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  1. bad write caused all the software not to talk with the little critter. should i trade my c5+dell magic bullet for a haltech sprint 500 or not
  2. rocking the car a bit, usually sorts this type of problem
  3. the little blue code reader is really cheap and works with your phone, theres hard faults and soft faults. most often soft fault is probably misfire, go to platinum plugs. i had the head drilled out to fit m14 thread plugs.
  4. nice work on the groove. i have a big stack of triangles on my vediamo. i should put the .ori in the vediamo finders file and change its extension to .cff or
  5. allz i know is that there is no need for blow by these days, and this motor sure has none... not enough to irritate me anyhow.
  6. as a side note on the turbo, i have a box full of them. i suggest a ceramic bearing of your choice of size to go behind the impeller or compressor (thats the fan, clean intake fun bit of the turbo. the other side being the filthy turbine) you should grind the housing out and put a bearing within a bearing behind the compressor wheel on the shaft. you can keep the journal.
  7. i bought the 03 cabrio here in australia with burned valves for 1000 bucks. the car has black paint and heated leather seats and the 6 speed paddle shift sequential by getrag. as i said the motor suffered a catastrophic failure due to the general motors piston rings. i didnt know this until later... read on. the motor was fully rebuilt and the exhaust manifod had cracks in it so it was replaced also. the car ran fine on its new turbo until one day smoke started pouring out the back, the turbo was immediately blamed as it appeared to be leaking past the journal of the turbine housing. as i mentioned the rings... the piston rings have a tendancy to collapse under boost, a characteristic of racing and drag cars that can leave people scratching their oil soaked head. the motor was pulled out and a custom made turbo was installed, hand made by two different companies one to hand make it and one to balance it (the latter being the balancing guru) turns out that the garrett gt12 is the worlds fastest spinning turbo at an insane 260,000rpm with no ball bearing in the world capable of 160,000+ this created a serious problem because the rings would collapse and push the oil out of the turbo, the dipstick hole etc, basically one huge mess next rebuild was new pistons and rings, shaved head to raise compression slightly, full port and polish, conventional "m14" platinum spark plugs (tired of m12 thread) new journal for the turbo, and drag racing flexible teflon silicone oil pipes to allow the turbo to swing in and out when rebuilt. boom blew oil out everywhere on new pistons... why... woops forgot to put gapless drag racing piston rings from the usa and have the new italian pistons modified to suit... my bad. having done that and putting big beefy injectors in it, car wouldnt run without dripping at idle. completely unnaceptable for a smart car driver. we all make mistakes, installed the wrong map on the ecu... game over for almost 3 years
  8. sticking with the theme of having light and fun stuff i bought a second hand cleveland heist and they are pritty good. they come out of the box with just about everything you can do to a bike to make it into a chopper. what would i do to customise it aside from bling, id say just make it go quicker... the carb already comes with adjustments to make it move the way a red blooded feller would like. all in all a nice bike. ps, no longer sold in australia.
  9. hello everyone. my 03 cabrio car started blowing smoke so i rebuilt it and accidentally put the wrong map on it, i have the merc star with monaco and vediamo, am i on the right track saying diogenes can convert the .ori file into cff for vediamo.