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  1. I finally found the front panels for my 05 cabrio. My other 3 smarts have round lights this nose cone has this style. Why is there a difference?
  2. I thought it would be easy to source, but I can't find the twist sockets that hold the lights in these lenses. Any idea where I can get them?
  3. i ordered 2 reluctor rings thru e-bay. i am just waiting now for them to arrive, been 3 weeks now. hopefully they will arrive next week.
  4. where is the best place in Canada to order smart car parts? i am just a regular joe, and its hard to find suppliers that will sell to the general public.
  5. UGH... i'm not impressed with my self. after searching for 6 months and finally finding a complete set of cabrio body panels, i cracked the passenger door panel trying to install it. these panels are so thin. has anyone ever tried to repair one? or just give up and start looking for another panel. (the crack is about a foot long) i can get the crack to line up so it almost disappears, im going to call a body shop today and see if there is some type of adhesive available. (sorry, should have posted this in the general discussions)
  6. I had posted this in another form yesterday by mistake. I cracked my door panel by not being careful and taking my time. Here is my repair (I hope it holds). I melted the crack together with an old soldering iron. I am going to also apply plastic epoxy with a metal screen reinforcement in it over the repair, then I was thinking about cutting off the plastic mounting clip so I won't have to flex the panel to install it. (it cracked at the plastic clip).
  7. I'm just wondering what this paint color is. I have the paint guide of evolution and I think it's " Bay Grey Metallic ". But I just want to be sure before I order some touch up paint.
  8. so can anyone confirm my color ? is it " bay grey metallic "
  9. yes, i can see the difference. (love your car btw). did you do a complete repaint on the doors and the nose?
  10. what has to be done with the turbo. i have 140,000 on mine. can you buy a kit and rebuild them?
  11. i like them also. the round truck lights just don't look like the belong.
  12. yes, never thought of that.
  13. so these are UK lights that MB removed then replaced with the round lights when they were retrofitted to be sold in Canada? i wonder how this car made it thru the cracks?
  14. I would suggest fresh fuel also, start with the simple things first.
  15. I found a set for £8 but the shipping £32.
  16. i am getting ready to order 4 reluctor rings for my two 05 cabrios. just for the hell of it, i called the MB dealer in my province just to see if they had them and how much. they asked me for the vins on my 2 smarts and then told me that the rings can not be replaced on these model smarts and that i needed to buy the complete axles... are they just pulling my leg? i see them on e-bay all the time. if i decide to order them from e-bay, what part number should i be looking for ? thanks in advance
  17. i ordered a set. 2 rings, exchange and shipping. $30.00 canadian to my door. they should be here next week.
  18. so i'm tinkering with my other 05 cabrio, trying to get in back on the road (Glenn this is the one with the leather seats and low klm's that you told me to keep) i replaced the front springs, cleaned and lubed the clutch actuator, changed the oil and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. the engine runs excellent (except for bad glow plugs). But.... the speedo is very erratic and i have a vehicle speed sensor code, also will not shift out of 1st. do smarts have a VSS or does it work off the reluctor rings? i know the rear reluctor are bad, 1 is actually missing all together. the code is P0500. and the usual ABS, brake and traction control dash lights are on.
  19. what about really far east.... lol. i know one member did it in February.
  20. stand at the rear of the car, open the engine cover and look just above the intercooler fan. there is a stud sticking down from the metal rim that the engine cover sits on. this is the multi ground point. (i think its a 10mm nut). it might be partially hidden by the engine bay insulation.
  21. has anyone ever tried to make a trailer out of a left over smart car? i have seen pictures of professionally made trailers, but i'm not sure if the trailer actually was a smart car. i would like to try.
  22. So I have 2 defective clutch actuators. I decided to take one apart and see what goes bad in them. I have see really detailed pics on another forum. I guess if they are properly cleaned and lubed during regular maintenance, the only thing the can go wrong is a broken spring (which seems highly unlikely), a stripped gear due to no maintenance or the electric motor dies (which seems to be my culprit) The internal workings of my 2 seem great, it has to be the motor. My question is, now that I have removed the motors, can I just put the motors back on? The actuators now are in the postion as if you have the clutch depressed on a regular standard.
  23. the clutch actuator being retaught and the no start issue are not connected. i have started my 05 with the clutch actuator completely removed from the car (and it ran fine).