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  1. Hello, hopefully someone can help me with this problem. My sister has a 2006 Roadster that has been parked up for about three years. It was running when it was parked up but now it won't start. I turn the ignition on, have my foot on the brake, the gear selector in the neutral position and turn the key to start, I can hear the relays clicking but the engine does not turn over. The display is not showing the N for neutral, just five dashes. Actions taken. The battery was completely flat when I went to the car, I have charged it up (without removing it) and it seems to be holding charge. Windows; lights; boot release etc all work OK directly from the battery. I have tried starting the car with the battery charger connected and also a heavy duty battery connected via jump leads and this makes no difference so I don't think it is the battery. The battery voltage does not drop when I turn the key to start so I don't think its the starter or any engine related issue. I suspect that the engine computer does not know if the gearbox is in Neutral or not so won't send the signal to the starter motor. The car has been stored in dry conditions and none of the wiring appears to have any moisture present, but I have not checked any specific joints. The electric roof also does not work and is slightly open - I'm not sure if this is related or not, (my main concern is to get the car started, then look at the roof issue). The electric roof and gearbox fuses 29 & 30 are both OK. I would appreciate any help and advice to solve this problem. I am two hours away from the car so I can't make any quick checks; if you can give me a range of things to check and try that would be great. Thanks,