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  1. Clever Works perfectly! Thanks a lot @Huronlad!!
  2. Hey guys! So, I wrote about my purchase of a 2015 EV a couple of months ago... in Costa Rica, yes... CR, where Smart is a exotic brand, everyone look me at the street like if it was a Ferrari In summary, there is no warranty here, no support from MB, and no dealers at all. 2 months later and 2000km later... I LOVE IT. No problems... it's a charm. Now, I just want to get rid off the Service Alert - 999 days. Searched across the web and no luck so far... is it possible with the car commands or a computer is required to remove the alert from the car? Thanks in advance for all the assistance community!
  3. Hello Blaine!, excellent, thanks for sharing your experience and usage, that somehow provide us some relief. and THAT tester! That is so cool, buying the parts already, I didn't know the community was techy as well (SW Engineer here). We tested it for 110km and seems like range is ok for a 3yo car. Thanks for the good wishes, your contribution was awesome!!!!
  4. Dealers in CR are a monopoly... Mercedes have a exclusivity contract with just one company and no one else can sell brand new Mercedes car (consider CR is small, half NY). They are kind of jerks and im afraid they may refuse to help, even so I will try... The dealer got the car from New Jersey and he mentioned the battery is around $2k in the worst case scenario, not bad, IF it dies soon, probably not. Thanks Mike!!! Thanks smart142!! :)... 12 years will be a bless! Well, is probably a done deal, we are in the middle of the paperwork... so I will be around here often I suppose. Thank you all for the interaction and feedback... The worst try is the one that you never made
  5. Hey Willys... well... you are in US and Diesel is cheap over there, that's great... in CR on top that we are a poorer country, gas is near the sky... in price terms. A Galon here is between $4 and $5. That's one point. Then, we have a Nissan Qashqai 2017 that does 450Km for... $80 the tank (regular gas)... per month in just commute... let's talk about $200. Now, my job offered the electricity for free... per month, with this Smart... $0 There is when the numbers close to a Costa Rican guy
  6. Hello community... I hope this community is as awesome as the car is :)... We are about to buy a Smart 2015 ED with 30k km on it, but here is the trick, we are from Costa Rica, and, as a any new buyer of an electric car, I'm afraid that the battery can be dead after a couple of years... (yes, I've read that it support up to 4000 cycles of charge, 8 years warranty (it doesnt apply to me), up to 100k km / 400k in the theory)... Murphy can be around the corner as usual. How easy is buy a replacement battery in a retailer? How much does it cost? Does Mercedez sells it on the site if you have the vehicle registered?. We have Mercedez dealers in CR but they dont sell these cars over here. All info to the newbie electric driver is more than welcome (and comments for the sake of my peace of mind :)) Thanks in advance, Adrian B. -noobsmart