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  1. Update: 1. Put the car outside for a couple of hours while working on my daughter's car. Glow plug light came on and stayed on longer during pre-glow stage. Car started almost as well so apparently no issues with glow plug controller. Heater booster light is still on continuously despite changing the heater temp control setting to mid-temp. Conclusion: glow plug function is normal. 2. Noticed today that the drop back down to 400 rpm after 10 seconds or so coincided with the dash brightening slightly. Alternator is kicking in to recharge the battery after starting and engine can't maintain 800 rpm when cold with the extra load. Will handle it when warm. Conclusion: issue is caused by injectors and likely won't be there once the injector issue is solved. 3. See last post. Was able to attain 80 kph on a flat road but slow getting there. It was a little better today despite not getting warmed up as much as yesterday. Conclusion: cleaning the injector nozzles helped but are still the main problem. Pretty confident that the car will be road worthy with good injectors. I hope to borrow a set to test that before spending a bunch of money on remans or hopefully new nozzles if I can find them.
  2. Yet I see pictures of the remanufactured injectors showing nice shiny new nozzles, so obviously they're getting new nozzles from someone. Are you saying that the remans are not using Bosch parts?
  3. Intercooler had a bit of soot in it from the EGR but otherwise fine, no boost leaks that are apparent. The test drive was a bit slow! I drove it in circles around my shop yard for about ten minutes to get the engine to temp and to see how it was doing before venturing out on the road. It barely had enough to get moving but managed to get to 50 kph after about a block or so. I live in a small town so it wasn't hard to get to a deserted flat road to allow it some room to run. Top speed on a flat road ended up around 80 kph, Drove a total of 16 kms and it seemed to be marginally better after although that could have been from getting the drivetrain warmed up. P0702 code came up a couple times. Progress but well short of proper performance. No pressure tests today, ended up working on my son's 2004 330i and my daughter-in-law's '99 C280. Will try again tomorrow.
  4. I just rebuilt the engine so I know it's in good shape. I own and run a high performance engine shop so I usually go overboard in that department. I made and installed an EGR block-off plate as well. I have two spare high pressure pumps including one that's supposed to be remanufactured but I've already confirmed via the fuel rail pressure sensor readings that the high pressure side is in the right range. I have a short list of things to check: 1. Glow plug function: picked up a third glow plug controller for testing but suspect something else is the root reason. 2. Slow idle on start, then 800 rpm for about 10 seconds then back to 400 rpm. Once the engine was getting some heat into it it didn't do that. I'd really like to have a decent description of the ECU programming so I can figure out why it goes into the slow idle cycle when cold. 3. Test drive to see if it can attain road speed. As mentioned earlier, it was suffering from a lack of power when it got parked. I can hear the turbo spool up when I lean into the throttle in neutral but obviously that doesn't mean much other than the turbo isn't seized. It's becoming apparent that this car likely has several issues that led to it getting parked.
  5. Quick update: a busy day and evening so only had time for a couple starts. My neighbor by my shop has a diesel Smart car so I had him give me his opinion of how mine is running. I started it, it ran on all three cylinders right away but didn't rev up until a few seconds after the starter stopped. It then ran at about 400 rpm for a few more seconds then picked up to 800 rpm. Ran there for a few more seconds then dropped back down to about 400 rpm and chugged away without quitting. No throttle response. Shut it off and restarted, this time I revved it up a bit to demonstrate throttle response. Ran it up to about 1200 rpm and it ran there for a short bit then dropped back to 400 rpm with no response. He confirmed that the throttle response when working sounded right and was impressed with how evenly it ran at 400 rpm. I'll time the duration of the response vs no response time, then hook up my fuel pressure gauge on the low side to see if that pump is shutting off for some reason.
  6. I replaced the fuel filter and engine oil as soon as I got the car, I always do at least that much. As far as cleaning the injectors, the fuel passages through the main body are quite open so only the nozzle really needs cleaning. No need to field strip it from what I've seen. My wife and in-laws were missionaries in Africa so I've heard lots of first-hand stories about third world fixes!
