one SmartElectric. I've only done about 18,000 km in my Tesla (in 2 years) and like you am enjoying the Smart Car. So good for parking and turns on a dime. Also very inexpensive to run. Roomy for my 18 year old son who is 6 foot 5 inches. We use the larger car for outings with more than 2.
  8. I just bought a slightly used 2017 Smart ED and everything seems to work fine. I haven't tried pre-conditioning yet but find the car is terrific. I also have a Tesla Model XP90DL which I love but I wanted to try a small (1/2 size) car as many condo garage's here don't easily fit larger cars like the Tesla Model X (especially if you have bikes and other stuff). I am getting a custom hitch made by a Burnaby Company (E&H Hitch) so I can put a bike rack on the car too.
  9. I am going to get a custom hitch made for my 2017 Smart ED. It will cost $500 from a place in Burnaby called E&H Hitch. They do excellent work but it requires that they cut a small hole in the plastic lower bumper. Then I'd like to try a bike rack similar to the Thule 990XT if it will fit both road and mountain bikes (which I think it does).