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  1. Willys its simple supply and demand. They control the supply, so we have to pay what they demand.
  2. Willys I didn't know you made videos in your garden shed?
  3. Willys I have found that when I get my hands free and am frustrated at whatever I am working on, I place my tools down and go have a tea. I calm down and tend to not break things or mess them up. This normally ends up saving me time, money and the terrable cycle of getting even more frustrated. Lonnie
  4. If while you have the engine lowered a bit you take the time to clean up the starter spade connector and put some dialectic grease on it, you will save your hands from a real beating and hopefully avoid having issues with it not starting for want of a better contact. Lonnie
  5. Apperently light bulbs are a very odd item for mb to carry. The closest one they had in the system was in Calgary. I ran to crappy tire and got 2 of the last 40 they had on the shelf. Swapped the bulb, pulled off the battery cable for 20 min, then fired it up and did a lap of the block. Right as rain. note to self, check to make sure it is the correct bulb being replaced. Lonnie
  6. I was having the same problem with my doors. I gave both mechanisms a through spraying with crown rust inhibitor and everything works great now. Fix was immediate and cost between 10 to 15 cents per door. Lonnie
  7. I had just changed the right tail light on my 05 cdi cabrio (it was burnt out) and started it up to move it. Suddenly it has the three bars. I went on eviloution and low and behold one of the causes can be a change in signal created by using a bulb other than the one that is ment to be used. I will swap out the replacement with one I get from MB and report back. Lonnie
  8. Well it looks like the thermostat playes a part in this. Changed the thermostat and milage improved for both but not the same amount. Ultramar averages an increase of 7 km per tank but Esso is up almost 28 km per tank. Sure am glad I swapped out the thermostat because it looks like operating temp and fuel brand are both factors.
  9. With thinking like this, how will anybody ever justify randomly replacing every part that they can until they have in essince compleetly replaced the car?
  10. I was looking at replacing my horn because I hate that it isn't loud enough to be usefull. If through some miracle of luck somebody does hear it, they just laugh at the fact I am using a 60 year old vespa horn and ignore it. Do you guys think I would be able to swap the stock horn out for something like a steble air horn or would I need to do other alterations prior? Lonnie
  11. You both bring up good points with the drawer, but the one I have currently is filled by the plug adapter. Plug adapter? Yes plug adapter. My sat radio power plug will not work in the smart lighter socket, (works everywhere else just not with the smart) so I have found an adapter for it. The adapter allows for more than 1 item to be employed at a time and has a built in usb port for the phone. For the velcro, do you have it mounted right on the dash? How does it hold up in the heat/cold? Does the glue ever release because of the hea/cold? Willys eviloution has a link to somebody who has direct aux plugs for smarts. No need to rage about somebody else broadcasting and ruining what you are listening to. I have also attempted to use the cubby holes on the lower sides of the steering column, but they are a bit to small. Lonnie
  12. I have a sirius radio that I want to mount in my 05 cabrio. I have this and want to mount it in roughly this are. I figured that I could drill 3 holes through the dash, the mount base and a piece of acrylic I heat form to the dash and bolt it all together. Does anybody think this would be an issue? Does anybody have other mounting locations that will keep it tidy, secure and close to the radio? No heat vents are not an option. Lonnie
  13. I took some pictures for you. this is the passenger side roof line showing how it sits. This is the inner passenger side where it meets the A pillar same side rear where it meets the B pillar Front driver side exterior and finally the driver inner rear. The wire is the antenna for my satalite radio
  14. I will see what I can do in the morning when I have more light. You might want to consider a cover for when you have it parked if itis to the point of puddles. I saw that smart madness has some they sell that cover from the bottom of the glass up.
  15. If you are not getting 3 blobs with the heater going within 5 min of driving in Van then your thermostat is not working properly. I just changed mine over and have gone from max of 2 blobs doing 100 kph for 1.25 hrs with some heat, but not enough to be effective, to 3 blobs within 5 km at below 0 C and enough heat that I need to turn the temp down because I was getting nauseated from it. When you change your thermostat over it will make a world of difference and should clear up your windows. Now the water getting into your car is a whole other matter I have no experence with. Lonnie