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  1. I'll see if I can get a good short video that can show the sound of the custom Stainless exhaust I fabricated for my 05. Keep in min d I ride a very loud 103ci Harley so my opinion of loud may be a bit off compared to the norm but I based it on weather or not I woke the family backing in to the shop at night when I return from work. It does not anymore It's a throaty growl, but not obnoxious. I'll include some fresh pics of it's condition as well after surviving a salty winter in Ontario while going 1600 kms a week. I posted a pic on here somewhere but my welding is far better than my computer skills to explain where to find it.
  2. I still need those keys programmed for mine yet. Let me know and I'll whip up the EGR delete pipe to fit yours if you like. Mine runs fine with delete in place and old ERG ZIP tied under the bonnet and plugged in just for the signal. If I unplug the EGR I get Limp mode immediately. Perhaps it's a bad connector you're dealing with? BTW I have procured enough materials to fab another Stainless exhaust system too. No cat , Just baffled down to a throaty growl and designed to never plug up with soot.
  3. Got the new decals on "Jester" today . One little rip into town to grab some steaks for dinner was worth a few smiles from others
  4. Running out this afternoon to pick up the new emblems for "Jester"
  5. I have found some un used lamps on my smart , the plug and bulb are in place yet it seems as though the wires were cut/disconnected by someone previous to me owning the car. Can anyone tell me the normal function of the lamp closest to the centre of the car and lowest in the assembly? It's the only one not used with the headlamp switch nor any other I can find. I also seen mention of the side amber marker lights flashing when turn signals are used. Mine do not. I replaced them with LED lamps that are quite bright and definitely gives a better sense of being seen at night on the highway but I know there is no warning nor signal for a driver beside me in traffic unless they are back enough to see my tails. Ideas?
  6. Feel your pain a bit, I missed a couple days this week as well due to the weather although in my case I have an alternative vehicle or 2 but the length of my commute played a big part too. Just wasn't worth taking the risk of not getting home at all not due to my or my vehicles abilities but the chance of plain ole bad luck. Hang in there, Spring is on its way. I'm suffering from severe PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) as well to boot
  7. Welcome back, sorry to hear of the fire. A garage/home fire of any sort would be a big fear for me. I would suggest taking a look at the Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid. We have the 2014 model equipped with the V6 AWD and I love the capabilities it has, so we have tested the new to Canada PHEV model. It's a combined system of electric drive with a small turbo gas engine that is mostly a generator but can also drive the vehicle when required( very long range capabilities). The performance may intrigue you as well since I was very impressed coming from a V6 version of the same vehicle. The Mitsubishi 10yr 160000km factory warranty was very reassuring as well since it did apply to the battery too. Good luck
  8. I love this concept of a diesel bike. Owning both motorcycles and a smart cabrio cdi ( 799cc Canadian model) I know my 2011 Road Glide Ultra (near 1700 cc and weighing around 1100lbs) couldn't possibly compete with the smart in fuel milage. It does offer FAR more power with only slightly less cargo/passenger space so I guess that comes down to a trip cost decision for me.
  9. The caps are off a 95 Caprice classic I had. I was running it with the black steelies showing. It was all blue and looked exactly like an unmarked police cruiser. lol
  10. Headed out to grab a new oil filter and do the bi-weekly oil change. The other night when I got home and put "Jester" to bed I spied some shine on a shelf in my shop I had forgotten about. I pulled one down and checked the fit.... I like it! Unfortunately the front rims are too shallow for the wheel covers to fit so I guess I'm shopping for 4 rear rims to fit these on with summer tires.
  11. I just received my new pair of keys ordered from Amazon. They are complete with a new remote transmitter in each. My old original was worn out to the point where all buttons had holes and the transmitter exposed. The board mounted switch for the unlock button has even popped off the board. ( I now start the car by hitting the lock button with the rear hatch open, causing it to lock-unlock and reset the security.) As you can see in the pic, the new cover section fit my original key without an issue. At least the transmitter is out of the weather for now till I can get the new keys programmed and at least one of them cut to match as one will now be used for parts to repair the original. The keys I ordered were: EC-SELLS $16.90 each NOTE!! These will NOT deliver to Canada and are not available on the site. I had these delivered to a friend in the US then they simply re mailed them to me.
  12. It's been a horrendous start to 2019 for "Jester" so far. Hit an unbelievably large chunk of ice/slush that fell from a truck on the 401 heading to work Thursday that nearly took me off the road and did damage to the front end. Fixed that issue over the weekend then today got stranded 5 mins from work in Toronto( 200kms from home) with the 3 bars of death that wouldn't self correct so Auto club towed me home. Once home in my shop I discovered the clutch actuator rod had punched through the clutch fork. So I grabbed a 1/2" nut and welded it to the rod and made it a shoulder to stop the poke through. Re taught the tranny and went for a test run. The car is shifting better than ever now! A temporary fix till new parts can be ordered, but I'm on the road again after only a missed day of work and a couple hours tinkering.
  13. Solved the "Limp" mode issue. It was the EGR delete that caused it. I temporarily plugged it back in and Zip tied it in place in the minimal amount of extra space bellow the engine lid and went for a test run... Ureka! it worked! Now just to order an EGR emulator and/or remap the computer then re tune boost and oder some gauges to keep track of all this a little more accurately my "Jester" didn't come with much for gauges. No tach, no boost , just temp,speed,fuel. Happy New Year All!!
  14. So I completed the repairs and got out for a rip. With the intercooler repair and others done the car went immediately into limp mode once out of my drive. I'm assuming that the previously done tweaks have caused an over boost , mostly due to the fact that right up to the governor spot it pulls harder than ever and when idling there is a now loud whistle from the turbo suggesting my current setting is a bit much. Day is done now, I'll sleep on it and play a bit more tomorrow...