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  1. Got this done last weekend. Bought bearings from german auto parts. $135+tax each. Back2Road Auto on Glidden in Brampton replaced them $120+tax each. Total = $576.30 The cost of the car just went up by 25%. Lol.
  2. The exhaust on my Smart CDI 2005 is leaking at the joint with two bolts. It looks like a ball shaped joint. I tightened it a couple of threads, but no use. Can someone let me know if there is a gasket that needs a change? Thanks!
  3. Didn't this cause engine light? Am totally naive to this, but was wondering if there were any sensors skipped with this delete.
  4. I guess Willybon the forum also recommended me to go to you. If it can be done is $350 or less, I can come down to London. Can I have your phone number to discuss more details? Thanks
  5. Hello Members, The mechanic diagosed that the Smart has failed bearings in the rear. He showed me how the wheels were noisy and had a play while on the hoist. They quoted $700 with parts and labor. Considering the cost involved and suggestions from a member in this forum, I have decided to undertake this project myself. I am completely naive to repairing a car. But I believe you members will guide me through this. Step 1 is to procure the wheel bearing hub assembly. Several eBay sellers have it for approx CAD 120 including shipping. The mechanic had the same part for CAD 230. Do you guys know any supplier in GTA who has better deals. Am trying to squeeze in as much as possible. I will post the progress and seek more help along this project. Cheers!
  6. Did you find anyone to do the work though? I want to get wheel bearings changed.