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  1. These are some photos from below. I think in the photo of the intercooler there is some space under it like a damaged one,tolsen can you see it?
  2. I think the problem is that,because I have oil dropes on the Left side
  3. So,what should I do for testina turbo pressure? Or it's dire It Will Be the intercooler and can directly order a new One?
  4. So,what's your advice for control the turbo pressure? Or should I Simply disassemble the old intercooler?
  5. I understand,but doesn't it connect to a pc? Or it only will shove me parameters with that display? Is it compatible only with smart?
  6. With a scanner of a car electrician can I di all' this test?
  7. how can I verify this? Should I control First the condition of my current intercooler before buying a new One?
  8. Hi,what does it mean boost pressure 1.2 bar and drive flat out? What are you advicing me for the cylinder head?
  9. I can't really answer you at this question,because I can't see much difference since before. from my last oil change the mechanic insert in 3.0 L and the leak becomed bigger since then,before it seems like vapor oils,but now when I control under the car,there are spot of black oil. Could this make the problem worse?
  10. In reality,I have a leak,I think it has to do with the intercooler o-ring,the most mechanics who look at it said that's normal for a car with 16 year to have these leaks. What are you thinking about?
  11. In Italy the gasoline is everywhere the same What shouldn't I look for these 2 problems?
  12. Will do,1 day hopely,actually it's not in a good shape,hope I can repair her soon
  13. Hello everyone, I'm from Italy and a owner of a Smart 450 CDI Cabrio,actually I have some problems with consumption,the last year with a fuel (17 Liters + 5) I could achieve 350-380 Km,but now I'm not able to do more than 300Km,with the same style of driving and same roads,what can I do? The car has now 190.000 Km and I own it since 180.000,what should I look for to have it in good shape?There's a little crack on the Cylinder Head,is it advisable to spend money and repair it?Can it be connected at the fact that when it's hot (35┬░ nowadays) or I use a car after an hour before I use it,it has some hiccup for 10 seconds and then it goes well. Thanks to everyone who reply and sorry for my english
  14. Hello everyone,I write from italy and i'm a owner of a Smart 450 CDI cabrio