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  1. Welcome to the lil'smokers club. I drive my 05 CDI 400kms a day back and forth to work on the 401 , including across the City of Toronto. I easily maintain 115kms an hour and average 3.6 to 4.0 l/100km . There is over 190 000km on the clock in mine, I've a custom stainless free flowing exhaust ( no cat, sounds like a micro semi) , EGR delete ( no emulator as of yet). It suffers from a cracked exhaust manifold, a leaking intercooler and I had to jumper wire the lift pump. Feathering the throttle is the key to getting the most bang for your buck. The turbo lag is your nemesis , but once you get used to "riding the wave" of boost you'll find a nimble traffic runner is there. When the Gods of boost have shone upon me I have done extremely fun 135-140km runs for miles. The boost drop when the transmission shifts is likely what you are feeling. The transmission is a self shifted manual transmission. No torque converter, it's an actuated clutch and actuated shifter so you have to allow the wait time for shifts. Hopefully this helps understand the nuances of these great little beasts.
  2. Depends... Male or female sasquatch? LMAO
  3. Coolio, Thanks again fella's . At least the clock added doesn't require any extra programming besides setting it. lol
  4. Digging into my parts car I wanted to steal the tachometer it has but have encountered 1 wire coming from the harness in the steering column . Can anyone give me a possible use for it? Power to the lighting in the pod perhaps as the rest of the wires continue to the plug that goes into the back of the speedo cluster. Keep in mind the parts car is a Passion Model and "Jester" is a Pure, both cabriolets. Should the main wiring harnesses be the same? I would love to add a couple of the other "luxury" options ( power mirrors) as well.
  5. Got some time this afternoon to complete the body swap from the parts car to "Jester". It has him looking rather dapper now. A photo from the other night with just the Rims and tires swapped then the new 2 tone look after today.
  6. I did go directly to the station, I know the fellow in charge of the maintenance there and spoke with him. Only to find it was my own brain fart in grabbing the wrong pump and ended up with about a 30/60 mix of V power diesel and Vpower high octane performance gas in the car. Spent an afternoon pumping out the tank and refilling with fresh diesel + conditioner/ pump lube additive. The bit of short light driving I did with the idiot mixture in seems to have cleared out my injectors though. Have had an amazing improvement in performance and no issue after doing 1200kms of highway driving to work and back this week. Not knowing for sure what the issue was is why I didn't post the location right away. No need to scare others away just incase I had a thought clot moment
  7. I wasn't happy with trying to run it much. Won't return there for fuel again. I pumped the tank out and refilled it with fresh diesel from a station I'm confident in with a dose of conditioner in it to clear out the offensive fuel. I'll use the tainted crap I took out for soaking old tools in , works great on loosening stuck pliers, tin snips etc. Running like a champ again and sporting a new set of the 6 spoke aluminum rims from the parts Smart. Thanks for the replies all.
  8. Just run into town with the lad to grab him some 2 stroke oil for his dirt bike and topped up "Jester" while there. Immediately after leaving the station the car is running like an over flooding gas engine with bad spark plugs. Missing and farting , popping and bubbling. Black and blue smoke both depending on the amount of throttle given. I'm good with gas engines but this diesel is a lot harder to diagnose. Can anyone enlighten me as to where to start with diagnosing what the sudden issue is Recent , repairs include a new fuel filter/water separator, oil change last week as well Note the turbo is spooling up and whistling without issue
  9. Had a chance to go over the parts smart today to compile the list of pcs I need. I'm ridiculously giddy at how many of the pieces I need are in great shape on the parts car even though it has near as many km on it as "Jester" (now creeping up on 190 000km) Even the intercooler is solid without a sign of leaking anywhere. I did try starting it but noticed after a bit a small puddle on the shop floor dripping from the centre cylinder area of the exhaust manifold. Yep, diesel... Car was hit in the right rear corner before ending up in the Towing yard I grabbed it from. If nothing else it's a complete engine to rebuild and have ready.
  10. FYI the parts car I just bought has the passenger seat air bag deployed already if you are looking for a seat to modify for just dog usage . I still need those keys programmed when life allows me the time to connect with you finally lol
  11. Grabbed a steal of a deal on a parts smart this week. Found an 06 Cabrio to rape and pillage for "Jester" . Then dabbling with the idea of fitting the drive train from my 85 MR2 into the 06 for fun
  12. Check for the thread that mentions a jumper wire for the primary pump circuit. Corrosion at the SAM connection was the issue with mine and is common. I wired up a jumper wire (including an inline switch so as not to risk running voltage anywhere when not running) and haven't had an issue since.
  13. Here is my custom exhaust after running 400kms a day through the week all winter here in Ontario. The roads here are salted , sanded and treated with a beet juice concoction they have called anti-icing spray. I gave it a quick hose off with water to remove the clumps of crusted on salt etc before snapping the pics
  14. I'll see if I can get a good short video that can show the sound of the custom Stainless exhaust I fabricated for my 05. Keep in min d I ride a very loud 103ci Harley so my opinion of loud may be a bit off compared to the norm but I based it on weather or not I woke the family backing in to the shop at night when I return from work. It does not anymore It's a throaty growl, but not obnoxious. I'll include some fresh pics of it's condition as well after surviving a salty winter in Ontario while going 1600 kms a week. I posted a pic on here somewhere but my welding is far better than my computer skills to explain where to find it.
  15. I still need those keys programmed for mine yet. Let me know and I'll whip up the EGR delete pipe to fit yours if you like. Mine runs fine with delete in place and old ERG ZIP tied under the bonnet and plugged in just for the signal. If I unplug the EGR I get Limp mode immediately. Perhaps it's a bad connector you're dealing with? BTW I have procured enough materials to fab another Stainless exhaust system too. No cat , Just baffled down to a throaty growl and designed to never plug up with soot.