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  1. Hello Smart People! I would like to know if any of you came across the same problem that I have experiencing right now. My 2006 CDI is acting up for some time. After I drive the car for about 5 min. or so, the ABS and Exponation lights come on the dashboard at around 80-100 kmh speeds. After the car parked for an hour, I start the car and the lights are still on. As I drive the car for about 20-40 meters, the light goes out, but 5 minutes later at the same speeds 80-100 kmh it comes back on again. Can someone tell me what is happening, please? It is driving me nuts!!! Thanks, TJ.
  2. Hi Smart People! I got the security code this time the real one from the dealership, and after 24hrs. the radio allows me to enter it. Now, it works. Hurraaa!!! I love this little car.
  3. Hi! I can't clear the "Safe" mode on my 2006 Pulse Radio. I removed the radio from the car, waited over 45 min. and when I reinstalled it still showing the "Safe" mode. I can't enter the security code. Can somebody help me with this issue? Thanks.