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  1. Hey smarties. Any trouble shooting ideas for no spark on cylinder 3 before I have to take it to a dealership? Coil looks like it got very hot. No idea why. Replaced coil with a Mitsubishi coil and still no spark. Has compression. Changed spark plug. Any other things to check that I didn’t think of?
  2. Hey smarties. Just following up from my initial problem. Took my yellow pretty bird to Mercedes West Edmonton. After a rather large quote turns out they say it’s not the ECU and only the ignition coil. Said they have never ever had to change the ECU in any smart before. Hope they are right!
  3. If I can find a used ecu can I use it or do I have to have it coded to my smart? Any suggestions where to source a used ecu?
  4. Thanks! Does the ecu have to go to a dealership to test or is there another way to test on our own?
  5. I’m relaying what my hubby advised he has tried. I didn’t ask about the leads. Yet. Are aftermarket leads available or is there a cross reference to a substitute lead to test out?
  6. Thanks Tolsen. Tried swapping coils and it actually ran worse. I took it previously to Pug City and they said it’s the ecm. Would the car run if the ecm has an issue? It has good compression. I want to exhaust all options before taking it to a dealership. I will check the leads also. If a lead is shot would it spark or not at all?