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  1. Hello everyone! I have a question in which I really need your help because the brand is not helping me. I hope you can support me. 4 months ago I bought a Smart Fortwo Prime 2018, from the first day of use I realized that there was something wrong with the 'auto start-stop' system because it came to a traffic light, as soon as my car stopped, it turned off, but after about seconds, without me making any movement in the pedals, the car turned on again and a an indicator light on the dashboard was illuminated referring that the system stopped working (image attached). When I finish my trips and I arrive home, as soon as I turn off the car, a message appears on the display that says: 'Failure, see service instructions' and marks the same indicator for the start-stop system (attached image). I immediately reviewed the manual and it clearly states the following: 'The yellow warning light comes on while driving and with the vehicle stopped (image 1). Color visualizer: Failure is shown See Operating instructions (image 2) '. Solution: 'The automatic stop and start system is faulty and has been automatically disconnected. Go to a specialized dealership. '(Image attached) I contacted Mercedes Benz Mexico and in the first email they told me they were going to give me a solution in 2019. After pressing and sending emails, I received this answer: "Dear Mr. F, I greatly appreciate the time it took to send us the requested videos, I told you that they have already been reviewed with the technical area of Mercedes-Benz Mexico. We are informed that it is a reset of the Star Stop system, the reason for signaling on the display is due to the restart of the component without affecting the operation of the same, so it is determined that it is an action of the module warning that the system will start again account and will not harm the conditions of your car, also be assured that you have a quality vehicle On behalf of Mercedes-Benz in Mexico, we appreciate your time and wish you an excellent day. " Then I had a call with them and they insist that it is not a fault and that it is normal. According to them the answer comes from Germany and that is a technical answer. To me it generates a lot of discomfort that the car tells me that there is a faulty system, the manual tells me the same thing and that the brand tells me that everything is fine. What do you think? I need to know your point of view because I will not let the brand get away with it. I thank you for the time you can devote to this message. Regards! David