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  1. Well, delayed. A business trip, unexpected repairs to another vehicle, and during my week of vacation I would up spending most of my time doing work from home because we got nailed by a huge RansomeWare attack. Winter is coming. LOL. I need to get to the point where I know if this wee beastie is going to run for the winter or not, and if it is, I need to get more deeply educated on, inspect for the presence of, and prepare to construct and install if necessary, the Tolsen Constrictor. I know delays are inevitable for any hobby. But this is also, hopefully, going to be my get-around car for the winter. It's a 45-55 minute drive; it would be nice to be comfortable. I'll likely eventually want to investigate the 2" lift if you have success with it, [Willys]. I'd like to know how it handles and if it modifies your consumption rate any.
  2. Have I had enough? LOL. What is this "enough" of which you speak? I was hoping to not have to dig too deeply into it, and that the only real problem was with the transmission, as described by the previous owner. The owner(s) before him put a lot of miles on this thing, and seem to have taken the time to do some work on it (custom A/C addition, for example). So I'm hopeful that the only real issues I have are that it sat a long time and the previous owner never found the time to fix the transmission issue (he wanted to order a new one from Germany and pay to have it shipped over. I chatted with a gent who had an ad out someplace looking to buy old Smarts and he highlighted the cable split fork issue. But we'll see. I'll invest in getting her running until she's running or I surrender. My wife is already fawning over how cute they are; I can see us winding up with two of these. The good news is it looks like two of them will fit front to back in one of the car slots of our garage. Lifting a Smart -- cool idea. But lifting, like with Jeeps, has a price on stress angles and such. Does the Smart natively come with U-Joints or CV Joints? I guess I have more reading to do. LOL
  3. Thanks to all for the tips and info. Thanks to the UK owner's manual noted above, I see I have the Smart Radio Five. I'll get pictures up eventually. Found some more oddities and would like opinions and thoughts. Not tonight. The tires are Continental Made in France Rear: 175/55 R 15 77T Max Load: 412kg/908lbs at 51psi Front: 155/60 R 15 74T Max Load: 375kg/827lbs at 44psi Hatch struts are shot. I saw a note that someone picked them up from dealer at $63 each (presumably $63 CDN). Guess I'll keep using the broomstick until I can prove the vehicle is roadworthy. Got in to the Mercedes-Benz dealer, the only way they could look up the part was by VIN. Wow. Luckily, I was able to find my update on the VIN database by searching for my town name (Parma) and had the VIN available. One oil filter ordered; shipping from Germany will take about a week. They also informed me that VIN was insufficient to isolate fuel fitler type so he recommended I take it off and bring it in. I'll take the fuel filter off and investigate, but I'm not sure I'll need to take it in. [Nigel] says Mann HU68x so I'm betting that will match. We'll see. VIN is now in my online document repository. Started clearing stuff out of the back section; Discovered a car cover and a coil spring (??) in the back section. Guess I'll be investigating the suspension. Purchases: 27mm socket for the oil filter 1-gallon Rotella T6 Oil 2 x 5-gallon Yellow Diesel Fuel Containers (we'll see if the old stuff fits into one or not) 32-oz Diesel Kleen Plus Cetane Boost 2 x Jackstands Remaining: 1/2" drive Torque Wrench (Hard(ish) to find the old needle style, and it's not worth $200 to get a digital one) 1 Pela PL-6000 Suction Pump (wasn't in the store at Wal-Mart so online we go) YesCom 12V 5L Oil Fluid Liquid Diesel Fuel Extractor 2 x Hocky Puck (I was *IN* the Wal-Mart and managed to forget!!! Ah well, with all the other delays, it seems I have time) Jack (Postponed, since I have Hi-Lift jacks which will do for now) So with parts delays and an upcoming business trip, I don't think I'm going to be ready to move to the next phase for several weeks. :: pout :: I buttoned her up and rolled her back into her parking space. - Steve M.
  4. I'd read about the alternator freeze-up, and initially guessed that was the source of the belt whine. However, since she had actually started, I talked myself out of that, figuring that the motor would have busted that free. This is the problem with lots of time to think and little experience: Too many conclusions to jump to. : -) I'll re-read how to unstick the alternator. Maybe this will give me my first "take off the right rear tire" story? I'm sure my friends will be thrilled LOL. Thanks for the tips! Forgot to look for the drawer, will do so.
