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  1. Cool I have no problem with the car especially I just have NO frame of reference as to what it's supposed to be like. It hasn't been serviced for a while so I'm making sure it's behaving as it should.
  2. I appreciate the info and I definitly have no complaints I was pondering a small trailer too but the start in first gear on any incline makes me leary of pulling something, though I know people do it. I like how Tolsen is bouncing the rpms up to 4500. When I drive mine that hard it definitely is perkier, but I was trying to squeeze good mileage out of it.
  3. I have a 2005 fortwo cdi cabriolet that I have been driving for that past month or so Cool car! I have changed the oil, oil filter, air filter and cleaned the EGR valve which was stuck This cleared the engine light and all the codes, It currently is showing no engine check light and is not showing any codes As I've never driven one of these of any sort before I want to check if the performance it's displaying is normal. So: When I start off in 1st on any sort of upwards incline, after the hill assist goes off it takes a while to get rolling at a decent speed. Like an semi trailer but a faster. There's a bit of rumble prior to it getting going but otherwise shifts seem good. For shifting I was trying to keep it to around 2200 RPM as that's what seems to be suggested for good fuel consumption Much below 2000 and it's bogging down though Generally I shift around 2500-300 so that when it's in the new gear it's around 2000- 2200 For hills it needs to be around 3000 RPM to keep from gradually slowing down. For example if I start a decent sized hill in 4th at around 2500 Rpm, by the time my momentum starts to slow it wants to be in 3rd at 3000-2500 to maintain the speed limit of 50km. Is this normal or should I look for other issues?
  4. Cool, Thanks very much, If we have a few days of dry weather I'll probably give this a try. It seems to have not been leaking as much , if at all lately but I'd like to have a look at it anyway. the information is very helpful.
  5. Frankly I think we live in a world in which it is getting harder for your average person to do their own car maintenance. Especially with more modern vehicles. Our society, for the most part, doesn't encourage DIY car maintenance. You HAVE to take it to a mechanic and pay excessive amounts of money and hope you don't get shafted. Also many people aren't mechanically inclined or they weren't brought up/given the chance to be (like many women). They have other qualities which frankly some people who may be mechanically inclined are sometimes lacking. Like politeness, compassion, understanding, supportiveness, thoughfulness etc. I think if someone is actually asking for help, it's not helpful to try and make them feel like an idiot just because they don't know. That would just encourage them not to learn which would just perpetuate what seems to have become the discussion here. To the person who is having brake difficulties. Have you ever done your own brakes? Are you familiar with the process? Turn the front wheels all the way each way and look at the calipers and pads Are the brakes metal on metal? Discs heavily scored? If it is not your thing then i would take the car to a competent and TRUSTED mechanic. get a second opinion or a third if you feel you can drive your car around safely. I've done brakes on lots of cars and I'll be doing my brakes soon. I'll be curious to figure out the quirks and pitfalls (if any ) of the smart car brakes.
  6. Hmm $700 Canadian At this point too expensive though I appreciate the insight It could be gunk on the seals though the area was washed unfortunately I can't open it right now, or at least not till I get at least a week of dry weather and have a cable repair kit handy as I know that need s to be fixed too. Here's a question: Can I latch the roof up properly with the cable ends being broken. (I didn't break them, I was told by my brother that the original owner had and he couldn't fix them and he couldn't find parts for a reasonable price..taht was about 5 years ago though.)
  7. Okay nobody has a comment on this, no older cabriolet owners out there? If there is could you please take a picture of the front side seams on your smart car so I can see if this is how it is supposed to look. I've looked a lot online for photos but no dice. Thanks
  8. Here's some pictures of the front seam. i was curious if the roof was supposed to overlap the rubber side seam for the last 6 inches or so like it does in these pictures. It looks wrong to me..but I certainly could be wrong myself!
  9. baha Torch = torque I believe the electric mechanism for the roof has been disconnected at the battery I haven't tried to open it to check it out because we're having a rainy spell and I don't have a covered area to leave the car. I'm hoping I get a few days to a week of drier weather that I can use to explore this further The annoying thing is I'm looking to fix someone else's 'fix' which is at best confusing. I'll get a picture up too.
  10. I have a Canadian 2005 Smart fortwo CDI Cabriolet i was looking for the soft top cable repair/replacement kits A fellow hear said the Canadian diesel had 2 cables and one motor I've looked on line and found a couple kits in the UK here's one: I'm wondering if there's a reasonably priced source locally (in Canada)? or a good place to scavenge from wrecked smarts in Vancouver area? My brother trying to fix a previous owners mangling of the ends of the cables ended up just possibly wiring bthe roof shut. i don't care about having a convertible but in heavier rain I get leaks on both front corners where the top meets the windshield.
  11. Likely this is covered here but what the heck Here's my DIY Aux in made from vintage organ spade connectors (squeezed a bit) and a piece of old headphone extender cable Works a charm Thanks internet! Mind you this is only for those who are thrilled with the novelty of a working radio and cd player in car and are too cheap to buy a more advanced radio. Cost 0$
  12. Cool. I'd way rather make my own anyway. I did that with my mercedes 300D and it worked great for towing a bigger sailtboat.
  13. Hi I have a 2005 diesel Smart car fortwo I've heard people do light weight towing with Smarts I was curious if the curt 11020 hitch that seems ti be common fits the early models (the sites I see all stop at 2009) I've also seen people fabricating their own which is entirely possible for me too. Any recommendations.? I'm thinking of towing a VERY small utility trailer or a tiny sailing dinghy I would plan to keep it all under 600 lbs.
  14. I want one! It looks like a mini anvil! Door stop or seat slide thingy?
  15. I noticed the wire loom rub when I was servicing the EGR valve and elevated it. I can do a fix on the small rubbed part Good to know about the other things. I'll keep an eye on them though my particular smart doesn't have AC Thanks