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  1. So here is the story so far. I picked up a 06 coupe that would not start. Then I picked up a smashed 05 cabrio for parts. The smashed car was in much better shape then the 06, so now I am fixing the smashed car. Here is what I got done tonight. The only thing I didn't expect to find was the crushed air box. But all the damaged parts are off now. Luckily no damage to the AC or cooling system. I now the plastic nose cone is different, but I will cross that bridge later on.
  2. Since the spring is gone and I can easily get to about 4 inches of the shaft, im going to try wrapping a rubber belt around the shaft and just holding it by hand. That with the impact gun, just might work. Lol
  3. Yes at first I thought they were missing, Spring bits were just covering them so at first glance I couldn't see them. I think I'm going to order new springs for it, instead of using springs off the parts car.
  4. i guess i waiting to long when i fell i love with these cute little cars. lol. i now have 2. a 2005 cabrio and a 2006 coupe. im from cape breton, nova scotia. and have just called every auto salvage yard here to find some more parts cars, and no one has any. no big deal (cape Breton is only small). so i decided to widen my search area to the whole province of NS. i was talking to one of the largest salvage yards and was told that is was too late.... they CRUSHED all the smart cars they had.... WTF ???? how are we supposed to keep our beloved cars or the road? i think i will start collecting every smart car i can find. instead of the "crazy cat lady" i will be the "crazy smart car guy". lol
  5. A little more done tonight. I started taking out the broken front springs. After everything I got past to this point, I'm stuck at the 21mm bolt on the top of the strut. I just can't get it to budge. Going to step away from it tonight and try it tomorrow with an impact gun.
  6. i was looking at the pictures of the ramps. do smarts have the power to drive up that incline? i would hate to see you have to take a run at it. lol. (might zoom right off the other end). sorry, this was supposed to be attached to Willys idea for the ramps to get the smart off the ground to work on it.
  7. I got my spare parts car home. I put a good battery in it. And it almost starts. I'm just wondering what these 2 boxes are for. They are not in my 06 coupe. 1 seems aftermarket with a blinking light on it, the other seems factory. I'm thinking the one with the blinking light is keeping the car from starting.
  8. i am not very good with a computer lol, but i know how to handle a welder... so i am going to make a cradle for the car (make it easier to move around the garage). yes i will start a repair thread (with lots of pics). and i'm sure i will have lots more questions for everyone.
  9. i went to the DMV last night, its now in my name (just as a salvage title). once i get it fixed and a new safety inspection done, i can get it plated and back on the road. so at least now i can continue on with the rebuild.
  10. I only have 1 key for my 2005. So just for the he'll of it I called a MD dealer here in NS. Wow... $400.00 for the key and I need to bring my car with its papers to the dealer. My only problem the closest dealer to me is a 5 hour drive away.
  11. So I wonder about reprogramming used keys. I wouldn't care if the key didn't fit the ignition, as log as it shut the imobilizer off. I see on amazon, you can order keys for under 20 dollars.
  12. This is not really an operation / maintenance topic. But I found this today. I was thinking about grabbing it for a parts car. What would you think a fair offer would be. (it did run, but hasn't sicne last winter)
  13. Yes, it looks worse than it actually is. From what I can see so far I need both front struts (springs), headlights, the steel front subframe and the rest is just the cosmetic plastic body. I didn't get to much accomplished tonight except running my expensive battery charger trying to revive a dead battery. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. And my commercial charger/booster was about 30 years old anyway.
  14. my interior door handle on the drivers door does not work. (the exterior handle does) what is the best way to fix it? remove the interior door panel to access it, or the exterior door shell? its a 2005 thanks
  15. i have the papers, i'm going to the DMV this week to transfer it to my name. everything should go ok. fingers crossed.
  16. Yes... I got it running. Now to get it fixed. The coupe is now going to be the donor car.
  17. So I could leave this box unplugged for the time being? It won't effect the starting of the car?
  18. This car is in such good shape that I might change plans and get it back on the road instead of the coupe. It has half the miles on it. And the damage should be an easy fix. I just want to get it to start first. I'm a little disappointed that now I have 2 that won't start. Lol
  19. Well it's home in my garage. The front is really low because the bottom spring mounts are missing from both sides.
  20. The ground only got hot and started melting the insulation, during excessive cranking of the starter. (if that helps any)
  21. Here is a better shot. I'm just getting ready to have a look inside