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  1. Has anyone swapped the guts into new cases? I have terrible bad luck with fobs. Two dead dodge caravan fobs later lol
  2. Beautiful area. Were at markham and Sheppard. We visited Glenn about a month ago. Gotta say London was beautiful lol. I used a butter knife noticed that a few clips were broken already one on top and 2 at the bottom lol.
  3. Lol yes how silly of me. Country must be so nice to see some stars in the sky lol. I'm east Toronto (Scarborough)
  4. Thanks! They are in the grille. Will do it tomorrow. Gets dark fast now in the city. Lol
  5. My left front signal just burnt out. How can I go about replacing it? Stay blessed!
  6. Thanks! I'm in the 450. The shells I picked up seem decent. Anything is better at this point then pressing on the metal to lock/unlock on the fob.
  7. Lol actually it's just a shell and blank key. How hard is it to swap the components into the new cases from my original fobs? Last thing I want is to mess up and have no working fobs lol
  8. The orginal two that came with the smart were very badly worn out. The buttons are actually gone lol. So I ordered two off ebay including the blank key but do I need to go to a local Benz dealer to have them cut and programmed? What's the usual price damage on that? Stay blessed!
  9. sorry i don't understand lol what is the eeprom?
  10. So i've finally got the serial from my radio, can you believe my local dealer wanted to charge me 2hrs of labor ($305) to pull out the radio!! thank-you Youtube. MB Durham! Anyways since getting it, i called back MB Durham and gave them all the info, they said they would email head office and get back to me, a few minutes later they called me back and said my code was 15411 I said wait, i need only a 4 digit code the guy said oh it's 5411 so that code didn't work, so does anyone have a dealer in the GTA or surrounding area where they can give me a real code? God Bless
  11. Hey has anyone installed any aftermarket stereos? I picked up this cheap guy on our most recent trip to buffalo. Really like the bluetooth/aux. Anything special I need for 05 smart?
  12. My kids love the Smart, took each one on a different errand run yesterday,
  13. Thanks for the reply! I'm taking it Glenn next Sunday lol