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  1. Thanks and Thanks! Got them both sorted. The plug in question was very corroded and the with the slightest motion the white wire pulled out..and then from the bottom side too. Not wanting to mess with repairing the plug which is in a awkward location. I cleaned the pins with sandpaper, their receptacles with a piece of wire and 'a bit of the old in and out'. attached a jumper piece of wire connecting the white wire, taped it up and voila working door locks. Thanks again!! I never would have discerned this by myself, and or it would've taken me a lot longer!
  2. Cool will do, and thanks! Humourously in my mechanical poking around I inadvertently flipped the hooky latch in the door up and now can't close the front door!!! bahahah. I remember there's a way to sort that out with most cars but can't quite recall it right now. pretty funny though. oy vey!
  3. Wow now I can't edit my previous post. Thought I should change the title to some more direct, like "450 CDI Doors Won't Lock" but I can't find anywhere to edit it??? Annnd my doors won't lock for no apparent reason. All doorways and openings seem to be latching securely with no obstructions Sometime electric mechanical stuff is good, sometimes it's a PITA
  4. My car has started beeping at me. beep beep beep beep beep. Then on an outing it wouldn't lock the doors. Both doors were firmly closed as was the hatch and soft top (as far as I can, as it has never been opened or been a problem before. Is there a place to check for the door sensors? I'm going into a dodgier part of town tonight to play a show and it'd be nice to be able to lock the car
  5. I will look into one of the Delphi knockoffs Is it bad news to drive the car in this state? It seems like the hill assist is definitely off but I haven't noticed too much else bad.. I did skid a bit on one stop but it was unusual anyway.
  6. Can you buy those in Canada? Or do you have to order them online? I'm having trouble finding one as the ads are often selling parts fro one. How much do they regularly go with and what are the minimum system requirements for a PC. I have a mac mini for the internet and a 15 year old PC that despite that is quite skookum (it's my music recording computer and is NEVER hooked to the internet) I've never updated the operating system because it's working fine,
  7. ahh so I have to pay someone to do it.
  8. Well I'll try again to see if my code reader can do that.
  9. THe splash guards look good and entirely intact I haven't removed the discs etc to actually look at the fr5onmt reluctiors? Is it necessary? My next step maybe will to try and find the ABS controller.
  10. You slay me. They're awfully festive!
  11. Nice! I noticed today my brake pedal seems to be higher and a fair bit stiffer, like when you redo your brakes and all of a sudden your pedal is up high again. My ABS and ESP lights are still on Another thing, perhaps unrelated. I left my tire valve cap on my folks driveway and asked my foather to have a look for it. He said he also found some ball bearings(just a few. If one of my front reluctor rings is unhappy would it have dumped loose ball bearings? Don't these things have sealed bearings? I'm only asking because on the evilution site is was mentioning how to check the front reluctors, It was suggesting removing the wheel and said not to force it unless you like ballbearings... I'm going to try and have a better look at the front wheels tomorrow
  12. Weren't Reluctors those scary soul sucking creatures from the Harry Potter books?
  13. That's a handy looking unit , I guess about $75 Can. That would pay for itself on one tire change. Still trying to figure the ABS light thing Are there front reluctor rings? I was having a look but it seems to kind of enclosed
  14. I wonder what else could be causing the ABS light. Could it just be the light itself or a sensor is faulty. Does it indicate anything else?
  15. Yes, my car lost it's can of liquid sealant sometime before I acquired it. I'll probably buy another for emergencies. I took that wheel off and put it in a tub of water and low and behold it's leaking around the valve where it's seats into the rim. I'm going to take it back to the guys who installed the tire on the rim some months back and see what they say. You'd think they would've checked the tires prior to installing. It started leaking right away. I assumed it was the tires as they were used. If the leak was in the tread i would've repaired it myself.