  7. I got the three "cleaned", tested (and failed) injectors back and took the nozzles off one at a time to clean them. Same initial results: only 2 or 3 holes not completely clogged, usually only one that sprayed well and the others weakly. Decided to back flush them right away, and the results were usually 4 pretty good sprays.Tells me that just sonic testing isn't quite enough and that a backflush really helps, probably to blow the little bits and grits out instead of trying to force them through the tiny orifices. I was able to get one up to 5 decent sprays fairly quickly so I reassembled it and put the three best injectors back in the engine. Immediate difference, it tried to start but didn't quite. A assist spritz brought it to life and this time it idled at 800 rpm for about 10 seconds before slowing and quitting. The next time it started unassisted, and it stayed running longer. I put the intake hose back on and hopped in to see if it would do more than idle. Started up and yes, it responded to the accelerator pedal. Revved it up gently to about 1500 rpm but then it died again. Was thinking that the low pressure fuel side was cutting out so the next time I let it idle to see how long it would go. It stayed running at 800 rpm this time. A few more tries with moderate revving and quitting. Got the first blob of engine temp, and it's getting better each time. It will now start almost immediately and idles pretty smoothly at 800 rpm, takes throttle and will rev up to 3000 rpm although not quickly. Didn't try higher than that for now, put it in first and it did the right things by easing forward with throttle. It's in my shop so no test drive yet. Next step is one I should have done earlier: drain the tank and refill with fresh fuel with some fuel system additive. The previous owner said it was suffering from lack of power and that's why they parked it. Looks like a set of injectors would have solved the problem but things got worse form sitting, and the cylinder walls ended up with a light coat of rust. Thanks, Willys, for being brave enough to clean your injectors and then post! And to all who have responded, Tolsen especially, many thanks for the help! The saga isn't over yet but it's now alive!
  8. Now have two out of three spare injectors with 5 evenly spraying holes; the third is still at four but soaking overnight. I think I found a better way to check the spray pattern than just putting a liquid through. I filled an expansion/frost plug with the cleaning fluid (gunwash) and pointed the nozzle at it while spraying air through the nozzle with a rubber-tipped air gun and covering the return hole. By varying the pressure and the distance above the liquid I can compare the volume of air coming out of each orifice. I also found that back flushing by putting the rubber tip over the external part of the nozzle really helped clean things out. I'm going to get the other three injectors that were in the Smart car at the Pick N Pull and I'm pretty sure I should be able get at least three cleaned and working from the nine.
  9. Report back from diesel injector place: all injectors have an internal restriction, likely from bad fuel and/or sitting so long. They don't disassemble to clean only stick the tips in their ultrasonic cleaner. Flows are about 1/3 what they should be. I'll get them back and have a quick look to see if I can clean them myself.
  10. Sent the injectors out today to be cleaned and checked my spare set. Removed the nozzles and blew some cleaner through them, each had 2-3 sprays out of the 5 available. Used oven cleaner on the worst one and got 4 good sprays and one partial. Here's hoping that the other set was just as bad or worse!
  11. Thanks! Good to know but my engine is only running for seconds so can't do the test. I'm going to send them out for cleaning and testing at the local shop. I might clean the spares that I have myself just to see.
  12. Do you have a link to the bleed back test or could tell me how that is done?
  13. Sounds like I might be doing some injector and/or ECU work. I have carb cleaner, can I soak the tips in that without damaging them? On gas engines, a misfire at low rpm that goes away with rpm usually indicates a leaking valve. As rpm increases, there is less time for compression to leak away and the cylinder picks up.
  14. Good to know, so not indicating other problems - yet. Tried it again today after installing a block heater and plugging it in for two hours. Again, no start without ether, start and run with a spritz. I timed it more carefully: it idles at about 800 rpm now (warmer?) for about 5 seconds before gradually slowing and stopping. Total running time from start to quit is 9 seconds. Plugged the fuel pump solenoid connector back in; no change. Reading from the high pressure sensor is 1.378v when idling at 7-800 rpm and went up past 1.5 with the extra rpm when I spritzed a little extra.The voltage tracked with rpm as it slowed then quit. That would indicate to me that the fuel pressure is correct for the conditions, so no issues with the fuel system. That leaves the injectors and ECU. I have a second set of injectors now but they're older than the present set, and judging from the nice even idle when the engine is running, I don't think the injectors are the issue. I will see if I can clean them and try them out; pretty clean looking now but it can't hurt. Will carb cleaner be safe to use on the lower ends? Which leaves the ECU. I don't have a spare. If I did, could I just plug it in or does it need to be initialized or whatever to the car?