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  1. I’m having a hard time figuring out why I can only get 50% charge on my 2015 SC for2 passion. I’m new to this whole thing and feel lost. The guy I bought it from didn’t enlighten me to how things work. It only had 11000 mi on it so I don’t think he used it much. Anyway I have only tried charging at my home with 110v only. I’m missing the “know how” on why I can’t get a full charge. The computer on board tells me I might be good for maybe 63 mi Im confused about mileage because I know it can go further then 63 mi. Help me Help me.........Thanks
  2. Hello all. I’m excited about being in the forum. I’m new to this EC business and will probably ask a few questions about how things work on here and on my car. I have Smart Car for2 passion 2015 Thanks again and I hope to maybe meet some of you folks around town.