  5. So the work on my wee beastie has begun. Got all the pieces I could find put back onto the car. Replaced the battery. Cleaned corrosion from the cables using some liquid spray thingy from the oil cupboard. Probably Penetrating Oil LOL. Didn't have any carb cleaner or battery cleaner handy. The corrosion colony on the positive terminal was advanced enough to apply for citizenship. Marveled at the female 110 outlet stowed in the battery compartment. Female. As in, the thing you plug your equipment into. Does this thing have an inverter on it? Looks like a factory thing (??). Unlike the other wiring added on the other side of the battery compartment which looks like a reasonably-well done custom mod. Replaced the key battery. Figured out how to mate the key back to the car (sort of; it seems I have to repeat the procedure every day. That will get old quickly, but sort of acts like an additional anti-theft device, so maybe I can convince myself it's a good thing). Started it. Yes. She started. Sitting 4 years with diesel at 3/4 tank, and she started. She didn't run long. She bubbled and glurbled and stumbled and sputtered and stuttered. A few seconds in a belt started to whine; a short while later she surrendered and stalled. No start since; occasional single-pop ignition, not enough to get her going. Recharged battery. :: hangs head in shame :: Two wrenches on console; presumably oil change indicator or the rough equivalent of a check engine light? OBD-II indicates two codes; I can't figure out how to get my reader to show me the second one. Seriously. Programming and using computers since age 14 and I can't find a "Next" button or an arrow key that behaves in an expected manner. Darn kids and their toys. Get off my lawn. Throws P0087 (Fuel Rail/System Presssure Too Low). Presume bad fuel and/or clogged fuel filter. Certainly these need doing anyway, along with the oil and its filter. Speaking of filters, the air filter is half the size of the engine. My friends will no doubt soon tire of my SmartCar stories. I don't care. Found the radio code hand-written in the warranty booklet; unlocked the radio and programmed in four stations to the four buttons.However, Button 1 is also "Scan", so when I press 1 now I get the station I asked for... briefly. LOL Haven't figured out how to get past that. An owner's manual might be helpful. Went looking for owner's manual online. Lots of links teasing me, dangling a purported owner's manual on the other end; but, alas, even including the links from this site; only one downloads a PDF, and my PDF reader can't open it (???). So I'm flying blinder than usual until I can resolve that issue. Yes, computer geek can't find or open a PDF file. Maybe I should retire and garden for a living or something. There's a very nicely done on/off switch which upon closer inspection appears to be mod work; bottom of console/dash, driver's side, near center. It also, upon closer inspection, appears to be popped out of its socket. But it looked nice until that happened. Right side has what appears to be a control knob for... an extra air conditioner? It has a snowflake on it. Can't wait to find out what that's all about, if it works, etc. Filled all the tires back to one pound shy of the indicated pressure (51 PSI; pushed hand compressor to 51 with a one-pound drop after compressor stops). If nothing else I figure it will make it easier to push her around while I wait patiently; oh, so patiently, to get her started. After exuberantly announcing to my wife that she started, ran briefly, and then died, with graphic descriptions and lots of hand motioning, her response was: "You smell like diesel." I have a great support structure over here. Me, Myself, and I (thank goodness for the fourth member of the cheering squad: Ego). Next steps: Purchase: 1/2" drive Torque Wrench 1/2" drive 27mm socket 1-gallon Rotella T6 Oil (yes, it's 5W40 but I keep seeing proclamations that it runs quieter, which I translate as gentler on the motor #thatsmystoryandimstickingtoit ) 1 Pela PL-6000 Suction Pump (for oil extraction) 3 x 5-gallon Yellow Diesel Fuel Containers (Tank is 3/4 full, holds 33L (8.7 gallons?) so probably has 5.85 gallons in it. 2 Cans for extracted fuel; 1 Can for new fuel. Doubles as serious emergency extra supply for long trips into the Grand Canyon or something. Or if I apply the Forsea refit kit, maybe I could use it to get to Hawaii or something. 32-oz bottle of Diesel Kleen Plus Cetane Boost YesCom 12V 5L Oil Fluid Liquid Diesel Fuel Extractor (don't want to mix diesel and oil in the same pump) Mercedes-Benz Fuel Filter E320 (is that right?) Oil filter for 2005 Smart cdi/Canadian from local Mercedes-Benz dealer (may as well get to know them) 2 x Hockey Puck (to put between the jack/jackstand and the lift point) 2 x JackStands Jack (model to be determined). Can jury rig something out of paper clips and rubber bands until then. Trying to use brick-n-mortar stores, but some of this stuff is coming from Amazon. On the week several hurricanes come a-calling. Yes, I have a wonderful sense of timing. I'm sure delivery times will be juuuuuuust fiiiiiiiine. Actions: Remove Oil (don't forget to jack Front Left so we get it all). Replace Oil Filter (don't forget to jack Back Left and Right so we can swing an axe under there) Add new Oil, 2.7L exactly, not 3.0L. Remove "fuel". Change Fuel Filter. Add Kleen Boost. Add new Fuel. Pray. Start Car. (I'm an optimist.) Please oh please oh please don't make me crack the heads open on this wee beastie. Please please please please please.... Also, I need to find out if there's a way to prime the injectors. Haven't found anything on this yet. Will post separate question for that. - Steve M.
  6. Interesting. If you're curious, check the VIN database forum for WMEAJ00F25J154685; my comment is still there and it knows the name under which the comment was made. If not, no worries. I guess I can be marinersk2 :: sigh :: Question, though. I'm still listed as a Guest; I recall reading... something... somewhere... about doing... something... to get "upgraded" out of "Guest" status. What needeth I do?
  7. Interesting. I have an Ohio title for my Canadian cdi. Perhaps we are one of the states with a loophole? I did notice somewhere (warranty booklet, maybe?) that it was not for sale in the U.S.; yet here it is. I don't have mine running yet, so I don't know the rules -- my guess is either it qualifies for a waiver or it must pass Ohio E-Check. It's a 2005, so I have to wait until 2030 before I qualify for that waiver. She should run so long....242k km on her already.
  8. Have done; no response. What's a normal wait time?
  9. I signed up as marinersk. Went through the verification steps. Posted several items. Updated my VIN in the 450 list. Had a lovely side conversation. Got several notices via E-Mail from the board. Noticed the other day my posts were listed as being "Guest". Tried to log in as "marinersk" and it says no such user. Help? Did I do something wrong?