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  1. Any chance of lucking out and checking a wrecking yard for a smart. You might find a fuel pressure sensor for a few bucks. Worth a shot anyway. The way these older smart cars are, it seems like I good idea to have 2,3 or 4 spare parts cars, just in case. Lol
  2. are you still in Sydney? we could meet up.
  3. sorry (should be in the other forum) but good point. i was just figuring mabey a signal or voltage flowed thru the regulator plug that might tell the car not to start if it was not plugged in. these cars are so dependent on technology that who knows what would happen if something wasn't plugged in. lol.
  4. just a quick question. will a cdi start and run with no alternator installed or plugged in? i want to test start one of mine but im going to do it with no belt or alternator.
  5. sorry to hear, pets become part of the family. we have 2 labs and i don't know what i will do when the day comes to say goodbye to either of them.
  6. someone might want to refresh us. when ordering a scanguage 2, is there a certain cord that has to be ordered with it also? i remember seeing a post a while ago.
  7. is there a proper way to set the play in a clutch actuator? i just changed one of mine, there are elongated slots for the 3 bolt holes, so i assume its for adjustment. should the rod rest against the release bearing arm, or should there be some play in it? (i'm curious if the rod is always touching the arm, it might cause premature punch thru) i was inspecting my failed actuator, and after removing the electric motor, it seems that the gear is stripped that moves the rod.
  8. i know i have asked this before (i just cant remember) is the key (immobilizer) programmed to the SAM or the engine ECU?
  9. That sounds interesting, I I'm not financially in the position to set myself up with a MBSTAR system yet.
  10. i would really recommend adding relays to the headlights. that way the only power coming from the SAM is low current to trip the relay. while you are at it you might as well add a relay for the fuel pump. (this is another high current draw on the SAM, and will eventually cause you problems). install the relays under the dash next to the SAM (lots of room).
  11. my interior door handle on the drivers door does not work. (the exterior handle does) what is the best way to fix it? remove the interior door panel to access it, or the exterior door shell? its a 2005 thanks
  12. Hi group, really need some help here. I'm still stumped on my glow plug issue. My code scanner says I have a "glow plug circuit fault". I have swapped the controller with one of my other smarts controller, no change. When I turn the ignition on, glow plug light comes on for a split second then goes out. When I start the car the glow plug light comes on for about a minute then goes out (they the check engine light comes on to show the fault) Heat bolster also also does not work. I think I can figure it out if I knew what the wires were for. There are 2 harnesses on the controllor. 4 pin harness. Black Black/red Violet Grey/green 9 pins harness Large Red 3 white (I assume, feed to the 3 glow plugs) 2 smaller white wires Green Brown Blue
  13. Thanks for the link. i also found a few more old threads on glow plugs. from what i have read so far, i think i have 2 bad glow plugs. if it wasn't for the check engine light being on, i would just say the hell with it. (its only a summer car). i'm terrified too try to get them out and break one in the process.
  14. so i'm spending the winter months just tinkering with my smarts. my 05 has a problem with the glow plugs and the heat bolster. MIL light says glow plug circuit problem. when i turn the ignition on, the glow plug light comes on for a second then goes out. when i start the car, the glow plug light comes on and stay on for about a minute. fuse in SAM is good. i'm thinking it the controller. is there an easy way to check the controller? thanks.
  15. is there a wiring diagram for the controller? i assume one harness is for the heat bolster & one for the glow plugs. (i looked on evolution, no luck)
  16. now that the holidays are over, i am going to start working on my 06 coupe. if you can remember, this is the car that i picked up that came with no keys. i want to power up the ignition. what is the best way to go about that? (i would like to completely power everything, just like if i had the key)
  17. I just want to power up the ignition (key position 1) so I can try the windows, glow plugs, wipers, headlights, etc. The immobilizer is only for the key start position.
  18. I am following now. So what is recommend as the proper way to clean and lube the actuator.
  19. here is one i need some help on. (people in my area are starting to realize i have a "thing" for smart cars) i had a gentleman stop by today with a problem. his brother passed away, and left behind an 06 coupe (pulse). i want to try to help this guy out. he wants to clean out the car of his brothers personal things. but the only key is lost. the car has been sitting for a couple of years, so battery would be dead also. is there a way to get into the car with out breaking anything? i told him that without a key, he might be in trouble. (the only thing i can think of is trying to get something in the window and pull the door handle)
  20. oh... well that's not very exciting. lol i was hoping that mabey if we unplugged it the immobilizer would be disconnected. (one can wish)
  21. Here is the box. Mabey it is just a buzzer. (would explain just the 2 wires). Mabey its a standard box for a lot of different cars, and that might explain the empty plug.
  22. I'm trying to get a pic of one of the boxes Willys is talking about. I checked all 4 of my cars, they all have the box. It's a small grey plastic box with " made in Canada " on it. It's on the passenger side above the battery mounted to the air box. There is 2 plugs on the box, only one plug is used (there are only 2 wires going to it, red & black).
  23. lol, it is on my wish list. ill keep my fingers crossed.
  24. Here is a close up of the gear stick. So I guess it's a manual shift, and no button. The knob is missing, someone had the console out trying to bypass the key switch.
  25. This one looks nice from a distance, but she's in bad shape. A lot of rust. I'm going to jump a battery to it tomorrow and see what kind of miles are on it. My other 3 are passions. This one has a different gear shift in it. What type of transmission does the pure's have?