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  1. Oh now i remember, it was thru the SAM module itself, i was able to see many error codes related to the ABS....i was able to clear them as well....go figure.
  2. i was able to read error codes related to the reluctor rings "inconsistent fluctuating speed abs sensor"...on another "module" (sorry i dont remember) so maybe on some models it just doesnt read abs error codes thru that function at all. duno
  3. my smart is a 2006 does this fall into the "old" section ? the Delphi works on my BMW 530XI very well.
  4. ESP too doesnt "connect" with any of my scan tools. Also i am getting errors codes related to instrument cluster that doesnt read the proper mileage with some communication interruptions errors with the SAM.... i guess the SAM is full of water and shit....
  5. ok found out that it was indeed the srs into the seat itself and it was the damned plug under the seat that was the problem. i am not very surprised after all since that was meant to be. visual inspection showed nothing. Not even an ounce of corrosion. Once removed (i did cut the wires) i measured 5 ohms across it all. with the ±5 ohm of the airbag itself, it was "over" the permited limit for the ecu so it reads a high impedance (not that high imho) The plug can be taken all apart to reveal the crimps connectors at the end of the wires. i soldered them all and reassembled the plugs, and shooted some electronic contact cleaner that does magic to wakeup corroded contacts (Nutrol from mg chemical) Before : 5 ohms Now: 0.04 ohm across it (i have several electronic measurement tools, ESR, milliohmeter, ...) I cleared the code with my DS150 Voilà !! Airbag light is finally off !! now i need to investigate for the ABS module that wont communicate thru the communication buss. THANKS FOR YOU ALL GUYS I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELPS !!!!!
  6. FINALLY !! managed to use my Delphi and get a real diagnostic for the airbag "passenger side airbag open, permanent" is the passenger air bag the one in the seat ?? also cannot communicate to the ABS module....humm......
  7. bought them on ebay but they are taking forever to arrive....loool...
  8. finaly made it to work, it required some tweaks with .net programm and some XP updates that never made its way its a old laptop now i need to find time to try it on the pokemon... thanks guys.
  9. got my delphi kit today but i am having installation issues, not related to antivirus at all. I try to find what is the minimum system requirement for this software but i cant. My old laptop uses windows XP with service pack 3. seems to have issues with .net framework i would like to know you operating systems guys thanks.
  10. no it was just some satellite speakers on the top of the dash the aux in cable was plug and play.
  11. fwiw i confirm my smart has a convertible wiper stalk....once the proper stalk was installed everything came to life went to the pick and pull there was 5 smart and one with top of the line equipments, aux jack imput, extra speakers and storage bin, cup holders,....all mine mow for 50$ cool
  12. My 2006 450 is equiped with a rear wiper. it is wired, the washing fluid tube is connected as well (under the inner cover i checked right next to the dome lamp wires snakes down in the B pillar down to the engine bay i believe) BUT the wiper switch doesnt have the option (push forward to activate) is it even possible ? or someone broke the switch and put a non-rear wiper type ? is there a wiring diagram somewhere so i can check for proper wiring harness. thanks.
  13. already bought two. thanks. bought also a delphi since the AIRABG is not easy to troube shoot...plugs under sear are ok, clockspring seems ok.
  14. i bought the tool especially for the AIRBAG as i know the ABS is realtively easy to troubleshoot. i know about the rings, an inspection is on the way this week. the abs problem is intermitent btw.