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  1. Hello Dowling! There was no solution. Cart2Go, which is, like Mercedes, a spin-off company from Daimler, buys their cars from Mercedes without any software on the SAM unit and they install their own and connect it with various electronic controls in the car and they program their own master keys...so unless you have the master key, there is nothing to do...you can’t add more keys or you can’t really get anything much from the SAM unit...unless you change the SAM (for a new or used one). In my case, Mercedes Canada and the local Mercedes dealer were awesome...once I explained my story, they worked together to track back the master key, using the VIN number of my car, and got it back for me and then, with the master key, the dealer was able to re-initialyze the SAM and reinstall the original Smart software to replace the Car2Go one. For all of this, they charged me only the programming cost of one key....(about 300) I was lucky and this dealership is really awesome.... I understand that without the master key, there is nothing to do, the SAM is completely locked down...most of the independent mechanics in Edmonton didn’t want to mess with this and one of my acquaintances who owns a garage told me that if it was his main car, he wouldn’t mess with this and would work with the Dealer...however I didn’t get to meet with stickman007, maybe someone like him could have resolved it.
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum...so I apologize in advance if I make any mistake !!! I am a fan of Smart for a long while. I just bought from a dealer in Edmonton a used Smart Fortwo 2014 with a relatively low mileage. I discovered after the transaction that the car was initially a rental from Car2go in Calgary, which is not a problem. The car is in very good shape and works perfectly. However, I only received one key. So I want to have another one, just in case. I was in contact with one of the Mercedes dealer, here in Edmonton, and bought a key and expected it to be program too, however, then an issue arose. It seems that car2go, which is fully own by Daimler the parent company of Mercedes, use some sort of customized software for the SAM module of its car and the Mercedes dealer couldn't reprogram a key. I was then asked to contact car2go in order to get them to either erase their software or provide some information so the dealer can reprogram a new key and then someone else in the dealership explained that it may be only a matter of Mercedes updating their information about the car in their system. So I have another appointment with the dealer to try again to program a second key. But before I go, I would like to gather the most info I can about this kind of situation. While the staff of the dealership seem professional and honest, I would still like to avoid confusing situations where I could be brought to make unnecessary expenses. I'd like to know if anyone is aware of such situation, or has experienced it or if there are any alternative options to get a second key, should the dealer not able to program another one ? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks in advance !