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  1. Was good meeting ya! Us Smart car owners have to stick together! Now that I know that my muffler isn't stock I kinda feel better that it's loud for a reason. Still on the fence if I want to change it out or not. I get used to the droning but other times it's hard not to notice. Although Jonathan pointed out that underneath the seats was damp borderline wet so I gotta figure out where the leak is coming from. Unfortunately it rained last night and a bit this morning so hard to catch it now. Gotta let the car dry out and I was thinking throwing some silica packs underneath the carpet to keep the moisture down till I figure out a permanent solution. Learned a lot from Jonathan, just gotta implement the ideas!
  2. Hey fellow Smart car owners! I reside in the lovely town of Keswick Ontario and I've recently picked up a previously loved 2006 Pulse Smart car. I'm very smitten by it but I've have just a few questions for all of you if I can pick your brains. -My car seems really loud, like exhaust wise. Is that normal? I've never owned a diesel car before so I don't know if the noise level is normal or if I got a hole in my exhaust. -Is the stock car stereo and speakers not that uhhhh robust? I find myself cranking the volume to 36 to hear the music, or I'm going deaf. -Sometimes I get a waft of diesel smell when I'm stopped at a light. It's brief then goes away and them comes back. I'm pretty sure I have the engine compartment closed tight so I dunno, I'm scratching my head on this one. There any chance of having a Smart Car meet up? I'd be down!