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  1. I am following now. So what is recommend as the proper way to clean and lube the actuator.
  2. here is one i need some help on. (people in my area are starting to realize i have a "thing" for smart cars) i had a gentleman stop by today with a problem. his brother passed away, and left behind an 06 coupe (pulse). i want to try to help this guy out. he wants to clean out the car of his brothers personal things. but the only key is lost. the car has been sitting for a couple of years, so battery would be dead also. is there a way to get into the car with out breaking anything? i told him that without a key, he might be in trouble. (the only thing i can think of is trying to get something in the window and pull the door handle)
  3. oh... well that's not very exciting. lol i was hoping that mabey if we unplugged it the immobilizer would be disconnected. (one can wish)
  4. Here is the box. Mabey it is just a buzzer. (would explain just the 2 wires). Mabey its a standard box for a lot of different cars, and that might explain the empty plug.
  5. I'm trying to get a pic of one of the boxes Willys is talking about. I checked all 4 of my cars, they all have the box. It's a small grey plastic box with " made in Canada " on it. It's on the passenger side above the battery mounted to the air box. There is 2 plugs on the box, only one plug is used (there are only 2 wires going to it, red & black).
  6. lol, it is on my wish list. ill keep my fingers crossed.
  7. Here is a close up of the gear stick. So I guess it's a manual shift, and no button. The knob is missing, someone had the console out trying to bypass the key switch.
  8. This one looks nice from a distance, but she's in bad shape. A lot of rust. I'm going to jump a battery to it tomorrow and see what kind of miles are on it. My other 3 are passions. This one has a different gear shift in it. What type of transmission does the pure's have?
  9. Seems the story changed a bit on this car now, I called the guy back last week to see how he fared out with getting the car unlocked to clean it out. seems it wasn't locked after all. (might have been frozen or just stiff). I asked what he was going to do with it. Now I own it. But I have the same problem. (no key). I'm not sure what to do now. (damn immobilizer) . It's a base model pure.
  10. anyone ever run into their fuel pedal not working. i know there is no cable and it is all electric, twice so far i had nothing from my pedal, then it starting working again.
  11. i was thinking about removing it, but if its just me being stupid and not using it correctly, i might as well just leave it in.
  12. yes, the day before (i added relays to my fuel pump and headlights), while i was doing so, i had the battery disconnected. but the car worked fine about a dozen times before the pedal acted up.
  13. thanks Glenn, if it is the theft protection that is causing this (which now that i have read about it, i an 99.9% sure it is). i just cant figure out what i am doing wrong to cause it to activate. i don't want to remove a cruise control that is just doing what it is supposed to do. i unlock the car, get in start it up and away i go, but twice the pedal was dead.
  14. I will print off the link and give it a good read. Mabey I am doing something wrong, and causing the dead pedal. Thanks for the link.
  15. Here is the cruise box. I'm not sure if it is the MDC brand. I never use cruise. I'll trace the wires to see what I can see, I might also just remove it all together. My fuel pedal only acted up twice so far.
  16. #1. My water in fuel light is on, until I get a new cartridge, can the old one just be drained. The reason I ask is that I'm not sure if the light is on because of actual water in the cartridge or corroded wires from the ebox. #2. How important is the fuel cooler. Whoever had my smart before me must have been off roading with it. The cooler is bet to crap. I'm surprised it's not leaking.
  17. 2 of my 3 cars already had this plug removed. So I'm assuming it's a fairly common corrosion point.
  18. I'm thinking it has something to do with the cruise control. I have a dealer installed factory cruise control. There is a led light on the control box for the cruise control. It blinks when the key is on / car running. Today when my fuel pedal was dead, the light on the control box was also dead. I'm thinking the cuise box is installed between the pedal and the ECU.
  19. You have to take the battery out. There are 5 wires that run thru the front of the battery box. From the factory there is a plug to join these wires. My plug was full of the green cancer. I cut the plug out, soldered the wires together and my problem was solved. A few of the wires do come from the E-box.
  20. Now that winter has arrived here in Nova Scotia, its time to put my 05 cabrio to bed till spring (and start on the coupe). i have added STP conditioner/cleaner to the tank & filled it. going to go for one last drive this weekend to get it thru the fuel system. the car will be stored in my heated dry garage, and i will block it up to take the weight of the springs. im going to leave the battery in it and just put it on a trickle charge every now and then. anything else i would be missing?
  21. spent last night chasing oil leaks. after putting fresh oil in my smartie and going out for a nice drive, i noticed a few big leaks. (probably has something to do with the thin fresh oil) the first big leak is the oil pan, it was replaced with a pan that has a drain, put someone just used silicone for a gasket. im going to remove it and make an actual cork gasket. the second leak seems to be the oil pressure sensor. it must have crapped out, looks like the oil is leaking from where the plastic sensor is fitted into the metal threads that screw into the block. has anyone ever seen that before? other that that, im really enjoying the car. (just have a check engine light on, need to get a scanner and i will pass along the code number)
  22. i am looking at amazon & ebay. how can i tell if the unit has a non-can cable. they dont say in the discription.
  23. I was looking at the scanguageII on amazon. How does it wire in to my car?
  24. Here's the leak. Right thru the sensor. Just by blowing in the threaded end (just with my own lung power) you can see old oil coming out on the spade terminal.
  25. So what is the key fob programmed to? The SAM, key switch or the engine ecu?