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  1. Thanks for the welcome. Yes, obviously I physically confirmed the doors aren’t locked. And yes if i press the unlock button 100 times, the passenger door is still locked. This problem has been going on for at least 6 months. I’m just now getting a chance to resolve it. There is a fault in my system. The owners manual isn’t going to be useful, but I hoped someone here had experienced a similar issue and could advise.
  2. Thanks in advance for any help! My 2009 Smart Fortwo 451 isn't locking properly with the key fob. I've gone through every similar thread but couldn't find one that resolved my problem. I have 2 key fobs and they both function identically. The key fobs will not lock either of the doors and the lights flash 3 times. The fobs will remotely unlock the driver door, but not the passenger door (i can hear a click in the passenger door when unlocking, but it doesn't sound like the unlock-then-lock issue others have had). The interior lock/unlock buttons on the dash work properly for both doors. I have replaced the batteries in both key fobs, fixing none of these issues. Any other tests I can try? Or any more info I can provide? Or anybody have any thoughts what could be causing this? Thank you!