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  1. Thank you. I'm trying to decode what color "EB1 ECA" is. It says EB1 can be "Deep black", and then it says the 2007 mod with ECA has the Jack Black color code next to it. Sort of confusing. Hmm..
  2. So this is on the side of the drivers door. Where is the color code supposed to be? :I
  3. Thank you so much jwight!
  4. Hey! That's a good idea. I will do that instead. Thanks
  5. Hey guys. I can't seem to find the paint code on my "bluish" black 451(2007mod).. I've read something about a smart color called "Jack Black"..and it sort of match. But I won't take any chances as I've already f&%&#$ up a side on my rear bumper with a too dark black color.. sort of funny how the car looks black, but when I spray black on it the car looks more on the dark blue side.. lol. So I can't find the paint code on the side of the doors or in the motor room anywhere, am I missing somewhere (nothing in the manual either )? And do someone know any good places to order spray cans with Smart color codes or just good paint vendors in europe or (ebay, amazon, etc?) that can mix? Yes, I have ordered colors online before on my old bimmer with no probs, so maybe it's just as easy on a smart I hope so... Thanks...
  6. They guy I talked to asked for around 70usd to program/cut 2 keys. And Norway is even a pricey country to begin with
  7. Why go to Mercedes to do that? Here in Europe that would be a very pricey move. I would just order a pair from ebay uncut with the chip in.. then find someone in you're area that can program keys/have them cut. I'm actually about to do that.. only got 1 key.. Good luck!
  8. Update with pictures:
  9. Ahh. I thought it was just some random cover.. makes sense I now I guess. I got to take it off or cut in it to be able to fill the trans..
  10. Hey. Anyone who knows how to get this off? It has a bolt into the trans but it was rounded..so either its supposed to be rotated or someone screwed it up. It looks like the cover goes a long way up.. Even with a flashlight I can't see where it ends. Any suggestions before I make a cut in it?
  11. Thats awesome! I used they're site when I was changing coolent on the car. I might do that. I bought a "manual" on Ebay..but I was pretty disappointed. They had stuff about almost every engine besides the one I got and no "how to" with transmission fluid change. Also hard to search thru stuff on there..
  12. Thanks Willy! Yeah. It must be the drain right? I found this link - https://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/f353/transmission-clutch-actuator-sunday-51977/ Looks like the fill plug might be on the other side a little higher. I will PM him or maybe somebody else knows..? Thanks for the tip.. I got some kinda plastic hanging protection thing on the other side..so I didn't really get to see what was behind it. Will probably do tomo.. Thanks anyways! :):)